Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target (1999)

Genre: Action
Age Rating: 9
Runtime: 94 mins. / 1 h 34 m

A nightmare comes true: a terrorist fanatic plants an atomic bomb in an American city and holds the nation hostage. The President has only one card to play: the Delta Force. Tension and action coil ever tighter in this blistering new installment of one of the best action movie series ever. Featuring the sons and/or brothers of Hollywood's top screen heroes (including Nick Cassavetes, who subsequently directed John Q and The Notebook), a new generation of commandos faces awesome odds at home and abroad. Two Russians, including a beautiful female intelligence officer, join the team. The clock ticks ruthlessly as madmen grasp for power. Be there for the final takedown!

Cast Credits

Headshot for Patrick LysterPatrick LysterOfficer Perkins