Main Cast: Salma Hayek, Hiroyuki Watanabe
Genre: Action, Thriller
Release Date: 2015-06-12
Age Rating: 7 L,V

Naked, beaten, crawling into her bathroom, pulling together her last shred of dignity as her attackers, a half dozen Yakuza thugs, laugh and party just outside her door. Everly removes a secret plastic bag from the toilet - inside she finds a phone, a locket, and a loaded pistol. She quickly dials - but no one is there - no one is coming to help her. She removes the locket - drawn to the sweet image of a little girl - fighting back a flood of sorrow. A loud, drunk thug begins pounding on the locked door, ready for more. Everly breaks, knowing she can't face the horror again, and raises the gun to her head. The door bursts open and-- the world goes dark.When light returns we find a defiant Everly, standing like the angel of death, over the dead body of a naked thug, her pistol cocked and ready. Her attackers have no time to react as she enters the apartment and begins blasting away, killing every last motherfucking one of them.The eerie quiet of the aftermath is broken by a familiar caller. Taiko. We learn that Taiko is a very dangerous and powerful man who ruthlessly traffics in human beings - and he owns Everly. He has kept her in this apartment as his private possession - a love unrequited - for years - keeping her from seeing her mother Edith and precious daughter, Maisey. After learning that Everly was secretly talking to the police, he sent his men there to rape and kill her for her disloyalty. While Taiko admits to being surprised and impressed by her cold blooded killing of his henchmen, he makes it very clear that she will not leave that apartment alive on this night.This sets in motion a relentless series of battles whereby Everly, trapped in this room, must thwart wave after wave of vicious attackers, each motivated by a $50,000 bounty Taiko has placed on her head, all the while trying to guide her mother and daughter to a safe place, beyond the reach of Taiko's bloodthirsty thugs.With a little help from her mother, Everly defies seemingly impossible odds, battling the most eccentric of villains - and in the end makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure her daughter's survival. This is Everly.