A Touch Of 80s Bollywood Brings Spice To Colourful, Vibrant New Film ‘Kings Of Mulberry Street’

The 1980s was a decade of cinematic delights for Bollywood, the world’s largest film producer. Sholay (1975), Chandni (1989), Disco Dancer (1982), Coolie (1983), Mr India (1987) and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988), are among the most loved movies from the late 70s and the 80s. ‘Sholay’ played for five consecutive years in Mumbai, becoming the biggest Bollywood film of all time and one which still holds sway over popular culture.

Shaan Nathoo and Aaqil Hoosen

Bollywood plots have tended to be melodramatic, employing standard ingredients such as star-crossed lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family ties, sacrifice, corrupt politicians, kidnappers, conniving villains, courtesans with hearts of gold, long-lost relatives and siblings separated by fate, dramatic reversals of fortune, and convenient coincidences.

These were some of the types of films that Judy Naidoo, writer and directors of the new feature film ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ was watching as she grew up in the town of Verulam in Kwa-Zulu Natal in the 80s.

“I didn’t realise what an impact Indian cinema had on my formative years until I started developing this film,” says Naidoo. “It unleashed all my childhood memories and Bollywood often featured as the soundtrack to those early years.”

Set in the 80s, in the fictionalised town of Sugarhill District, the film is a charmingly nostalgic story of two young Indian boys who have to find a way to overcome their differences and unite in order to defeat the bullying local crime lord who’s threatening their families. A delightful and hilarious adventure, with universal themes that will appeal to the whole family, the film pays tribute to classic 80s Indian cinema and their heroes. Visually colourful and vibrant, it’s also touching and heart-warming.

“There’s a sense of belonging, which is one of the qualities that helped make Bollywood such a success with audiences,” says Naidoo. “In those classic films, viewers were looking for themselves. It’s a feeling that I have brought in to ‘King of Mulberry Street’, which is as much a story about a community as it is about two young boys and their fight for justice. Innocence, playfulness, a little vulnerability, and a feel-good vibe all contribute to the mood of the film.”

Naidoo says her personal experience with Indian cinema, not just Bollywood, goes back as far as she can remember.

“I did not have a particular fondness for Indian films; often my siblings and I watched them simply because they were what my parents hired to watch. We didn’t speak the languages, there were no subtitles, yet still we understood the films perfectly. As a treat during school holidays, my parents would always hire three films for us, one in English, one in Hindi and one in Tamil. Every now and again an Indian film would emerge that would have an impact, either because of the songs or the story. I remember lots of crying too, because the films were so moving. I was particularly drawn to action and comedy films and the ones in which the women literally kicked ass.”

The film brings together the vibrancy of the Indian community in the 80s as well as Bollywood cinema and songs from that era, in a tale that peers into the past through the prism of the present.

Ticky Chetty is a skinny kid who enjoys the outdoors, is creative and energetic, and has tons of street smarts. He is looking for a partner in crime and sees a trainee in Baboo. Chubbier and more bookish than Ticky, Baboo is equally imaginative and spirited. These two nine-year-old misfits decide to rid their community of the evil bully and crime boss Raja, and they discover that they have lots to learn from each other.

Kings of Mulberry Street introduces Aaqil Hoosen (12) as Ticky Chetty, and Shaan Nathoo (9) as Baboo Harold Singh in the lead roles. Rounding out the cast are Thiru Naidoo, Rizelle Januk, Amith Sing, Neville Pillay, Keshan Chetty, Hamish Kyd, Kimberly Arthur and Chris Forrest. In the role of Granny Chetty is audience favourite Kogie Naidoo, known for her role as Amsugi in the ‘Broken Promises’ franchise and as Aunt Riya in ‘Florida Road.’

‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ will be distributed in South Africa by Indigenous film Distribution.

Catch ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ in cinemas on 28 June 2019

Indigenous Film Distribution: www.indigenousfilm.co.za

The Snow Goose – The Fugard

Now playing for a limited season. Must close 4 May

Presented by Contagious Theatre, The Snow Goose is a timeless classic based on the Paul Gallico short story. A chance encounter between a recluse and a young girl blossoms as they nurse an injured wild goose back to health in marshes of Essex in the 1930’s. Their idyllic world is turned upside down as the chaos of war intrudes.

With the use of masks, staging and the performance skills of Taryn Bennett and James Cairns, Jenine Collocott has created a theatre gem that has enthralled audiences who have watched the show.

Excellent discounts are available for students, pensioners, scholars and Friends of the Fugard. Book discounted tickets exclusively via The Fugard Box Office by calling 021 461 4554.

Please note: Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break or interval. Access to The Studio Theatre is via two flights of stairs, if assistance is required kindly enquire at the box office

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21 Conniving Castaways To Create Fireworks On M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island Of Secrets

One of them happens to be Mrs Cape Town 2018!

Once South Africa’s first Bachelor has found “the one” on M-Net channel 101, the much-awaited new season of Survivor South Africa will roll into the channel’s popular Thursday night local productions slot at 19:00. Set in the beautiful Samoa, and spiced with all kinds of never-seen-before curveballs, twists and turns, Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will hit our screens on Thursday, 16 May 2019.

While M-Net and production company Afrokaans remain tight-lipped about what exactly this mysterious Island of Secrets will reveal, they have lifted the lid a little on the castaways. This season, a diverse group of 21 strong-willed individuals who believe they know the ins and outs of the greatest game on earth will be facing the harsh elements of Mother Nature – and even harsher mind games of their tenacious opponents, who all want to be the Ultimate Survivor.

Soon, South Africa will get an unusual first glimpse of these contenders. Eight of the castaways from Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will feature on a variety of advertising billboards that will start appearing throughout the country on Wednesday, 17 April.

One of the faces South Africans will see on a billboard belongs to a beautiful blonde mother of two, Lee-Anne van Renen, who interrupted her duties as reigning Mrs Cape Town 2018 to prove that her grit and resilience match her looks.

Lee-Anne is bent on tearing up those stereotypical beauty queen labels. She’s married to the bassist of the band Taxi Violence, holds an honours degree in Psychology, obtained five distinctions in matric, captained the KZN action netball team, counsels drug addicts and traumatised teens, and has survived several personal tragedies, including a cancer scare and double miscarriage. At first glance she may come across as sweet and kind-hearted – and she is – but there’s a whole lot more to her. She has a spirit of steel. A mere month after the trauma of losing her twins, she completed the 947 cycle race.

As Lee-Anne pours her heart into NGOs making a difference in informal settlements like Zwellenemba in Worcester, she says she entered Survivor SA not only to win, “but also to step into the shoes of those who have absolutely nothing; no bed, no food, no warmth, no shelter”. While she revels in deconstructing stigmas and stereotypes, she will happily act them out to deceive the other castaways. “My strategy is to kill them with kindness,” she smiles.

Lani Lombard, M-Net’s Head of Publicity, said of the show: “We handpicked fascinating, multi-faceted personalities from a variety of professions and age groups who are not all they seem to be on the surface. It’s going to be a social experiment of note to observe how they manoeuvre through the conflicts that are bound to arise.”

The castaways on the billboards will be confirmed shortly, while the rest will be revealed closer to the first episode.

For the latest updates on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, go to mnet.tv/survivorsa You can also be part of the conversation on Twitter – especially if you spot some of the billboards – using #SurvivorSA.

2019 Sound On Screen Music Film Festival

Music Film Festival
26 – 28 April 2019
Labia Theatre
(68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, ZA)

We can’t live without them.

It has been 9 years since the birth of our Sound On Screen Music Film Festival, bringing these two audio and visual art forms together with carefully curated titles from around the world and locally (and in our download era, most making their SA cinema premiere and unlikely to grace any other local theatre screen).

Join us in keeping cinema culture alive (beyond the next super-hero cash-in), reinforce your love of music via film and get exposed to fascinating genres / music culture you may not be aware of.

This year we’re bringing you another exciting collection of international music-related movies and documentaries, covering everything from Rock, Techno, Black Metal and Industrial music, to legends in the shape of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and a dress-up anniversary screening of Mike Myers’ Wayne’s World!

As always, Flamedrop Productions’ favourite independent cinema to host the festival is the Labia Theatre.

2019 SOUND ON SCREEN LINE-UP (movie details below)
Booking at Quicket: www.quicket.co.za/organisers/572-sound-on-screen-music-film-festival
Tickets: R45 each

Friday 26 April

Saturday 27 April
8:30pm – WAYNE’S WORLD (27th anniversary Dress-Up Screening Party)

Sunday 28 April
8:30pm – LORDS OF CHAOS (SA premiere)

Movie Details:

Friday 26 April, 8:30pm
Renowned as one of the greatest performers of the 20th century, Freddie Mercury pushed the boundaries of art and music as he lead his band Queen to international stardom.
This new documentary looks at the man, his life and music, music industry figures adding their perspective to his legend.
His limitless vocal power and extravagant performances shocked and wowed audiences around the world but out of the spotlight he was incredibly private. With exclusive interviews and footage we uncover the story of Freddie Mercury and how a shy boy from Zanzibar became one of the most iconic figures in modern history.
First cinema screening in SA.
Directed by Jordan Hill
Book at www.quicket.co.za/events/71711-freddie-mercury-the-king-of-queen

Saturday 27 April, 6:15pm
A detailed documentary look at the very unique and multi-facetted Industrial music genre, tracing its origins and taking you on a journey through the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America’s thriving avant-garde scene.
Some assume the Industrial genre is nothing but noise – far from it. This documentary also highlights the nuances of this formidable alternative music style.
Features interviews and music from Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle, NoN, Cabaret Voltaire, Re/Search Publications, V. Vale, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter, Hula, Orphx, SPK, Test Dept., Industrial Records, Boyd Rice, Dirk Ivens, The Klinik, Z’EV, In The Nursery, Sonar and many more.
First cinema screening in SA.
Directed by Travis Collins, Amélie Ravalec
Book at www.quicket.co.za/events/71343-industrial-soundtrack-for-the-urban-decay

WAYNE’S WORLD Anniversary Dress-Up Screening
Saturday 27 April, 8:30pm
Party time! Excellent!
Join us for a most excellent 25th anniversary (+ 2!) dress-up screening of Wayne’s World!
Many missed this classic rock comedy on its original bodacious cinema release 27 years ago. So dudes an dudettes, (while not a prerequisite), come dressed as your favourite real and fictional Wayne’s World character hero, villain or musician – from Wayne, Garth, Cassandra, Wayne’s Dreamwoman, or Stacy, to Rob Lowe’s yuppie, Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, Robert Patrick’s T2 bad cop, Officer Koharski, or any random Wayne’s World rock T-shirt wearing fan! Bad wigs welcome!
What the hell, come dressed as someone from Wayne’s World 2 if you want to! (like Christopher Walken, Jim Morrison, Cassandra’s dad, any member from Aerosmith, Rip Taylor, a roadie… you name it!)
And yes, if everyone joins in on Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, it will be totally awesome!
Book at www.quicket.co.za/events/71275-waynes-world-dress-up-screening

Sunday 28 April, 6:15pm
From secret Parisian parties to Berlin’s infamous Berghain club, Paris/Berlin documents the underground movement of techno through the lens of two different cities. The documentary traces the evolution of techno telling the stories of the DJ’s, producers, label managers, promoters, record shops and distributors that have stayed true to its original spirit.
With Laurent Garnier, Regis, Adam X, Function, Lucy, Ancient Methods, Nick Höppner, Terence Fixmer, Tama Sumo, Dasha Rush, Milton Bradley, Lupo, Tobias Rapp and many more.
First cinema screening in SA.
Directed by Amélie Ravalec
Book at www.quicket.co.za/events/71344-parisberlin-20-years-of-underground-techno

Sunday 28 April, 8:30pm
A teenager’s quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome.
Based on truth and lies.
South African premiere.
In the early ‘90s a new musical genre (germinated in the ’80s) rose from Norway: Black Metal
With dark, occult imagery, the renowned black and white corpse-paint and strong anti-Christian sentiments, the abrasive and challenging music went beyond imagery into true darkness, not only resulting in church burnings, but also violence, suicide and murder.
Directed by Jonas Åkerlund (known for Rammstein and Madonna music videos and films like Spun and Polar), he was also in fact a member of early Swedish Black Metal legends Bathory.
Starring Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skarsgård
These events were captured in the book Lords Of Chaos – The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground (by Didrik Soderlind & Michael Moynihan)
Book at www.quicket.co.za/events/70820-lords-of-chaos-sa-premiere

(And, as you know by now, drinks from the Labia Theatre bar can be taken into the cinema)

Stay updated by liking the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SoundOnScreenFilmFest (with more link options below).

Web site: www.flamedrop.com/sos
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Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/613575252449194

African Animation Opportunity: Animation Du Monde

Animation du Monde: Opportunities for African Animators as
First Judge & Mentor Announced

During a press conference on Monday, 15 April in Paris, Annecy Int. Animated Film Fest’ & Market/MIFA announced their exciting animation film line-up whilst also welcoming Nora Twomey as MIFA Campus’ first female patron. Twomey, a partner at Cartoon Saloon, directed the critically acclaimed The Breadwinner.

The MIFA Campus is an exciting opportunity for students and professionals from around the world to meet with recruiters, attend various master-classes and discuss initiatives and schemes in the animation industry.

As the custodians of the Animation du Monde brand in Africa, the African Animation Network (AAN) who are proud to be associated with an organisation that places such great importance on empowerment, a cornerstone of AAN’s mandate as a social enterprise.

African animators are therefore invited to take part in the first preliminary round of the Pan-African Animation du Monde pitch season that will take place at ICON Comics & Games Convention (ICON CGC) from the 20th to the 22nd of April at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The pitch competition is part of the build up to the Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy that was created in 1960 and takes place at the beginning of June in the town of Annecy, France. The MIFA Pitches are arguably the biggest animation focused pitching forum in the world and the Pan-African Animation du Monde preliminary pitch season specifically creates opportunities for African animators on a global scale.

Contestants have until the 18th of April to submit their project and can do so by clicking HERE.

Video pitches will be accepted for those not able to attend the preliminary regional round at ICON CGC however, candidates who are able to attend the event will be given preference. The competition regulations can be viewed HERE.

AAN have also assembled an exciting panel of international judges & mentors for this year’s MIFA Pan-African Final that will take place at DISCOP Johannesburg in November 2019.

The first of the judges & mentors to be announced is Rathan Sam George (Chief Operating Officer Toonz Media Group), who has the following to say of his involvement; “We at Toonz Media Group produce over 10,000 minutes of animation a year and have recently seen the raw potential of African creators. Partnering with AAN has created opportunities for us to share our knowledge, as well as reach out to these creatives in a way that will grow the animation industry locally.”

Previous African Animator Winners

Although this is only the 3rd edition of the competition, it has already created opportunities for African animators and producers that haven’t existed before.

During the Animation du Monde 2018 finals at Annecy Int. Animated Film Fest’ & Market/MIFA, Ingrid Agbo, from Togo, secured a pre-sale for her project L’arbre à Palimpseste which is currently in pre-production. Ingrid qualified with her project through the 2017 regionals run by the African Animation Network (AAN) at DISCOP Abidjan and won one of two places to represent Africa at the Animation du Monde 2017 Continental Finals at DISCOP Johannesburg.

South African producer Isaac Mogojane, winner of the MIFA Pitches Winner 2018 (Disney Prize) shared with us his experiences in pitching at MIFA. “ I have had the privilege of presenting projects at MIFA twice. Last year, our second project, “Junk Pilots” was accepted into the global TV pitches category and this time round, it took home the Disney prize. Presenting your ideas at Annecy and MIFA is a great way to build a profile around your project. Each year, the market gets bigger, more projects are picked up and more deals are concluded in Annecy.”

At the 2017 Animation du Monde Continental Final, South Africa’s Wendy Spinks’ & Clea Mallinson’s short film “Mumue” was also selected to represent Africa at Annecy/MIFA 2018. Although “Mumue” didn’t win during the pitch sessions in 2018, Spinks went on to win the Digital Lab Africa NEF Animation – Nouvelles Ecritures pour le Film d’Animation International Residency with another project “I am Chuma”.

Wendy had the following to share about her experience: “Pitching at Annecy/MIFA has been a personal goal for me for some years and it was a real humbling moment that it would come via “Mumue”, which is a project that really allowed me to bring forward my personal creative and authentic voice and to address a social cause I care deeply about.”

At the most recent 2018 continental finals held at DISCOP Johannesburg, “The Troublemakers” presented by Nildo Essa (of Mozambique) and “The Makerbolts” presented by Dami Solesi (of Nigeria) won the two places to represent Africa at the 2019 Animation du Monde Finals that will take place later this year in Annecy. Nildo shared some insights on his journey thus far: “We wanted to create little heroes that our children could relate to. After some very needed guidance by the event judges and mentors we were one of the winners and now we are going to pitch our series project “Os Pestinhas” or “The Troublemakers” at Animation Du Monde at Annecy this year!”

Through its DISCOMICS footprint– an initiative run by DISCOP Markets and AAN– and which includes partnerships with 3 of Africa’s longest running comic conventions, AAN will be hosting 4 regional prelims in Johannesburg (at ICON CGC), Abidjan (DISCOP Abidjan), Lagos (at Lagos Comic Con), and Nairobi (Nairobi Comic Con). Because, the partners are always looking to create new opportunities for creators across Africa, AAN has partnered with the Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia) to add a 5th regional prelim.

Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for news on when the preliminary rounds will be in your region!

ITV Choice Highlights – 22 To 28 April

Monday, 15 April at 20:00

At the heart of this new drama is the dangerous relationship between university professor Leah (Katherine Kelly) and her student Rose (Molly Windsor) when, what begins as a seemingly open and shut case of academic deception, quickly spirals out of control, ending in fatal consequences and triggering a devastating sequence of events that threaten to engulf them both. With relations becoming increasingly hostile, Leah resorts to more extreme measures to expose Rose, and as tensions flare between Leah and Adam, could it be that her husband is taking Rose’s side? Rose seems to pursue a more personal retaliation against Leah, but who is telling the truth?


Tracey Ullman’s Show III
Wednesday, 24 April at 20:00

Acclaimed actress, writer and producer Tracey Ullman, returns to the channel to front another sketch comedy series. Poking fun at modern life in the UK, the star celebrates her homeland by taking on the personas of its residents and tourists. Over the course of the Emmy-nominated series, Ullman’s humorous portrayal of celebrities includes the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. This season has a much bigger scope, now set on a global stage as Tracey dedicates most of her time impersonating world leaders. In the first episode of this latest season, German Chancellor Angela Merkel works on her poker face; Jerry Hall-Murdoch looks to apply financial lessons from her previous marriage to her new one and British Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to have a stern conversation with President Trump.

DStv Content Discovery: 12 To 18 April 2019

Game of Thrones S8
Starts on Monday 15 April on M-Net 101 at 03:00 and 22:00

Express from the US
Longer durations expected
Same time with Showmax

It’s been a long wait, but winter is here at last! The hugely anticipated final season has caused a frenzy worldwide – you’ll have to hide under a rock to avoid spoilers after the premiere drops at 03:00 on Monday. Season seven ended with Viserion, now an Ice Dragon (the debate about whether he is a Wight or White Walker rages on) blasting The Wall with ‘ice-fire’, the dead marching into Westeros , and the revelation of Jon Snow’s true lineage (which he doesn’t know, because, of course, he knows nothing!). Dip in, catch up or remember where we left off by bingeing from the beginning on Showmax. If you are all up to date, set your alarm-clock to wake you and enjoy the TV event of the year with the rest of the world!


Fans of The Missing will be thrilled to know its spin-off, Baptiste, starts on BBC First this week. This time around, the intrepid detective, Baptiste, must solve the case of a sex worker who has disappeared in Amsterdam’s red-light district.

Jesus: His Life

To celebrate Easter, History (186) is running an in-depth and fascinating new docu-drama that delves into the life of Jesus. Taking a slightly different approach, the show attempts to give viewpoints on Jesus’ life from those who knew him best – his friends, family and enemies.

Ghoemas Afrikaanse Musiektekenning 2019

It’s one of the biggest highlights of the Afrikaans music calendar, and fans can get to watch all the action on kykNET as the hottest talent will be recognised, including newcomer of the year, record of the year and song of the year.


Maak My Famous S1, Starts on Thursday 18 April on kykNET & kie (145) at 20:00

Singer and actress Tarryn Lamb from the pop group Blackbyrd teams up with legendary star Emo Adams to make dreams come true for singing hopefuls. In this energetic talent show, contestants will go head to head for the prize of a yearlong tour with a record company and the chance to be, well … famous. If Tarryn looks familiar, you’ll recognise her the kykNET series Suidooster.

iKhaya S2, Binge from the beginning S1-2 on Showmax

Now you can binge both seasons of this controversial series. Eddie has secretly been living two separate lives as the head of two different families who aren’t aware of one another, but circumstances beyond of his control threaten to expose his secret and turn his world upside down.

Klink Soos Naweek met JOOX S1, Starts on Friday 12 April on VIA (147) at 20:30

Start your weekend on a musical high note with the countdown of your favourite Afrikaans music videos from the likes of Francois van Coke, Bobby van Jaarsveld and Karen Zoid.

Ghoemas Afrikaanse Musiektekenning 2019, Wednesday 17 April on kykNET (144) at 20:00

The Sun Arena at Times Square in Pretoria hosts this prestigious award ceremony that promises to be bigger than ever this year. The Ghoemas celebrate the best in Afrikaans music, with performances from your favourite music stars.

Tyd met Aleit, Wednesdays on kykNET (144) at 18:00

Event planner extraordinaire Aleit Swanepoel is back with a fourth season of the reality show where he shows his celebrity guests how to use just about anything in their home as elegant décor for a fabulous event.

Isithembiso S3, Weekdays on Mzansi Magic (161) at 19:30

Also available on Catch Up

Dangerous alliances are forged and Lihle’s web of lies gets more tangled as she is forced to tell Banzi the truth. Sne makes a chilling revelation about Zamani and pastor Absalom surprises the naïve Anathi. Things get even more twisted when Ethel sets out to blackmail Lihle and a conniving Banzi causes chaos at the club.

Widowed, Saturdays on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 19:30

From being excluded by in-laws to upholding cultural practices such as wearing black for a year after the death of a spouse, these 13 widows know all about the emotional turmoil that comes with the death of a loved one. The reality show is mediated by relationship coach Phindile Grootboom.

The Herd S2, Sundays on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00

Binge from the Beginning – S1 on Showmax
The arrival of a new visitor ruffles some feathers in the Mthethwa household. Hold on to your seat and clutch your pearls because MamThembu is making her presence felt. Who is she to MamNgandi and what does she want?

Papa Penny S3, Wednesdays on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00

Giyani’s own superstar, Papa Penny, heads to the City of Gold for a meeting with an ex about one of his children. Mama is taken aback when her husband makes a request that she’s none too keen to fulfil.

Lockdown S4, Mondays on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00

When corrupt prison governor Deborah Banda makes Tyson the leader of smuggling ring bringing contraband into the prison, pandemonium results. In other news, there’s a fresh face in Thabazimbi.


Football UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals, Watch on Tuesday – Wednesday 16-17 April on SuperSport 3 (203) and SuperSport 5 (205)

The best of the best meet up this week in the hotly anticipated quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. For the first time in years, there are four British teams in the final eight, and two of them – Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur – will come up against each other. The rest of the fixtures will see Barcelona take on Manchester United, Juventus meet Ajax and Porto clash against Liverpool.

Football Premier League, Saturday – Monday 13-15 April on SuperSport 3 (203)

In British football news, there’s plenty of Premier League action for fans this week. Another big match for Tottenham Hotspur will see them come up against Huddersfield on their home ground. Manchester United faces West Ham United, Crystal Palace takes on the mighty Manchester City and Watford comes up against Arsenal. One of the biggest matches of the week will see Liverpool take on Chelsea. There’s lots of pressure on Liverpool – and many are saying this could be the League decider.

World Rugby HSBC Sevens World Series, Saturday – Sunday 13-14 April on SuperSport 5 (205) and SuperSport 1 (201)

Fiji are going from strength to strength in this series, having just secured a historic fifth title at the last event in Hong Kong. The next leg takes place in Singapore and the rest of the teams are going to have to do whatever it takes to knock the kingpins from their thrones. But it isn’t going to be easy. Gareth Baber’s side is full of confidence and determined to stay on top.

Football PSL, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, 13, 14 and 17 April on SuperSport 4 (204)

Local PSL football action is also hotting up this week with a strong line-up that is sure to enthral fans. Black Leopards will first take on Kaizer Chiefs and then come up against Mamelodi Sundowns, who will also get to play Baroka FC. Orlando Pirates will clash against the Free State Stars.


RoboCar Poli S1, Starts on Wednesday 17 April on JimJam (301) at 14:00

Welcome to Broomstown, a beautiful city under the protection of the Robocar Poli Rescue Team. Poli is a blue police van that transforms into a robot, while Jin is the genius inventor with long blonde hair. There’s Helly the rescue helicopter, Amber the ambulance and Roy the fire truck. This is the trusted crew that’s always willing to help those in distress.

Yokai Watch S2, Starts on Saturday 13 April on Cartoon Network (301) at 11:25

According to Japanese folklore, when one befriends a yo-kai, you get a medal or a watch that allows you to summon the yo-kai at any time. With the city under siege by violent yo-kai, a young, inquisitive boy named Nate and his friend, Whisper, make the daring trip to the yo-kai world to get the new watch with special powers.

Turbo, Starts on Thursday 18 April on Showmax

Forget everything you think you know about snails – Theo is obsessed with speed and dreams of winning the Indy 500 someday. Featuring the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg, Samuel L Jackson and Maya Rudolph.

Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie, Starts on Saturday 13 April on Boomerang (302) at 14:00

Oggy is the laziest cat in the land, and proud of it. Unfortunately for him, his roommates Joey, Marky and Dee-Dee just happen to be cockroaches whose mission in life is to disturb Oggy’s daily naps, raid his fridge and make a huge mess around the house.


Being Mary Jane (Finale movie), Premieres on Thursday 18 April on BET (129) at 21:00

Also available on Catch Up

We’ve grown to love feisty, driven journalist Mary Jane Paulsen in the series Being Mary Jane, and the finale movie is the conclusion we’ve all been waiting for. Her love life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, her family life is just as dramatic, and is that the sound of wedding bells we hear?

Hampstead, Premieres on Monday 15 April on M-Net Movies Premiere (104) at 20:00

After her husband dies leaving her in debt, Emily befriends a grumpy neighbour who lives quite the eccentric life. When developers threaten to take his land, Donald and Emily put up a fight and the two find themselves fighting not only the lawyers and developers, but also their feelings for each other.

Overboard, Premieres on Sunday 14 April on M-Net (101) at 20:00

Leo Montenegro is a filthy-rich billionaire who’s never done a day’s manual labour in his life. After being thrown from his yacht, he wakes up in hospital with no memory of his past, and along comes his former cleaning-lady, Kate, a struggling single mom of three who’s got a bone to pick with the billionaire. What starts off as a revenge-scheme turns into the best time of Kate’s life and, ironically, Leo’s as well.

A Boy Called Po, Premieres on Sunday 14 April on M-Net Movies Premiere (104) at 20:30

David has just lost his wife to cancer, and is in the midst of grieving. His autistic son, Po, is battling bullies at school and retreats into a fantasy world as a survival mechanism. As each of them retreats into their own universes, they somehow need to find a way to survive the real world together.


Baptiste S1, Starts on Sunday 14 April on BBC First (119) at 20:00

Drama fans – lock off your Sunday nights for the next six weeks for Baptiste, the brilliant new spin-off from The Missing. The series kicks off with mercurial French detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) on a well-deserved sabbatical when he’s drawn into the case of a young sex worker reported missing by her uncle, Edward (Tom Hollander from The Night Manager). The case soon leads to the criminal underworld of Amsterdam’s red-light district.

Cheat S1, Starts on Monday 15 April on ITV CHOICE (123) at 20:00

This four-part psychological drama set in the university city of Cambridge weaves suspense, betrayal, deceit, lies and fear into a lethal cocktail that we can’t wait to get home to on Mondays. When average student Rose (Molly Windsor) turns in an exceptional dissertation, her professor is instantly suspicious. But what looks to Dr Leah Gale (Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly) like a straight-forward case of academic misconduct rapidly escalates into a series of devastating and shocking events with fatal consequences.

Lord of the Skies S4, Starts on Monday 15 April on Telemundo (118) at 22:00

Following the shock of his brother’s death in season three, drug lord Aurelio Casillas faces a new challenge when he fails to find a suitable kidney donor among his family members. But a long-lost son may hold the key to his survival. Season four hits the box on 15 April and will screen from Mondays to Friday.

The Good Wife: Binge from the beginning S1-7 on Showmax

Inspired by real-life political scandals involving married men, this smash-hit drama series follows Alicia Florrick, wife of a disgraced state’s attorney. She has to pick up the pieces of her family and revive her law career.


Jesus: His Life, Starts on Sunday 14 April on HISTORY (186) at 19:20

Also available on Catch Up

This new documentary brings a unique approach to the story of the life of Jesus Christ – each episode is told through the eyes of the men and women closest to him: Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary Mother of Jesus, Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene and Peter. They guide viewers through the emotional story of Jesus’s life through a combination of scripted drama and documentary-style interviews with historians and faith leaders.

Deadly Legacy, Starts on Sunday 14 April on Investigation Discovery (171) at 22:00

Also available on Catch Up

In December of 1978, a horrifying discovery in the crawlspace of a Chicago home sent shock waves across America and the world. More than 30 years later, cold case detective Jason Moran reopens the file on one of the US’s most infamous serial killers, John Wayne Gacy, only to discover that eight of his victims remain unidentified even after the killer’s execution in 1994.

Wild Arctic, Starts on Sunday 14 April on National Geographic Wild (182) at 18:00

Also available on Catch Up

From polar bears struggling to hunt on the dwindling sea-ice to a caterpillar that takes over a decade to pupate, the Arctic pushes its inhabitants to the max. This series captures the planet’s toughest creatures in the harshest and most spectacular habitats. Explore haunting landscapes of islands still being forged by the fire of Arctic volcanoes, the punishing frozen tundra, and the snow-covered expanse of the vast Taiga forest.

World’s Most Evil Killers S3, Starts on Monday 15 April on CBS Reality (132) at 21:10

Delve into the gripping real-life stories of the world’s most terrifying and prolific killers, from Fred and Rose West to Ed Gein. Each episode focuses on one notorious killer and features authentic first-hand accounts from detectives, journalists, relatives and even survivors, with fascinating analysis by criminologists, crime journalists and psychologists.


James Davis: Live from the Town, Starts on Friday 12 April on Comedy Central (122) at 22:00

Comedian James Davis is back with his one-hour stand-up show. Expect a hilarious line-up, including an impersonation of former president Barrack Obama, James’s rant about the wonderful yet perilous effect of social media on millennials and of course, his take on the #MeToo movement. Best known for the reality series Hood Adjacent with James Davis, the comic has a knack for conspiracy theories and this time, he’s got one on Magic Johnson.

Love After Lockup S2, Starts on Tuesday 16 April on 1Magic (103) at 19:00

The way to the altar is fraught with challenges, and even more so when the couples are meeting each other for the first time after being imprisoned. From getting to know their intended to meeting the family, first impressions last and for convicted felons, the odds are already stacked against them.

Dating No Filter S1, Starts on Thursday 18 April on E! Entertainment (124) at 20:00

Also available on Catch Up

Dating in the modern age can be daunting, even without a line-up of cadid comedians commenting on your every move. From being ghosted to being cat-fished, the audience will get a front row seat to the first awkward date between two singletons and see the cringe-worthy moments.

Tricks on The Street S1, Starts on Friday 12 April on Discovery Family (136) at 18:30

Also available on Catch Up

Internet sensation and street magician Ryan Tricks takes his trickery to Hammersmith, London where he wows the community with his gift and gives a group of moms some pointers.


Mary Poppins Returns, Premieres Monday 15 April on BoxOffice

The magical nanny returns to help the now grown-up Michael Banks and his three children through a tough time in their lives. The enigmatic nanny takes it upon herself to bring joy to the distraught family by showing them the beauty of life. Set in the 1930s during the great depression, this family flick starring Emily Blunt (Beauty and the Beast) inspires us all to find the positive and the magical all around us, even in times of hardship.

Read the SAMDB review of Mary Poppins Returns.

The Old Man and the Gun, Premieres Monday 15 April on BoxOffice

It was the most shocking escape Detective John Hunt had encountered in his career. At 70 years old, Forrest Tucker pulled off an impressive prison break and went on a crime spree, robbing banks across the country. Robert Redford earned a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of Forrest Tucker in this movie based on a true story.

The Princess and the Dragon, Premieres Wednesday 17 April on BoxOffice

Meet inquisitive, just-turned-seven year old Princess Barbara, whose discovery of a magical book in this charming animated film transports her to a magical land full of charming supernatural creatures and, of course, dragons.

Life Itself, Premieres Friday 12 April on BoxOffice

Award-winning This Is Us writer Dan Fogelman directs this multi-generational saga about the everyday life-choices that send ripples through time. Set in New York and Spain, Life Itself brings together a stellar cast that includes Antonio Banderas and Samuel L Jackson.

E! Launches Love E! Live E! Brand Campaign

E! launches Love E! Live E! Brand Campaign to celebrate 15 years in Africa, in partnership with DStv

E! – NBCUniversal International Networks’ global, multi-platform brand dedicated to all things pop culture – today announced its new brand campaign “Love E! Live E!” in Africa. The campaign was unveiled this evening at E!’s special celebration event in Johannesburg, marking the channel’s 15 year anniversary in Africa, in partnership with DStv.

For the last 15 years, E! has proudly delivered African viewers unrivalled access to Hollywood. To celebrate these two pop culture’s meshing, the Love E! Live E!brand campaign encapsulates the attitude of E! as bold, confident and unashamedly authentic. If you live and breathe celebrity, fun, glamour and entertainment – whether you’re a regular on the red carpet, or your runway is living your best life and taking stunning selfies – then you Love E! Live E!

The campaign features the ultimate blend of talent from Hollywood in the US, and the biggest names in African pop culture – bringing fans the very best of both continents. Fronted by E! Africa host Kat Sinivasan, the campaign includes E! News host Giuliana Rancic; Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ selfie queen Kim Kardashian West; plastic surgeons to the stars Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif from Botched; and How Do I Look? South Africa host Roxy Burger – plus African pop icons including Bonang Matheba, D’Banj and Minnie Dlamini.

The talent will feature in E! Africa’s biggest ever off-air campaign, with a 360° media-buy across outdoor, digital, radio and social – including a heavyweight TV campaign across NBCUniversal International Networks’ portfolio of channels. The campaign will feature in key cities from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Lagos with high-impact sites showcasing building wraps for a six week period from mid-April.

“As we mark our 15 year anniversary in Africa, in partnership with DStv, the Love E! Live E! brand campaign celebrates our passion for all things entertainment and celebrity – in a way that only E! Africa could do – by combining best-in-class talent from Hollywood and Africa,” commented Lee Raftery, Managing Director UK Emerging Markets and Chief Marketing & Content Officer, NBCUniversal International. “E! has a very exciting year ahead with the recent announcement of our new local commission, Celebrity Game Night, airing late 2019 with more details to follow in the coming months.”

Since 2004, E! has delivered the best of US reality television to Africa including the ever-popular series: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Total Bellas, Very Cavallari, LadyGang, Dating #NoFilter, Botched and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Plus E! has developed exclusive local productions from The Search: E! Host South Africa to How Do I Look? South Africa – and new local commission Celebrity Game Night which will air later in 2019. E!’s Live from the Red Carpet signature events keep fans connected to all their favourite stars during awards season and E! Newsairs nightly with breaking entertainment news and pop culture coverage.

NBCUniversal International Networks’ pop culture channel brand E! is available on DStv channel 124.

Delegate Registration Opens For The 10th Durban FilmMart 19 – 22 July 2019

Delegate registration is now open for the 10th Durban FilmMart (DFM), which takes place from 19 to 22 July during the 40th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF).

The DFM is a joint programme of the Durban Film Office (DFO), eThekwini Municipality’s industry development unit, and the DIFF, and aims to develop the African film industry, grow African content and network film practitioners.

Considered one of the most important film industry events on the continent, the DFM introduces three new programmes to further complement its co-production market, finance and industry development forums.

“The DFM is really excited to add new programmes in this year’s event, creatively curated by South African creative industries consultant Russel Hlongwane, and producer, curator and arts manager, Tiny Mungwe,” says Toni Monty Head of the DFO and the DFM. “Durban Does Docs is a two-day documentary conference, consisting of panel discussions, masterclasses and plenary presentations aimed to attract documentary filmmakers and scholars from the continent and around the world, who will unpack and discuss the state of the documentary in a global context.”

“We introduce the Creative Corner, a robust open space for emerging scriptwriters, actors, set designers and make-up artists, which will run over four days and will consist of script to live sessions, panel discussions around the creative elements of film-making such as editing, make-up, sound design and set design.”

“And then we welcome the Locations Africa Exhibition and Conference, a private sector initiative that focuses on film locations in an effort to re-ignite efforts to position Africa as a key filming destination which has all the necessary elements for inbound productions and local film projects. Key to this is economic transformation within the film sector.”

Locations Africa comprises of a comprehensive expo featuring film commissions and location representatives from South Africa and the continent; running concurrently to the expo is a full four-day programme of seminars, workshops and panel discussions that will delve into a myriad topics including location selection, marketing locations, servicing and facilities management, relationships between location scouts and management and many others.

“This is an ideal opportunity for African countries to market their locations on the continent but also to international producers and investors,” says Monty. ‘A welcome addition to the DFM and DIFF offering, Locations Africa will also provide producers, location scouts and location managers with a “one-stop-shop” to see the many options Africa can provide for film-makers.”

Adopting the theme Imagine Community, the DFM will use this year as a call for the recalibration of the film industry. According the curators this provides the framework to build community within and across markets and across countries for the development of the industry on the continent.

The DFM’s forums, will consist of panel discussions, world cafe style engagements and the high level masterclasses focusing on relevant topics that reflect on and forecast African cinema both from an aesthetic and commercial point of view, the convergence of technology and filmmaking, diversity in filmmaking and women in filmmaking. Delegates can look forward to international, African and local cutting-edge speakers delivering perspectives shaping the international and local industry.

DFM delegates also have access to an industry lounge and exhibition, providing opportunities for networking sessions and to create meaningful business relationships across the globe.

Other elements of the DFM, is the finance forum in which 20 pre-selected feature film and documentary projects from Africa pitch to potential sponsors, funders or partners, as well as the 12th Talents Durban, for pre-selected intermediate African filmmakers and within the DIFF the Isiphethu Hub programme for entry level and emerging filmmakers which is free to the public.

“We are expecting this year to be a bumper one, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary along with the DIFF’s 40th,” says Monty. “Our programmes are being consolidated and there has been a lot of creative input and film community support as we begin the lead up to this very significant moment in the history of film on the continent.”

Early bird registration is open until 28 June 2019. Early bird fees are R1300 (ZAR) for the four-day programme, which includes four day’s access to the DFM Industry Programme, access to DFM producers lounge and DFM networking events, 10 tickets to Durban International Film Festival screenings and company information published in the industry manual. After 28 June fees are R1600 for the full programme while daily passes are R450 each (the daily pass does not include tickets to DIFF screenings or access into the opening and closing events). All tickets exclude meals.

To register go to www.durbanfilmmart.co.za

Blackmagic Design Announces Fusion 16 Studio

Dramatically improved GPU accelerated performance for 3D, tools, trackers, masks and more!

Blackmagic Design today announced Fusion 16 Studio, a major new upgrade that brings all of the improvements made to Fusion built into DaVinci Resolve available to VFX artists using the stand alone version of Fusion Studio! Fusion 16 Studio public beta is available for download now from the Blackmagic Design web site.

Fusion 16 Studio will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2019 booth #SL216.

Fusion 16 Studio is a major upgrade that brings all of the improvements made to Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve to the stand alone version of Fusion. Customers get an updated and more modern user interface, along with dramatically faster performance. All 3D operations are GPU accelerated, making Fusion much more responsive and interactive. In addition, there are dozens of GPU accelerated tools such as time effects, dissolves, stereo 3D tools, vector motion blur, corner positioning, color tools and more. B-spline and bitmap mask operations are accelerated, as are the planar and camera trackers. Improved memory management makes large compositions with high tool counts more reliable, making Fusion 16 dramatically faster and more stable than ever before.

“Fusion 16 is the biggest update we’ve ever released for Fusion software,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “It features an updated user interface and enhanced toolset developed by the larger DaVinci Resolve engineering team during the last 12 months. What’s even more exciting are the massive performance and reliability improvements customers get from the GPU acceleration of all 3D operations, dozens of tools, trackers, masks and more! I think it’s very clear to see the benefits of a much larger engineering team now working on Fusion.”

Availability and Price
Fusion 16 Studio public beta is available now for download from the Blackmagic Design web site.

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