Frequantly Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get on SAMDB?

What are the initial requirments to appear on the SAMDB website?

In order to be listed on the SAMDB site, you are required to have a role in either a film or television series that meets the below requirements for the SAMDB website.

Such a role must be a credited role, with reasonable and recognisable on-screen time, with dialogue. This does not include a crowd scene, where you are cheering or chanting. You would most likely have appeared on the callsheet, with character name (not character description) and been allocated your own call number.

Our team will have the final say as to what appears on the site, should you be in doubt.

What types of titles do you include on the SAMDB site?

We include films, television shows, short films, and webseries.

Film: must be a widespread release, and how been screened in a cinema on a commercial run for at least 2 weeks, or be included on one or more streaming platforms.

Television Series to have appeared on a commercial television channel, or streaming platform.

Short Film having screened at a globalley recognised film festival.

Webseries being on a streaming platform, and having received a large number of views, and widespread acclaim.

Our team will have the final say as to what appears on the site, should you be in doubt.

What is Talent & Audition Warehouse?

This is our sister website, where those who wish to enter the film / television industry, or have have only worked as an extra and wish to list themselves, in the hopes of moving up in the industry. Once you meet the requirements to be listed on the SAMDB site, you will be moved over.

What does it cost to be listed on the site?

There is no charge to be listed on either the SAMDB or TAW websites. No fee, no subscription, nothing.

Is SAMDB membership only for South Africans?

Yes, just for those who are South African, as in cast, crew, or company.

Where do you get title / user info and credit info?

This information is compiled from various sources, where we can do our best to verify the accuracy of that information.

Information sources include: film studios, productions companies, their respective PR and media companies, media companies, agents, managers, the cast and crew (when verified)