Death Race 2 (Frankenstein Lives) (2011)

AKA: Death Race 2
Genre: Action
Official Site: Death Race 2 (Frankenstein Lives)

In the world's deadliest prison, the only way to survive is to win a drive-or-die race. From the filmmakers who brought you Death Race and Resident Evil comes the explosive, Unrated version.

Cast Credits

Headshot for Tanit PhoenixTanit PhoenixKatrina Banks
Headshot for Ricky BotsisRicky BotsisTerry
Headshot for Paul HampshirePaul HampshireBank Cop
Headshot for Patrick LysterPatrick LysterWarden Parks
Headshot for Jenna SarasJenna SarasStunning Woman

Crew Credits

Headshot for Lance PetersLance PetersKey Vehicle Armourer
Headshot for Dan HirstDan Hirst (as Daniel Hirst)Stunt Performer
Headshot for Paul HampshirePaul HampshireStunt Performer