Alles Wat Mal Is Production Notes

Main Cast: Erica Wessels, Louw Venter, Meme Ditshego, Christina Storm, Chris De Clerq, Elzette Maarschalk, Jana Strydom, Richard van der Westhuizen, Phillicity Reeken, Jacques Bessenger
Release Date: 2014-08-08

Helena Joubert has lost herself. Between her varsity boyfriend, getting married and becoming a mother, the Helena she knew dissapeared. Her once passionate relationship with her husband Gustav has been replaced by a permanent ceasefire. Her life as a young woman with big dreams is only seen in the photographs against her wall. Her aspirations to become a serious journalist made way for articles every now and then in small publications. When did her life become so small? Why is Miriam, her housekeeper, her only friend and confidante?

Everything starts going wrong in Helena’s life but then her alter ego arrives and decides to take control. In the process Helena discovers a little part of her old self, a piece of her that has long been begging for attention. She goes on a series of adventures – with Miriam and her two children in tow – and shares her experiences with the readers of her ‘Alles wat mal is’ blog. Not everyone agrees with Helena’s adventures though…

Gustav has his own problems. There is a charming investor who not only has her sights on his company, but on Gustav as well. Helena realises that there is a snake in the grass, but will Gustav believe her or does he think it is jealousy rearing its ugly head?

Helena’s alter ego encourages her to make some brave decisions that can save her marriage and maybe even Gustav’s career. Or maybe not… The thousands of readers of her blog wait in anticipation to read the next chapter in Helena’s life. Has she finally lost her marbles or is it the first time in a long time that she has control over her life?

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