Konfetti: Review

From South African production company Light And Dark Films, comes Konfetti, a romantic comedy, about Jean (your typical Afrikaans guy, played by Nico Panagio) and Sheryl (a Jewish girl, played by Casey B. Dolan).

Amidst the usual family tensions, Jean’s best friend Lukas is assigned the task of best man (played by Louw Venter). Based on Louw’s one man play Best Man’s Speech, it’s here that comedy, disaster and all things that can go wrong, do go wrong. Throw a spanner in the works with an old love interest, Bianca (played by Kim Engelbrecht), and just for good measure, some old family, and naughty kids.

The characters are perfectly cast, and the local setting of the film will have South African audiences feeling at home.

The film is a light hearted comedy. It doesn’t push the humour, and provides enough of a variety for everyone. Keep watch for venue manager Barry White (played by long time funny man Casper de Vries). The on-screen relationships are believable, no doubt from the professionalism and off-screen camaraderie of the cast.

Konfetti is yet another film that is helping push South African cinema to the world, and presenting a romantic comedy worth watching. Konfetti is a fun, feel good look at what can happen with the heart is in the right place, but everything else conspires against it. Go see it when it opens before the long weekend, on 17 April 2014.

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