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“I’ve never really understood the notion that hunting benefits conservation. I appreciate that more hunting requires more animals, but is that truly a benefit? How much of the foreign currency generated by trophy hunting finds its way back into grassroots conservation?  Into research? Into community projects? Not much, is my guess. Then again, I’ve never really understood the appeal of shooting something that can’t shoot back and which – perversely – the shooter secretly admires. But, hey, that’s just me.” – John Webb, Executive Producer

Broken Promises: Eastern Cape

In the Eastern Cape, thousands of talented young athletes with the potential to be tomorrow’s sports heroes don’t have access to proper facilities. In villages across the province, netball courts, rugby fields and athletics tracks are a rare sight. So, when the provincial government promised the rural community of Sakhisizwe that it would build a new multi-million rand stadium, it was a welcome development. Fast forward several years and the much-anticipated high-performance centre is little more than an abandoned field. But Sakhisizwe is not the only community that’s been promised new or refurbished facilities costing millions, only for developers to pocket the money and fail to deliver. In this election campaign, Carte Blanche crisscrosses the province, tracking several costly infrastructure projects in one of the poorest parts of the country, and finds a trail of broken promises.

Producer: Sipha Kema | Presenter: Claire Mawisa

Trafficked – The Raid

In South Africa, the smuggling of undocumented foreign nationals into the country has reached a crisis point. In March, our months-long investigation into human trafficking revealed how thousands of people without legitimate identity documents and passports are transported on long-haul buses across our porous borders before they’re trafficked by criminal syndicates. Following our investigation, police are cracking down on the criminals responsible for producing and distributing fake travel documents. With exclusive access, Carte Blanche joined an early morning police raid conducted in cooperation with the Department of Home Affairs. Their target: the suspected hideout of a syndicate allegedly responsible for forging passports, asylum seeker permits and visas.

Producer: Graham Coetzer | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli


The Waiting Game

The NPA is tired of waiting and urges ministers, accused and others to get a move-on. Then, carnage in the Cape as gangs take hold. Later, the Forgotten War – we turn our focus to Sudan’s worsening civil war. And the Supreme Court of Appeal comes to rape victims’ defence. But first, with the elections only a month away, we look back at the difficult road travelled, the importance of hope, and the future of a nation on the cusp of change.

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Elections Unpacked with Tshidi Madia

Several political parties – both big and small – are coming out in full force as the elections creep ever closer. But what’s truly on offer? And how capable are the many political parties of sticking to those promises? We speak to Eyewitness News politics associate editor and Politricking host, Tshidi Madia, about manifestos, the biggest potential losers, own goals and whether your chosen party is willing to sell its soul in the coalition game.

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Elections Unpacked: Herman Mashaba      

Bring back the Scorpions! No more parole. Penal colonies in the Kalahari. And grand corruption will be declared a “crime against humanity”. Furthermore, the triple BEE model will be scrapped – but is a proposed replacement just BEE dressed up in a fancier name? Masa Kekana sits down with ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba to find out how the party hopes to achieve many of its lofty promises.

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Elections Unpacked with Keamogetswe Seipato        

With just over two months to go before South Africans are set to make their mark, Masa Kekana sits down with My Vote Counts campaigner, Keamogetswe Seipato, to find out why this election feels so different. What’s truly at stake? Who has the most to lose? And why the youth hold the power to change it all.

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Waste Picker to Graduate

Only 6% of South Africans have university degrees – Gibson Nzimande is one of them. Living on the streets of Joburg, all odds were stacked against him and is now working towards his PhD.

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Court in the Middle

Makhanda in the Eastern Cape could become a ghost town. A proposed move of the seat of the High Court to Bhisho could cause unemployment to skyrocket as thousands of people, who supply and work for the court, are at risk of losing their livelihoods.

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