The Bone Snatcher (2003)

Director: Chris Roland
Main Cast: Scott Bairstow, Rachel Shelley
Genre: Horror
Age Rating: 5
Runtime: 90 mins. / 1 h 30 m

Alex, a scientist who hates field-work, finds himself in a truck surrounded by sand flies and blowing dirt, bouncing across the desert. What is probably the worst day in his life is about to get worse. As he clings to his seat, a radio call comes through – four prospectors who disappeared in the desert have been found stripped of flesh with their bones scattered around a strange rock dome. With no clues to the massacre, things become terrifying when Alex discovers that he and his colleagues are being hunted by millions of creatures united into one horrifying and unstoppable killing machine. As darkness descends, the ground they stand on becomes a living carpet capable of devouring their flesh with every step. Hell has been unleashed!

Cast Credits

Headshot for Patrick LysterPatrick LysterJohan

Crew Credits

Headshot for Chris RolandChris Roland2nd Unit Director
Headshot for Chris RolandChris RolandProducer
Headshot for Lance PetersLance PetersArmourer