Time For The M-Net Movies Bucket List Top 3 – The Silence Of The Lambs Is Number 3

It has been a long but epic journey. The M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel has made its way through 97 popular and iconic Hollywood movies.

It’s time for the M-Net Movies Bucket List’s top 3 films in the countdown.

Get to learn more about these iconic films with fascinating trivia and see movie critic heavyweight Leon van Nierop’s thoughts on you’re the top 10.



This extraordinary crime film lead by Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins earned it the big 5 Oscars. A F.B.I. cadet seeks the help of manipulative killer to catch a serial killer.

Leon van Nierop: “This is a great phycological thriller one of the greatest phycological thrillers ever made. Anthony Hopkins did months of research, the one thing he noticed is that they barely blink their eyes.

Leon van Nierop: Clarice Starling was the only woman in a bunch of men, so what Jonathan Demme did here that was so great, was that he showed the film through the perspective mostly of a female protagonist. A very strong female protagonist.”

In preparation for his role, Sir Anthony Hopkins studied files of serial killers. Also, he visited prisons, and studied convicted murderers, and was present during some court hearings concerning gruesome murderers and serial killings.

Jodie Foster claims that during the first meeting between Lecter and Starling, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ mocking of her southern accent was improvised on the spot. Foster’s horrified reaction was genuine, she felt personally attacked. She later thanked Hopkins for generating such an honest reaction.

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster only share four scenes throughout the course of the film.

One of the inspirations, from whom Sir Anthony Hopkins borrowed, for his interpretation of Hannibal Lecter, was a friend of his in London who never blinked, which unnerved anyone around him.

Jodie Foster spent a great deal of time with F.B.I. Agent Mary Ann Krause prior to filming. Krause gave Foster the idea of Starling standing by her car crying. Krause told Foster that at times, the work just became so overwhelming that it was a good way to get an emotional release.

The real-life F.B.I.’s Behavioural Science Unit assisted in the making of this film.

Sir Anthony Hopkins described his voice for Hannibal Lecter as, “a combination of Truman Capote and Katharine Hepburn.”

By Andrew Germishuys

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