The Bad Boys From ‘Bulletproof’ Come To Universal TV

Premiering on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117) on Monday, 28 January 2019 at 20:00 CAT

Two best mates.
Two very different pasts.
One rollercoaster mission.

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters star as a dynamic cop duo in Universal TV’s new blockbuster drama. The show unites big, emotional stories with blood pumping stunt sequences as it follows Bishop and Pike, two cops who are best friends and bonded by the same moral code, despite their very different backgrounds.

Set in London, it’s a fun, authentic, action-packed ride around the city as Bishop and Pike tackle the bad guys in their own uncompromising style, all while maintaining their friendship, their relationships and taking on ghosts from the past.
Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. These two have got each other’s backs, no matter what.

Lead Characters

Senior Officer Ronnie Pike (Ashley Walters)

Pike is the stable half of the duo. He’s a family man from a good background and, charming and widely admired, he’s set to follow in the footsteps of his successful father and climb the ranks of the police. But he is torn between his love for his wife and daughters and his addiction to his job, and the high-speed chases, undercover work and gun battles that come with it. And Bishop, who’s an inextricable part of that. Family aside, it’s what he loves the most. But he’s worried it’s going to kill him.

Senior Officer Aaron Bishop (Noel Clarke)

Bishop is a bit of a drifter. Abandoned as a child and brought up by mild mannered foster parents, he is unpredictable, full of fire and, without a rudder to direct him, a walking time bomb. The one person he has faith in – the only one that has never let him down – is Pike. That is until the pair are tested to the max by their desire for security, by life-and-death situations and the true horror of the criminal world. In the course of series one, the very fabric that binds Bishop and Pike is torn apart.

Director General Of The NCA, Ronald Pike Snr (Clarke Peters)

A decorated and accomplished officer, Pike Snr is as comfortable running a major police operation as he is at the head of the dinner table surrounded by family and friends. He spends a lot of time with his sonPike and his family, and is close to the deputy mayor, Charlotte Carmel. He is looked up to and admired by Pike, but he wishes his son would show more ambition and leave his current job – and, crucially, Bishop – behind to climb the ladder. As the series unfolds and past secrets come to light, cracks begin to show in the relationship between Pike Snr and his son.

Lead Officer Sarah Tanner (Lindsey Coulson)

Tanner has hand selected the bright young things in her unit and she’s a mentor as well as a leader to them. If any of them are hurt on the job, she takes it personally. She has to balance the top brass and red tape with letting her guys get on with policing the streets their way – especially Bishop and Pike, who often take their own path to getting the job done.

Bulletproof Episode Synopsis

Episode 1

Pike attends an award ceremony for his police chief father Ronald Pike Snr alongside his godmother Charlotte Carmel, the deputy mayor of London. Bishop meanwhile, is buying the food for a family lunch. But their plans are interrupted when an informant is killed and they uncover a crime ring stealing luxury cars. While staking out a warehouse, two of the team are kidnapped, and after a car chase towards the docks a shoot-out leaves one of them being rushed to A&E. Bishop and Pike take down the gang but it’s a hollow success, and as Pike goes home to his family, Bishop heads to the hospital. But his world’s about to be blown apart.
Episode 2

Bishop’s holding it together on the job, but Pike senses something is wrong. Still, the boys head to work when notorious criminal Michael Sharp, who’s been in Spain for decades, turns up in London. They tail him to a heist at a safety deposit box facility and after a gun battle on the streets catch one of the robbers, Barton. But Sharp – along with dozens of deposit boxes – is gone. Further investigations lead the pair to more surprises, and just when they think they’re making progress, they’re forced to flee a hail of bullets in a nerve-shredding chase through the forest.
Episode 3

The boys are outraged when the Sharp case is moved to another unit. Sent to follow a drug gang instead, a stake-out descends into a zombie knife being pulled and Bishop and Pike chasing down a 14-year-old dealer called Ryan. And it’s not long before the case leads the team into another life-and-death operation: a huge raid on a cannabis farm. Meanwhile, Arjana needs money to fund a big opportunity at work, meaning Pike must swallow his pride and ask his dad for help. And there’s a shock in store as Pike and Bishop ignore orders and head to the prison to talk to Barton.
Episode 4

Arjana has a surprising meeting. Meanwhile, Pike assures Pike Snr the boys are no longer investigating the Sharp case, before he and Bishop head out to visit a gun supplier they believe may be connected to it. It seems to be a dead end, but as they are leaving they make a gruesome discovery. The situation gets even more grave as they take a man to the station for questioning and there’s a disturbing revelation. And then, after a devastating turn of events, things become very personal for Pike.
Episode 5

Pike’s wife and kids are in danger, he and Bishop are at odds and the case is taking its toll – so much so that, as his family are moved into a safe house, he finally gives in to his dad and accepts a desk job away from the unit. Bishop, left to find the truth about the Sharp case on his own, scours old case files and uncovers a name connecting Sharp’s previous arrests: Graham Borlock. He chases the lead but hits a brick wall – until he receives a package that contains something that rocks him to his core. Meanwhile, Arjana continues to push through Charlotte’s development deal, but finds something she doesn’t like.
Episode 6

The contents of the package have changed everything, and Bishop and Pike are more determined than ever to find answers. They pay a visit to the heavily fortified house of a scared Borlock, and promise to protect him if he tells them everything he knows about Sharp. Borlock opens up and the secrets that he spills – as well as a prison break, a car chase involving an ambulance and a tense hostage situation – put Bishop and Pike in a race against time to get to the culprits. The case doesn’t end without heartache and changes things forever. But it’s also reminded both Bishop and Pike of what they do best. And that – together – they are the best.

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