Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign (2023) Production Notes

Director: Judy Naidoo
Writer(s): Judy Naidoo
Producer(s): Judy Naidoo
Main Cast: Shaan Nathoo, Liam Dunpath, Hamish Kyd, Riyaad Nakooda, Kogie Naidoo, Amith Sing,  Kimberley Arthur, Mayuri Naidu, Luversan Gerard, Bertha le Roux-Wahl, Vaneshran Arumugan, Senzo Mthethwa, Nolan Jonathan, Jonathan Taylor, Kaseran Pillay
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Release Status: Complete
Facebook: @kingsofmulberrystreet
X / Twitter: @kingsofmulberry
Instagram: @kingsofmulberrystreet

When Granny Chetty (Ma) is kidnapped by the fallen and disgraced police Commander Veerasamy the boys are forced to play along with his schemes in-order to rescue Ma.

Veerasamy demands the boys make amends for his downfall by repaying him for his loss of wealth and status, by pulling a heist on an upmarket, well-known casino where he is now employed as a security guard. But this is too big a feat for two little boys to accomplish on their own, it will take a daring plan and the efforts of the rambunctious Chetty’s uniting with the respectable Singhs to save Ma. What could go wrong?... Everything!

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