Coming Up On Carte Blanche – 2 June 2024

“The ANC’s performance comes as a predictable, some might say deserved, comeuppance. But will the ANC’s loss prove to be ethno-nationalism’s gain?” -John Webb, Executive Producer

Follow the Ballot

Have you ever wondered what happens to your ballot once you’ve marked your X? As South Africans hold their breath ahead of the IEC’s announcement of the election results, Carte Blanche follows a ballot’s journey from the moment of voting until it’s tallied in the final count at the National Results Operations Centre (ROC). In an election that’s been dubbed the most crucial since 1994, assuring South Africans that their votes are secret and secure, and that the sanctity of “free and fair” elections has been preserved, is the IEC’s top priority.

Producer: Anina Peens | Presenter: Claire Mawisa

Toy Soldiers

In March this year, a 14-year-old boy from the Cape Flats was shot and wounded by a rival gang. But in the months since the shooting, he’s been less concerned about ensuring his safety by staying away from the gangs than he has with plotting his revenge. From working as a spotter to drug peddling, ‘Ashley’ has been rising through the ranks of a notorious gang for much of his life. Now he’s eager to graduate into becoming a feared enforcer. In many parts of the country, Ashley’s story isn’t unique; he’s one of thousands of children forced to abandon their toys and enter a life beyond their years – of guns and drugs and bloodshed. Carte Blanche meets some of the country’s most dangerous children.

Producer: Latashia Naidoo | Presenter: Govan Whittles

Mad Swimmers

It was an ambitious climb into uncharted territory. A treacherous 15-day ascent on the icy slopes of Mount Putha Hiunchuli in the Himalayas. But a determined group of South Africans, aptly nicknamed the Madswimmers, were undeterred in their mission to complete the highest altitude swim ever recorded. The team – made up of people with no experience climbing steep mountains – faced harsh icy conditions, battled wind and snow, and navigated dangerous crevasses that threatened to collapse beneath them. Their reward? A three-minute-long dip in chillingly cold water to set a new world record. Carte Blanche travelled to Kathmandu to meet up with the Madswimmers.

Producer: Diana Lucas | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli


We Spy Another Bill

Election week is upon us and it will be all eyes on the results as they start trickling in from across the country. Then, political killings are on the increase. Could it get worse pending the election outcomes? Later, President Cyril Ramaphosa is eager to sign off on yet another Bill. Why you should care about the so-called spy bill. Also, are we facing a mental health crisis? Some experts say: yes. And it’s all because of that smartphone in your hand. And we celebrate the appointment of our new Chief Justice.

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School Ties: Breaking the Code of Silence

South Africa’s education landscape faces a sobering reality. Alongside issues like bullying, substance abuse and vandalism, rampant sexual abuse and grooming add to the burden experienced by many schoolchildren. Many cases go unreported, but the statistics paint a clear picture of a trend that demands urgent attention. Having recently launched on Mnet Channel 101, a four-part documentary series called School Ties takes a sobering look at a culture of grooming and sexual abuse within some of the country’s most elite private schools. We’re joined by series producer Richard Gregory to find out more about Operation Nemo, a specialized police investigation into sports coaches targeting vulnerable students, and why school ties should serve as a wake-up call for parents and educators alike.

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Eastern Cape: Broken Promises

Big money wasted and communities left with broken promises… The Eastern Cape is scattered with substandard, incomplete projects meant to uplift communities. We investigate.

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MK Party: Fact or Fiction?

As South Africa approaches an unpredictable and possibly volatile election, explosive allegations expose one of the newest parties on the block. But is it fact or fiction?

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FULL INTERVIEW: Premier, Dr Zamani Saul

Carte Blanche aired a story showcasing the various broken promises across the Northern Cape. From incomplete projects to failing infrastructure, there was a lot to cover. Following our insert, the province’s Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, took issue with how he was being portrayed and requested that the full exchange between himself and Carte Blanche presenter, Govan Whittles, be made available.

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KwaZulu-Natal: Broken Promises

Raw sewage running through the streets and into the ocean and an incomplete housing development which cost government millions… We investigate a slew of broken promises in KZN.

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Northern Cape: Broken Promises

No work, no housing, no electricity, no facilities. No promises ever kept. In the Northern Cape, basic infrastructure is broken and so are the service delivery promises.

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Election Rundown with DStv

Election day has come and gone, but the results are still trickling in. Thanks to DStv, you can keep track of all the latest developments – whether it’s live, ’round-the-clock coverage from the National Results Operations Centre (ROC) with Newzroom Afrika, or post-election analysis with In Gesprek on kykNET and Carte Blanche on M-Net. You’ll be informed every day of the week.

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Rhino poaching: An organised crime cabal?

Rampant poaching has decimated rhino populations. So, when a campaign to arrest suspected rhino poachers was launched in KZN, it was welcomed. But our investigation reveals how the anti-poaching unit was allegedly overrun by people with more sinister motives.

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INTERVIEW: Rhino poaching: An organised crime cabal?

Award-winning producer and investigative journalist, Joy Summers, joins us in studio for more insights into her recent story, Rhino Poaching: An Organised Crime Cabal? Her investigation into anti-poaching efforts in KZN revealed startling cases of wrongful arrests and alleged extrajudicial killings.

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