Somer Son (2015)

Director: Clinton Lubbe
Main Cast: Slabbert, Juanita De Villiers, Bok Van Blerk, Hanna Grobler
Release Date: 2015-05-08
Age Rating: 3
Runtime: 97 mins. / 1 h 37 m

Somer Son tells the story of a thirty something couple that decide to break away on last gasp holiday to Mozambique in an attempt to get their marital spark back. Pieter and Sonja (played by Reynard Slabbert and Juanita De Villiers) still love each other, but question their relationship. Sonja feels the fact that they can't fall pregnant is a sign that the relationship is in serious trouble. Pieter had a vasectomy because he chose to focus on his career as a successful lawyer but keeps this dark secret from Sonja. A dream holiday in paradise might be the answer...but an accident along the way sends them on an unexpected adventure.