Hansie (2008) BTS and Interviews

Main Cast: Brandon Auret, Frank Rautenbach
Genre: Family, Sport
Age Rating: 9
Official Site: Hansie

After years of isolation from the international community, the end of apartheid heralded a new era of hope for all South Africans. The time was ripe for young leaders to stand up. One such leader was a young man from Bloemfontein. He seemed unflinching, magnificent. This was his moment to shine.

Hansie (Frank Rautenback), soon became South Africa's golden boy.
As captrain, he took his country's cricket side from being seventh best in the world, to the top.

He was destined for greatnesss... but , his gretest battle was not on the field...

The news of his involvement with Indian bookmakers and his resulting public confession rocked the international sporting world.
His unprecedented rise to glory was followed by the most horrific fall, made worse by the fact that he was an outspoken Christian.

HANSIE expolres the very human drama of a man who, after losing everything he has worked for, begins the painstaking journey back to choosing 'life'.

The journey is cathartic. We celbrate with him in his glorious victories on the cricket field but by the same token, we feel the agony of his dishonour, weeping in the arms of his friend and mentor, Peter Pollock (David Sherwood). Amidst the darkness of his downfall, we are inspired by the power his wife, Bertha's (Sara Thompson) unswerving love, which shines like a beacon of hope.

HANSIE is a movie that captivates with its human drama, its action-packed sequences and its riveting match-fixing intrigue. But above all the movie will reassure you of the abilitiof us all to overcome life's difficulties with grace and dignity.