Mr. Bones 3, Son Of Bones (2022)

Director: Gray Hofmeyr
Writer(s): Leon Schuster, Gray Hofmeyr
Producer(s): Menzi Thabede, Andre Scholtz
Main Cast: Leon Schuster, Alfred ‘Alfie” Ntombela, Daniel Janks, Sans Moonsamy, Tumi Morake, Tobie Cronje
Release Date: 2022-04-14
Runtime: 80 mins. / 1 h 20 m
Release Status: Complete

Ageing but unbeaten, Bones tries unsuccessfully to pass on his wisdom to Mathambo, his short, tubby, incompetent, but at-heart honest and independent son. At the same time, two unscrupulous oil diggers are trying to steal the treasures of Kuvukiland. A very funny story about courage and filial confusion.