History Channel Africa April 2024 Highlights

Secrets In The Sand

2 April
Tuesdays 19h25

Deserts are often an afterthought when it comes to climate change, but as global temperatures increase, they are among the most vulnerable places on the planet. Violent sandstorms and erosion are increasingly reshaping the arid regions of the earth and as they do, astounding discoveries are being exposed. From lost ancient cities to mysterious geological formations, Secrets in the Sand examines extraordinary curiosities that were once concealed in the deserts of the planet, only to finally be revealed.

Repeat Wednesday: 11h45

Viking Dead

14 April
Sundays 20h15

Welcome to a world of secret graves, mysterious death ships, newly discovered skeletons, missing fortresses, and lost Long Ships. In this brand-new series, leading archaeologist Tim Sutherland travels to Scandinavia, Estonia, Britain and beyond to get new insights into the world of the Vikings. What can analysis of unearthed Viking skeletons reveal? What can we discover about the Viking way of life and death? What can we learn from recently discovered weapons, artefacts, and long-buried Long Ships? With the help of specially filmed reconstructions and new graphic illustrations, Tim’s travels see him meet a host of experts and historians, who guide him through the latest findings and theories and explain just how the Viking world continues to give up its secrets.

Repeat: Saturday 21h05

Forged In Fire S10

22 April
Mondays 20h15

Forged in Fire is ‘On the Road’ in season 10, crisscrossing America looking for the best blade smiths in the country. The show heads to world-renowned blacksmith shops and blade smithing schools across the US from North Carolina to Texas and Montana. The contestants are slowly whittled down for the chance to compete against other smiths from across America, to determine who will win the ultimate grand prize. Which smith will come out on top, becoming the first ever ‘Forged in Fire: On the Road’ champion, winning $20,000 for themselves and $10,000 in forging equipment for their shop?

Repeats: Tuesday 12h35

Alien Abductions: Answers

27 April
Saturday 19h25

This documentary film explores the phenomenon of alien abduction. Alien Abductions: Answers features Whitley Streiber, abductee and bestselling author, along with other compelling stories of recent documented alien abductions and worldwide government cover-ups. Using new techniques of quantum hypno-therapy, the 2-hour special uncovers riveting answers and conclusions.

Repeats: Sunday 18h35

Royal Autopsy S2

28 April
Sundays 21h05

The series that brought royalty to the autopsy table is back to investigate more tales of dead monarchs. Combining modern forensic analysis, pathology experts, CSI techniques, historical investigation and dramatic reconstruction, we’ll re-examine the deaths of these rulers, separating the gruesome facts from wild fiction and retelling history in a gripping, shocking and enthralling way. Through the royal bodies we bring to the autopsy table, we will reveal not only how the sovereigns died, but also the world and the country in which they lived.

Repeats: Saturday 21h55

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