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Konfetti: Review

From South African production company Light And Dark Films, comes Konfetti, a romantic comedy, about Jean (your typical Afrikaans guy, played by Nico Panagio) and Sheryl (a Jewish girl, played by Casey B. Dolan). Amidst the usual family tensions, Jean’s best friend Lukas is assigned the task of best man (played by Louw Venter). Based […]

Konfetti Receives Cape Town Premiere

Cast And Crew Glam It Up For One Night In Century City’s Nu Metro Cinema Complex United International Pictures and Light and Dark Films gave their independent movie KONFETTI a well-deserved première on Wednesday evening, 9 April 2014. The cast, the crew, family and friends of the industry all gathered at Nu Metro Canal Walk […]

Noah: Review

Hollywood has not released a big bible epic in a long time, and they’re hoping to recapture this market yet again with Noah, with stars Russell Crowe (in the title role of Noah), Jennifer Connelly (as his wife Neemeh), Anthony Hopkins (as grandfather Methuselah) and Emma Watson (as rescued Ila). Had this been a film […]

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Review

Steve Rogers is back, struggling to find his place in the modern world, and this time his alter ego, Captain America, faces up against a Soviet agent, known as The Winter Soldier. Captain America: The Winter Soldier deliver more intrigue than blind action, pitting the will of the opposing forces against one another, and adding […]

S’dumo Mtshali’s Star Shines In iNumber Number

‘iNumber Number’, the South African thriller written and directed by Donovan Marsh, opens in cinemas nationwide on 25 April 2014. Starring in the lead role is one of South Africa’s favourite young talents, S’dumo Mtshali, inthe role of honest undercover cop Chili. Mtshali was discovered when he entered and won the SABC1 reality competition ‘Class […]

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