Kaalgat Karel (2021) Production Notes

Director: Meg Rickards
Writer(s): Meg Rickards, Paul Egan
Producer(s): Meg Rickards, Paul Egan
Main Cast: Francois Jacobs, Christia Visser, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Siv Ngesi, Tracey-Lee Oliver, Eden Classens, Rosebelle Clasen
Release Date: 2021-09-24
Release Status: Complete

A hapless streaker, seeking to win the heart of a strait-laced single mom, must find a way to bear his soul rather than his buttocks.

Please note: Some production notes may contain spoilers.

KAREL VENTER is a 30-year-old-guy who lives with his best friend, FLIP. He is hooked on the adrenalin buzz, as well as the online fame, that he achieves by streaking at sports matches.

During a disastrous streak at a golf tournament, he runs away from the security officials and impales himself on a palisade fence. Eina!

An alluring paramedic, RITA SWART, appears on the scene to save him. Karel falls head-over-heels in love with her.

The only problem is that she is a strait-laced single mom who has no intention of dating a streaker.

Will Karel manage to shed his addiction and win Rita’s heart away from the terribly eligible plastic surgeon, JEAN-PIERRE DU TOIT?

… or will he stage a comeback-streak, to counter the rising fame of rival-streaker, VUYO TSHABALALA?

KAALGAT KAREL is an endearing, tummy-tickling love story that will appeal to audiences across gender, age and class.


Karel (Francois Jacobs)

Karel Venter (30) is addicted to the rush and online fame that streaking kaalgat in public brings. His single mom died when he was eight and he was brought up by his grandparents. They died when he was in his late teens and left him a house on the outskirts of East London. He was always getting into trouble at school, where he took on the mantle of class clown. He went on to study Agriculture and makes a living as a bull semen salesman, travelling the farmlands and inseminating cows. In his spare time, he hangs out with his loyal friend Flip, with whom he dreams up crazy streaking escapades. Karel craves the adrenalin and online affirmation he achieves through streaking. That is, until he falls head over heels in love with Rita...

Francois Jacobs is an acclaimed South African actor, television presenter and co-owner of the production company, Rubberarm Produksies. He plays the male lead in the upcoming new romantic comedy KAALGAT KAREL, which is scheduled for release in February 2021.

Over the past few years he has starred in various films, including Pad na jou Hart, Hollywood in my Huis, Agent 2 000, Ek Joke Net, Chemo Club, Kanarie, Wonderlus and the blockbuster Vir die Voëls, in which he played the male lead. He has also starred in soap operas like Donkerland (Klein Piet), Binnelanders and 7de Laan (Henk Stander); series such as Spoorloos, Tydelik Terminaal, Swartwater, as well as the international series Madiba and Rivonia; and the plays People Are Living There directed by André Odendaal, ’n Seder val in Waterkloof, Nag van Legio & Frats directed by Albert Maritz, Waterpas directed by Christiaan Olwagen, and Cincinnati, which played in the Market Theatre.

When he is not acting, Francois is a television presenter (Fiësta), director and producer. He produced and co-directed his first theatre show, Betroudag, at the Innibos Arts Festival in 2019 and also had the opportunity to direct the theatre production Brothers in the Market Theatre under the mentorship of Mncendici Shabangu in January 2020.

He runs Rubberarm Produksies, the production house responsible for the 2013 kykNET Silwerskerm short film Die Damduikers and various television commercials, with long-time collaborator Adriaan van As.

Francois was nominated as Best Future Artist at the 2015 Fiësta Awards and won a Huisgenoot Tempo Award for Best Actor in 2017. He completed a BA Drama degree at the University of Stellenbosch.

Rita (Christia Visser)

Rita Swart (25) is Karel’s object of infatuation from the moment she rescues him after a streak gone wrong.  Rita is a no-nonsense A-type personality: neat, organised and serious. The stress from medical school and losing her mother led her to a string of one-night stands and she fell pregnant. So, she completely embraces her A-type personality, because the one time she let go led to an unwanted pregnancy (although she loves Bella unconditionally). Unable to afford med school after she gave birth, she became a paramedic instead and has thrown everything into her career and bringing up her daughter Bella “right”.  Rita can’t even remember when she last let her hair down and had fun.

A much-admired actress, dancer, voice-over artist and singer, Christia Visser was born in Cape Town and raised in the small town of Swellendam. She completed three years of theatre training at Stellenbosch High School and won the Kleine Libertas Theatre Schools competition for her role as Annemie in Poppespel.

Christia studied screen acting and completed the Advanced Acting for Film Diploma at Act Cape Town, where she gained experience acting in numerous student films. In addition, she did three years of classical vocal training with Koba Wicomb and has been dancing since she was eight.

She graced the Maynardville stage in Shakespeare’s Cardenio in 2012/13 and performed at the KKNK and Aardklop in Nicola Hanekom’s award-winning show, Land van Skedels, in 2013/14.

Christia is no stranger to the film and television industry and has starred in many national and international productions such as Noughts and Crosses, Superdad, Die Boekklub, Leon van Nierop’s acclaimed Ballade vir ’n Enkeling, as well as Hollywood in my Huis, winning her the 2014 People’s Choice Award for Best Actress. She also starred in the award-winning feature Tess, which won her the award for Best Actress at the Durban International Film Festival, as well as the Silwerskermfees, in 2016.

The multi-talented actress undertook a new adventure in 2019, signing with Sony Select and winning two Bokkie Awards for her first single, 17 Shots. Both 17 Shots and Die Deur reached gold status and won several music video awards internationally.

Flip (Schalk Bezuidenhout)

Flip van Tonder and Karel have been tjommies since childhood and only Flip knows how much Karel suffered losing his mom while still young.  Flip is very loyal to Karel, with whom he shares a Peter Pan attitude to life. Flip adores getting up to streaking mischief, although strictly as Karel’s wingman providing logistical and tactical support; never streaking himself.  Flip is terribly shy around women, and simply melts when Rita’s best friend Maria asks him out.

Schalk Bezuidenhout – comedian, actor and all-round lekker person (as he puts it) – was born in Kempton Park. As he transformed from a conservative Afrikaans caterpillar into a beautiful drama queen butterfly, complete with a moustache and furry afro, it became obvious to his parents that he would study drama. To help numb the pain they sent him to study at the University of Cape Town; it was here that he discovered that there was more to life than short shorts and rugby. He started doing stand-up comedy in 2011.

On stage Schalk is fun and energetic and appeals to people of all colours and creeds, and he has had the privilege to perform at great venues, alongside even greater comedians. Performance highlights include headlining at main comedy venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, performing on Live @ Parker’s on Comedy Central with Barry Hilton (2013) and at the CT Nando’s Comedy Festival @ The Artscape Opera House (2012). He also performed at Blacks Only and Kind & Queens of Comedy from 2013 to 2019, as well as at Keeping You in Stitches 2 and 3 and Dr Moosa Prescribes 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (with Riaad Moosa). He has opened for Riaad Moosa on various occasions.

Other performances under his belt include Jive Cape Town Funny Festival (2014), Voorkamerfest (2014), Trevor Noah’s NationWILD Tour (2014, 2015), Trevor Noah’s opening act (2015), his own Comedy Central Special (2015), Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland (2017), his international one man show, South African White Boy in London and Edinburgh (2017 – 2019), Montreux Comedy Festival in Dubai (2019), various comedy specials on M-Net and kykNET, as well as various successful one man shows.

The actor and comedian also boasts a number of film and television credits, including host of Die Kliek (2016 – 2018), Hotel (2017 - ), host of Die Ware Naarheid (2018 - ), the lead in Kanarie (2018) and a role in Material 2 (2020).

Schalk was the winner of the Savanna Newcomer Award at the Comics Choice Awards 2013, a nominee in the Breakthrough Act at the Comics Choice Awards 2014, winner of the Intermediate Award at the Comics Choice Awards 2015, the Kanna Award winner for Best Up and Coming Artist 2015, and a nominee for the 2016 Fleur du Cap Most Promising Student Award.

Vuyo (Siv Ngesi)

Vuyo Tshabalala is a rival streaker, who streaks for very different reasons to Karel. He has studied marketing online and is forging his own unusual way in the field. For him, streaking is pure business and he uses it as a platform for “renegade marketing”, for brands on online platforms. These brands are advertised on his naked torso – a mobile billboard of sorts – and so he supports his two younger brothers and sister financially. He initially sees Karel as competition but the two later become allies.

Two-time SAFTA winning Sivuyile ‘Siv’ Ngesi is one of South Africa’s most dynamic performers, whose diverse talents have seen him making waves in the South African entertainment industry. He is a sought-after comedian, popular television presenter, prolific actor, MC, and producer.

Siv began performing at the age of nine, as Gavroshin in Les Misérables. Not only did he tour Asia with the show, but he was also invited to sing a piece from the musical at Nelson Mandela’s birthday party. Since then, his love of performing has taken him from local to international arenas, with him featuring in films such as World Unseen, Zenon Z3, Albert Schweitzer, Clint Eastwood’s Invictus and alongside Edris Elba in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

He also has a prolific television presence – he is an adventurous presenter on the magazine programme Man Cave, charming cooking show host on Jou Ma se Chef, and an ardent traveller on Wingin’ It.

An award-winning comedian, Siv has performed at every venue, and to every audience possible in South Africa, as well as to rave reviews in the United Arab Emirates, UK and USA. In addition to performing in his own one-man comedy shows, he has also produced numerous others. Siv’s company, Our Company, co-produces the local SABC 3 cooking show, Jou Ma se Chef and is currently in pre-production on a number of projects. Apart from his substantial talent to entertain, Siv uses his voice to make people aware of irregularities in our society.

Siv’s impressive resume includes films such as Knuckle City, Bhai’s Café, World Unseen, Zenon Z3, Albert Schweitzer, Invictus, Long Walk To Freedom and Honey 3, while his television credits include Still Breathing, Sies, Wingin’ it, Tropika Island of Treasure, League of Glory, The Adventures of Sinbad, Double Shift, Interrogation Room and 24.

During his illustrious career, Siv has been recognised with two SAFTA awards, three SAFTA nominations, as the Mail and Guardian Most Influential Young South African, as a Strictly Come Dancing finalist (2014), by featuring in the Cosmo Sexiest Man Calendar, as GQ’s Best Dressed Man, among the Top 10 Best Working South African Actors Overseas by IMDB, as Best Actor (2001 – 2004), Best Hip Hop Performance, Best Comedy Show at the National Arts Festival 2010, and the Golden Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival 2010.

Bella (Rosebelle Clasen)

Bella is Rita’s six-year-old daughter – bright, spunky and eager to please. Indeed, Bella is desperate to win her mother’s approval, which doesn’t come easily at the best of times. Rita is loving but strict, desperate for her daughter not to repeat the mistakes she made in her own life. Bella longs to have a male figure around, having never known her father. Bella is initially weary of Karel, but soon starts to take delight in light-hearted company and they form a close bond.

Rosebelle Clasen was born in 2013, into a house of performers – she is the daughter of Neels and Eloise Clasen. It was apparent from the start that she would follow in her parents’ footsteps, and it was only natural for her to join Eloise’s children’s agency, Elliebellie. KAALGAT KAREL was her second audition. Rosebelle lives and attends school in Johannesburg.

Maria (Tracey-Lee Oliver)

Maria Jacobs is Rita’s paramedic partner and best friend. Under her rather formidable and steely facade, she is warm and generous-hearted; sexually open and always up for a good laugh. She thinks nothing of telling strait-laced Rita off for being overly serious. She is the kind of friend every woman wants: fiercely loyal, empathetic and lots of fun. She is just the person to draw out shy Flip, and the two hit it off at once.

Tracey-Lee Oliver is a powerhouse singer, comedian, actress and voice over artist. Originally from a small town near Cape Town, she moved to Johannesburg in 2005 to pursue her singing career.

She has competed in various talent contests, including Project Fame (M-Net), Afrikaans Idols (kykNET), and most recently The Voice (M-Net). Project Fame catapulted Tracey-Lee on the road to stardom.

Twice nominated for her performance of Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, she has also blown audiences away in Motown and Knights of Music at Gold Reef City. She also performed alongside David Kau and Joey Rasdien in the feature film, Blitz Patrollie (2013) and starred in the reality TV series SugarRushed.

2014 saw Tracey-Lee join the ranks of Goliath and Goliath, bringing a musical element to the Kings and Queens of Comedy National Tour. In 2016, she was one of the five leading ladies in Supreme Divas (Joburg Theatre.)

Tracey-Lee received a Naledi nomination in 2012 for Lead as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, and a Naledi nomination in 2010 for Lead in Knights of Music. The singing sensation’s resume also boasts several comedy events, commercials and corporate functions.

Dr. Jean-Pierre du Toit (Eden Classens)

Jean-Pierre du Toit comes from a privileged old-money background and is proud of his Huguenot wine family heritage. He is a very fit and chiselled aesthetic plastic surgeon who works at the same hospital as Rita, and who falls for the alluring paramedic. Vain and narcissistic, he is obsessed by exercise and looks. He thinks that he can do good in the world by making women feel better about themselves by adjusting their looks. Initially Rita is drawn to his solid respectability and “adult” qualities, but ultimately, she realises that their relationship is not “real.”

South African actor and model Eden Classens is best known for his role as Justin Potgieter in the Afrikaans series Suidooster. He was also a finalist on the first season of Dancing with the Stars South Africa.

Eden has worked extensively in the local film industry and will appear in the Netflix Film, The Kissing Booth 3, next year.

As a model, he has participated in both the New York and Milan Fashion Week and has done a variety of international and local campaigns. Eden is also co-owner of Waagit, an Afrikaans community movement that explores various positive stories of celebrities in SA. He appeared on the cover of Men’s Health SA last year.


The film boasts fabulous cameos by Mbulelo Grootboom, Joey Rasdien, Karin van der Laag, Melt Sieberhagen, Kerry Hiles, Zuko Matebese, Valeska Gouws, Lebo Mopeli, Jerome Van Schalkwyk, Charlene Wolmerans, Ursula du Toit and Philile Rwaxa.


Director, Co-producer and Scriptwriter – Meg Rickards

KAALGAT KAREL is Meg’s second fiction feature collaboration with Paul Egan. Meg and Paul completed their first fiction feature, Tess – a gritty story of a sex worker’s journey to shedding misplaced guilt – in 2016. The film raked in a number of awards, including Best South African Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival in 2016.


Prior to that, Meg co-directed the documentary feature 1994: The Bloody Miracle, with Bert Haitsma. It won the audience award at the Durban International Film Festival in 2014 and the Writers’ Guild award for Best Documentary Script.

Her mini-series and tele-feature versions of Land of Thirst, which she wrote and directed, have been translated into several languages and distributed widely, and Meg has made a number of films for NGOs and educational institutions.

She holds a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Cape Town, studied at London Film School on a British Commonwealth Scholarship, and completed the Writers’ and Directors’ Programmes at the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam.

Meg about KAALGAT KAREL: “The film is about friendship, love and real human connection, something I believe we all crave after a period of lockdown and social distancing. It’s been such a bleak and tumultuous time, and I really hope that our film will bring some comic relief to South Africans – and remind us just how resilient we are.”

Co-producer and -scriptwriter – Paul Egan

Paul Egan produced the award-winning South African feature Tess in 2016. Prior to that, he produced the much discussed 1994: The Bloody Miracle, about the run-up to South Africa’s first democratic elections, which was screened extensively by eNCA, eTV, and the Dutch national broadcaster VPRO.

Paul’s short film Orbis was selected for Hot Docs 2015 and his multiple award-winning documentary Forerunners (directed by Simon Wood), an examination of South Africa’s new black middle class, was broadcast by Al Jazeera. He holds an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch.

Paul about KAALGAT KAREL: “The original inspiration for the story was a streaker called Bryan Baenhoff, who ran onto the pitch during a big rugby match between Western Province and the Free State – something many people still remember. I can recall how much I laughed and how my friends could not stop talking about Bryan for days. For me, streaking is an act of rebellion and for a fleeting moment the streaker becomes the crowd hero. But streaking is only one small component of KAALGAT KAREL. While the film is a timely reminder that we all need some fun in our lives and the freedom to laugh, it also demonstrates the importance of real human connections. I think people are going to love it.”

Executive Producer – Kim Williams

Having spent a number of years as head of Business and Legal Affairs at a leading production company in Cape Town, Kim was a producer on his first feature film, Tess, in 2016.

His producer credits in 2019 included Commandos, a television feature for NL Film and Professionals, a 10-part television series starring Brendan Fraser and Tom Welling.

He has an LLB and MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Cinematography – Bert Haitsma

Dutch-born Bert Haitsma is a director of photography who boasts more than 24 years’ experience in filming feature films, drama series, long form documentaries and commercials. He recently moved from Botswana to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Bert is a partner in Boondogle Films in Cape Town and a producing partner at ABI Films in Gaborone, Botswana. He is also a member of the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC).

Editor – Eva du Preez

Eva du Preez started working in the South African film and television industry as a producer, script supervisor and editor in 2012. Her career kicked off with the TV series Die Boland Moorde, which earned her a SAFTA nomination.

She made her debut as a producer in 2013 with the multi award-winning short film Toevlug, which was directed by Christiaan Olwagen. From there she applied herself to all aspects of the South African television industry, combining script supervision and continuity with post-production and editing on Jan Braai, Die Byl, Die Boland Moorde, Die Boekklub, Alles Malan, Kompleks and Fynskrif.

In 2015 Eva shifted her attention to feature films, working alongside Olwagen as script supervisor on the celebrated film Johnny is Nie Dood Nie. She edited her first feature film, Kanarie, in 2016, followed by Poppie Nongena. These films earned her the award for Best Editor in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Eva’s other feature film editing credits include Balbesit, Die Seemeeu, Ander Mens, Vergeet My Nie and KAALGAT KAREL. Short film titles include Toevlug, Luister, Grys, Leeftyd van ’n Orgideë, Gebles and Address Unknown.


Production Design – Bathoni Robinson

Bathoni Robinson describes herself as an enthused traveller in this life – expressing and learning. As a production designer, art director and stylist, she appreciates the detail and textures of life’s tapestry, which she uses for the stories of which she becomes part.

Bathoni started her career as a camera assistant at the African Cup of Nations in Burkina Faso in 1996. She has been creatively occupied in scenic executions, styling and art directing commercials for most part, but is now mostly focused on features.

While generally working in either Johannesburg and Cape Town, Bathoni has been fortunate to travel extensively and has worked in ten countries in Africa. However, she highlights her most adventurous and visually memorable project to date as the six weeks she spent on the research vessel The Polar Star, filming wildlife in Antarctica.

Her impressive list of feature films includes Stroomop, Ander Mens, Thys en Trix, Ellen: Die Ellen Pakkies Storie, Vir Die Voëls, ’n Man Soos My Pa, French Toast, Pretville (2013 SAFTA Winner – Best Production Design), Bloedbroers (2017 SAFTA Winner – Best Production Design), Modder En Bloed (Winner – Best Feature, Sedona Film Festival) and Fluiters (nominated).

She has an equally impressive commercial client list, which includes Vodacom SA/Mozambique/Congo, MTN Morocco/Swaziland, Cell C Kenya/Tanzania/West Africa, Samsung, DSTV, M-Net, Steers, Tic Tac, Standard Bank, FNB, Rand Merchant Bank, ABSA, People’s Bank, Telkom, Kulula, Wimpy, Ariel, Toyota Yaris, Aquelle Water, SA Tourism, Outsurance, OLX, Revlon and Visa Elektron.

Bathoni won the Avanti Styling Award in 2009.

Composer – Loki Rothman

South African guitar virtuoso, Loki Rothman is the complete package.  He has mastered many genres on the guitar, has a mesmerizing voice and paints beautiful landscapes with his original lyrics.

Loki jump-started his career when he ended up in the top six on the first season of SA’s Got Talent. He has travelled the world as Jack Parow’s brilliant guitarist, worked with the likes of Die Antwoord and Toya Delazy and runs his own private music school.

Loki sent two brilliant releases into the world in 2015 exhibiting his amazing diversity as a musician – his debut album, The Way Back, and his guitar instrumental DVD, Syndactyly.

In addition to this, he is also a brilliant composer who has produced soundtracks for various local films, like Jou Romeo, KAALGAT KAREL and more.

KAALGAT KAREL’s theme song Altyd Op Vakansie, was written by Jack Parow and Loki Rothman. It not only contributes to the relaxed vibe of the film, but also contains all the necessary ingredients of a bona fide summer hit that is set to remain popular for years to come.

Boondogle Films

Boondogle Films specialises in films that meet African needs and challenge common perceptions of the continent. The core team works with a network of specialised freelancers, and is committed to providing training opportunities for new and up-and-coming filmmakers.

Their most recent works are the fiction feature Tess and the documentary 1994: The Bloody Miracle.

Tess, directed by Meg Rickards and produced by Paul Egan and Kim Williams in 2016, was selected to appear at more than 25 international film festivals and won several awards at the Durban International Film Festival (Best SA Film, Best Editing, Best Actress) and kykNET Silwerskermfees (Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actress).

1994: The Bloody Miracle, directed by Meg Rickards and Bert Haitsma and produced by Paul Egan in 2014, was not only broadcast by ENCA en eTV on Freedom Day in 2014, but was also the opening film for the Nobel Peace Laureate Youth Summit and Watch Africa Festival in the UK. It also won an Audience Award at the Durban International Film Festival and a WGSA Award for Best Documentary Script.