Trackers (2019)

Season: 1
Episode: 3
Director: Jyri Kähönen
Writer(s): Kelsey Egan, Amy Jephta, Jozua Malherbe
Main Cast: Ed Stoppard, James Gracie, Sandi Schultz
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime: 59 mins. / 0 h 59 m
Official Site: Trackers
Release Status: Complete

After shooting Nkunzi, Lemmer steals a car and is pursued by the PBI. Having slept with Becker, Milla is in trouble when he comes to the attention of the PBI. When confronted Becker tells her of the hijacking but denies killing Nkunzi. Shaid continues to try and pull all the loose ends together. Janina suspects a mole in the PBI. Flea surprises Lemmer.

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