Schucks Tshabalala's Guide To Survival In South Africa (2010) BTS and Interviews

Main Cast: Leon Schuster, Alfred Ntombela

Leon Schuster or “Schuks Tshabalala” and Shorty (Alfred Ntombela) intend to produce a movie as a visual guide and aid for foreigners coming to SA for the World Cup.

Schuks Tshabalala is a teacher and tour guide to a mixed bag of tourists who are taking his survival guide to SA very seriously. Shorty, as usual, is his best friend, assistant and conscience. The students include ”Heinz” from Germany, “Yoti” from Greece, “Jean-Pierre” from France, “Koert” from The Netherlands, “Rajin” from India, “Maggie” from Ireland and “Xing Xang” from China, among others. They are genuinely eager to learn about SA, so Schuks and Shorty are only too happy to oblige. What follows is a series of hysterical demonstrations of life in SA as theyattempt to answer all the questions posed by potential visitors. The comedic results range from South Africa’s most famous celebrities being victimized by Tshabalala to a whole new set of Leon Schuster disguised incarnations. Included is a full stadium packed with soccer fans, where the controversial vuvuzela is applied as a tool to test any soccer fan’s enthusiasm to the nth degree.

Nothing and no one is sacred in SCHUKS TSHABALALA’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA. Common misperceptions about things like lions and elephants walking the streets of Johannesburg are put to good comedy use and Leon’s array of new incarnations keep the unsuspecting South Africans on their toes. SCHUKS TSHABALALA also features some Bollywood-inspired musical numbers to allow Schuks to make fun of some of the country’s most powerful and influential personalities.