Mercenary For Justice (2006)

Main Cast: Steven Seagal
Genre: action, drama, thriller
Age Rating: 8
Runtime: 91 mins. / 1 h 31 m

Soldier of fortune John Seeger (Steven Seagal) is the best in the business…the business of kicking ass! When you're a mercenary, there's always going to be casualties, but no job is too treacherous for Seeger, who's blackmailed into orchestrating an impossible prison break, leading a team of heavily-armed soldiers on a deadly mission to South Africa to rescue the son of a billionaire arms dealer. But, when Seeger finds out he's been double-crossed, it's payback time, and now, there's going to be hell to pay!

Cast Credits

Headshot for Andrew GermishuysAndrew GermishuysBank Security Technician

Crew Credits

Headshot for Dan HirstDan HirstStunt Double (Luke Goss)