Redemption (2013)

Director: Steven Knight
Main Cast: Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure
Age Rating: 8 L,V
Runtime: 105 mins. / 1 h 45 m

Redemption is the story of an ex-Special Forces soldier, Joey Jones (Jason Statham), who has found himself homeless on the streets after going on the run from a military court-martial. One night he breaks into an apartment in Covent Garden and finds that the luxury penthouse will be empty for three months. He finds a credit card, car keys and a full bank account for him to plunder but, instead, he decides to use the opportunity to get clean and get a job. He gives up booze and drugs and finds work as a dish washer in a Chinese restaurant. Soon he is promoted to porter and then unofficial bouncer. Such is his efficiency that he is spotted by a Chinese gangster boss who recruits him as a driver and enforcer.