Dust (2020)

Director: Pieter Du Plessis
Writer(s): Pieter Du Plessis
Producer(s): Greig Buckle, Anant Singh
Main Cast: Shana Mans, Michelle Bradshaw, Kaz McFadden, Gustav Gerdener, Danielle Goodall, Deon Coetzee, Justin Strydom, Christian Gous, David Butler
Release Date: 2020-10-09
Runtime: 93 mins. / 1 h 33 m
Release Status: Complete

When Rachel (Shana Mans) and her traumatised family find asylum at a remote farmstead in a barren landscape, she believes that they have found a place to rest before moving on again, until the matriarch of the farm asks her to marry one of her sons. This sets off a cascade of clashing allegiances and ideologies that becomes more and more constricting to the young woman, her disabled father and adopted little brother. Dust is a slow burning tension thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world.