New Wave South African Films Capturing A Painfully Cool New Generation In Cinemas This September

Love the One You Love written and directed by Jenna Bass at the Labia and Bioscope from the 18th September.

Necktie Youth written and directed by Sibs Shongwe-La Mer at Ster Kinekor and Independent Cinemas from the 25th of September .

A new wave of South African cinema has arrived and is winning awards at film festivals across the world. Hot young film directors are turning inwards and finding a new narrative on meaning and identity for the first free generation of post-Apartheid youth.

The brittleness of love, happiness and identity among South Africa’s first free youth is depicted in talented Cape Town director Jenna Bass’s break-out feature film debut Love The One You Love.

Acclaimed for its “progressive and contemporary” depiction of love by the Hollywood Reporter, Love The One You Love won awards at the Durban International Film Festival in 2014 for Best Actress, Best South African Feature Film and Best Direction in a South African Feature Film. It has since been nominated for the Ingmar Bergman Debut Award at the Goteborg International Film Festival and the Flash Forward Award at the Busan International Film Festival

The disconnect of youth struggling to make sense of their emotions and the painful social reality in which they find themselves is echoed in Necktie Youth a story of sex, drugs and adolescent disconnect among the multi-racial elite of Joburg’s affluent Sandton. The cultural disorientation of a young and privileged clique is powerfully told by 23-year-old film director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer with monochromatic cinematography and a dream-soaked narrative groove that nods to the black-and-white style of the post-war European avant garde: Godard, Truffaut and Fellini. Necktie Youth swept awards and international acclaim in Berlin, New York and Sydney recently for its harrowing portrayal of middle class identity hidden behind the high walls of opulent mansions.

In a riot of colour accompanied by a pulsing and haunting soundtrack from Ross Dorkin of SAMA-winning band, Beatenberg, Love the One You Love is set in Cape Town, and follows three characters who “start to suspect that there’s a conspiracy afoot to to keep them in -and out –of love.” The film shot on a shoestring budget , is entirely improvised with stunning performances by Chi Mhendi (Terri – a Phone sex operator), Andile Nebulane (Sandile -a dog Handler} and Louw Venter (Eugene -a lonely IT technician) .

In Necktie Youth a new jaded, cosmopolitan generation emerges with identities that differ radically from those of their parents. They could be in any teenage wasteland of decadence and dystopia in the post-modern world. But they aren’t and the painful complexities of their post-apartheid social reality just seem too much for them to bear. “It’s not like a black white thing anymore. We don’t have to kaffirise the situation any more. It’s too much fucking pressure,” says one young hipster to his friend.

The narrative of politics is discarded and replaced with a new disassociation. “People don’t want to help each other. It’s that simple. We’ve got our own shit.’’

In a haze of drugs and economic privilege, two middle class guys, September (played by Sibs Shongwe-La Mer) and Jabz (Bonko Khoza) embark on a self-destructive bender driving across Joburg in a borrowed Jaguar. The film, which has been likened to Larry Clark’s Kids and the early work of African American filmmaker Spike Lee, has been described by one critic “as the first really distinctive cinematic voice to emerge from a generation of young South Africans to whom the country’s post-democratic history is largely a second-hand abstraction”.

At the Durban International Film Festival this year the film won an award for best South African feature film and Shongwe-La Mer also took home the prize for best direction.

Where is the love and happiness, asks film director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer as September in Necktie Youth. “In 1995 the country was so new and beautiful and full of love. People believed in what they were supposed to be. We watched everything get less hopeful. Where now? “

Perhaps South African youth and its promising young film directors are starting to show us.

With both films pushing boundaries, Steven Markovitz and Elias Ribeiro the respective producers are excited to continue along the paths of innovation by making both films available on a limited VOD release.



Multi-award Winning Doccie “The Shore Break” Cinema Screenings And DVD Release

The multi-award winning documentary, The Shore Break, about the proposed titanium mine and tolled highway on the Wild Coast, will be screened followed by a Q and A with the editor Kerryn Assaizky, at The Bioscope, in Johannesburg on the 28 August with daily screenings until 3 September. This is ahead of the launch of the DVD and Video on Demand sales, which begin on September 4.

The Shore Break, directed by Ryley Grunenwald, and co-produced with Odette Geldenhuys, has garnered a series of top awards since it premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam earlier this year. Awards now include the Best Feature Length Documentary at the 2015 International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) in Paris, the Backsberg Audience Choice Award from Encounters, the Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award and the overall Audience Award from DIFF, and was nominated for Best Documentary at Silwerskermfees taking place this weekend in Camps Bay.

Described by the jurors of the Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award as a “powerful portrayal of a struggle within a local community regarding foreign mining rights in a pristine environment…(and) concisely and movingly uncovers this complex and urgent matter, which is still under investigation and in need of public support.”

“We are both delighted about these accolades, not only for ourselves but for the fact that these issues are being highlighted and the community’s challenges are made visible to an external environment other than the one in which they exist,” say Grunenwald and Geldenhuys.

It is for this reason the two have made a decision to release the film as a DVD and on the Video on Demand platform Vimeo, as part of an endeavour to highlight the issues at play to a broader audience.

From September 4, the film will be distributed via direct sale of DVDs in South Africa via for R100 for individuals and R1000 for organisations, institutions and associations who require a wider range of screening rights.

The Shore Break will also be available throughout Africa for Video on Demand online rentals via or also from September 4. Pre-orders are available now.

To book for the Bioscope screenings go to:

To book for the film at Silwerskermfees go to


Disney Junion Programming Highlights For October 2015


From Monday 19th October at 07:20

The Doc has another string to her bow…she can help pets! Join us for Doc McStuffins Pet Vet every day for two weeks from Monday 19th October, including premiere episodes on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th October at 07:20 CET/SAST and 08:20 EET.

From dogs to goats – Doc McStuffins can fix them all! Fans have two weeks of fun with this versatile young doc in a fortnight full of magical medicine from the Doc!

Doc’s Pet Vet kicks off on 19th October every day for two weeks, with episodes at 07:20 CET/SAST & 08:20 EET, including premiere episodes on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th October.


Saturdays from 17th October at 09:00

There is exciting news for Sofia fans – season three of her adventures launches on Disney Junior this October, with premiere episodes on Saturdays from 17th October at
09:00 CET/SAST and 10:00 EET.

Princess-in-training Sofia is back, with further adventures in her hectic life. She may only be young, but she’s a little girl whose life changed forever when her mother married the king. She is continuing to cope with a life of royalty while making everyone feel special.

Season three of Sofia the First premieres on Disney Junior on Saturday 17th October at 09:00 CET/SAST and 10:00 EET.


Saturdays throughout October

Saturdays in October are packed with premieres to keep fans happy. We have new episodes of Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Miles from Tomorrow and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

These fun-filled days include Doc McStuffins at 09:30 CET/SAST and 10:30 EET and Miles from Tomorrow (09:55 CET/SAST and 10:55 EET) on Saturdays until 10th October.

Then there are premiere episodes of Sofia the First air on Saturdays from 17th October at 09:00 CET/SAST and 10:00 EET alongside further episodes of Miles from Tomorrow.

Don’t miss premiere packed Saturdays on Disney Junior in October!


Saturdays until 24th October at 10:25

Ahoy there mateys, it’s time to walk the plank with us this month, with our Swashbuckling Saturdays!

Put on your pirate patch, grab your sword and tune in Saturday mornings for the most exciting of Jake’s quests. Each week, we bring you a different mega adventure special from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Disney Junior kick-starts the month with Jake Saves Bucky on Saturday 3rd October followed by Peter Pan Returns (10th), Battle for the Book (17th) and ending with The Great Never Sea Conquest (24th October), all at 10:25.

Catch all these Jake and the Never Land Pirates specials on Saturdays until 24th October at 10:25 CET/SAST and 11:25 EET.


Saturday 31st October at 10:25

Trick or Treat? We’re all about the treats on Disney Junior!

It’s Halloween, and we’re feeling spooky! Join us for special Halloween themed fun. Among other premiere episodes we have a special Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode entitled Mickey’s Monster Musical (10:25 CET and 11:25 EET/SAST).

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are on the way to a picnic when the car breaks down and they are stranded in a dark forest. They spot an old castle and decide to ask for help, but instead meet Count Mikula. Confusingly, Mikula looks just like Mickey – except for his fangs and the fact that he can fly! Rather than terrifying the friends, Mikula confides that he has problems too. His castle is making very strange noises. Maybe they can help each other?

Fans can also see Room on the Broom, Dear Dracula, Sofia the First: Curse of Princess Ivy and much much more!

Tune in all day long on Saturday 31st October for these Halloween treats, and catch premiere Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical @10:25 CET & 11:25 EET/SAST.


Daily from 5th October at 15:10

There’s a new classic series hitting your screens this month….Aladdin!

Come on a journey with us every afternoon. Soar over the desert on a magic carpet and explore the streets of Agrabah with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and his trusty pet monkey Abu. The trio team up with their old friend, the Genie, to keep this magical kingdom safe from evil!

Aladdin joins the Disney Junior family on 5th October, where you can see premiere episodes every day at 15:10 CET/SAST and 16:10 EET.


Sundays throughout October at 10:25

Sunday is movie day on Disney Junior. We have not just one, but four great movies to help viewers while away their Sunday afternoons (Sundays throughout August at 12:00).

This month we have all three Aladdin movies on Disney Junior. Join us every Sunday, and encounter a whole new world (don’t dare close your eyes!) with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie. Will Aladdin win Jasmine’s heart? Will Jafar be able to reap revenge on Aladdin? And will the Royal Wedding go to plan? Find out with a new instalment each Sunday: Aladdin (4th); Aladdin: The Return of Jafar (11th) and Aladdin and the King of Thieves (18th October). Also this month we bring you The Tigger Movie (25th October).

So get the popcorn out and catch these great movies, each Sunday at 10:25 EET/SAST and 11:25 EET.


Schnit Realtime Calls For SA Composers – Enter Now

New, emerging and fresh film composers, shnit International Shortfilmfestival’s Realtime Competition and the South African Film Orchestra invites you to enter your unproduced scores into the Realtime Composer Film Score Competition. Stand a chance to have your score selected as one of three to be played live at shnit’s Closing Night 2015.

The South African Film Orchestra is the only dedicated media scoring ensemble on the Continent. This year they are giving three fresh SA composers the chance to have their original three-minute scores recorded and played live by the South African Film Orchestra at this year’s shnit International Shortfilmfestival.

Each year, shnit Realtime gives three filmmakers the chance to produce short films over the course of the shnit festival weekend. Three winning scores will be selected by a panel of composers, artists and filmmakers, and supplied to the Realtime competition filmmakers as inspiration, resulting in three final shorts crafted around each of the scores.

The films will premiere on the Closing Night of the festival, with the South African Film Orchestra as live accompaniment as the films screen!

Head to for rules, instructions and to ENTER NOW.

For a taste of the SA Film Orchestra in action, see


Disney XD Programming Highlights For October 2015


Weekdays from Monday 12th to Thursday 22nd October at 16:25
Zendaya, star of Shake It Up, now stars in brand new series, K.C. Undercover, which premieres on Disney XD this month. She plays K.C., a 16 year old girl who learns her parents are spies and expect her to be one too! So she must cope with life as an agent as well as the problems and pitfalls of teenage life…

Premiere episodes of new series K.C. Undercover air on Disney XD on weekdays from (Monday 12th to Thursday 22nd October at 16:25).


Weekdays from Monday 5th to 12th October at 15:10

Star Butterfly is a feisty young princess who messes up but is fiercely loyal. In new animated series Star vs the Forces of Evil, which launches on Disney XD this October, she and her friend Marco Diaz battle villains in high school and throughout the universe, protecting her powerful wand.

In the first episode, entitled Star Comes to Earth (Monday 5th October at 15:10) Star receives her royal magic wand for her 14th birthday, but her parents worry she can’t handle the responsibility, so they send her to Earth, where she’ll be safe.
Star vs the Forces of Evil premiers on Disney XD on Monday 5th October at 15:10, with further premiere episodes every weekday until Monday 12th October at the same time.


Saturdays from 10th October at 15:35.

The long-awaited second season of our hit animated series Star Wars Rebels, based on the legendary Star Wars series, launches this month with a double episode length special The Siege of Lothal (Saturday 10th October at 15:35).

In The Siege of Lothal, after working with the Rebel fleet, the Rebel crew returns to Lothal to save a defecting Imperial officer, only to be confronted by Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones).
Star Wars Rebels season two premieres on Saturday 10th October at 15:35 with double episode length special The Siege of Lothal. This is followed by further premiere episodes on Saturdays throughout the month, repeated on Sundays, also at 15:35.


Wednesdays throughout October at 17:45

October sees premiere episodes of Kirby Buckets every Wednesday throughout the month at 17:45, followed by premiere episodes of Annedroids at 18:10.

These new episodes include a Halloween themed episode of Kirby Buckets entitled Flice of the Living Dead (Wednesday 28th October at 17:45). Kirby’s excited he’s old enough to attend the Fright Night Film Festival, but a teacher accidentally breaks a container of Super Flice, and the class is quarantined!

Premiere episodes of Kirby Buckets and Annedroids continue every Wednesday throughout October from 17:45.


Saturday 31st October at 09:25

Disney XD is a great place to spend Halloween! The channel’s great package of entertainment for the spookiest day of the year includes Halloween themed episodes of two top shows, Lab Rats (10.45) and Ultimate Spider-Man (11.35).

The Ultimate Spider-Man episode is entitled Halloween Night at the Museum. It’s Halloween and with everyone in costume, it’s easy for Spider-Man to move around freely. He goes to an exhibition at the museum and meets Jessie and the kids. They spend the night in the museum, fighting off the dinosaur and cavemen exhibits which have been brought to life by a villainess.

Premiere Halloween themed episodes can be seen on Disney XD on Saturday 31st October: Lab Rats at 10.45 and Ultimate Spider-Man at 11.10.


Disney Channel Programming Highlights For October 2015


Monday to Thursday from 1st to 27th October at 17:00

Don’t miss The Next Step, which continues with premiere episodes this October, from Monday to Thursday until 27th October at 17:00.

The Next Step focuses on a group of dancers who attend The Next Step Dance Studio. Viewers follow them in this reality TV style show as they strive to win a series of dance competitions. The current season sees the troupe compete at the Absolute Dance Nationals. It also follows the members of the troupe as loyalties are put to test in the studio.

Premiere episodes of The Next Step can be seen from Monday to Thursday until 27th October at 17:00.


Weekdays from 5th to 16th October at 16:10                                             

Season three of Violetta continues this month with further premiere episodes every weekday from 5th to 16th October at 16:10.

This season continues from where season two left off, with Violetta still trying to cope with life, love and her singing career. In addition, a new episode of the show that discusses all things Violetta, called I Love Violetta, will be airing immediately before the movie on Friday 2nd October at 17:00.

Premiere episodes of Violetta season three air every weekday from 5th to 16th October at 16:10.


Friday 2nd October at 17:10

With Halloween fast approaching we have the premiere of fun-filled comedy adventure Under Wraps, which sees a mummy brought back to life (Friday 2nd October at 17:10).

In this entertaining family film three twelve-year-olds have a close encounter with a 3,000-year-old mummy. Marshall, Gilbert and Amy accidentally set the mummy free, but if they don’t get him back to his resting place by midnight on Halloween, he’ll turn to dust. Then he’ll lose his only chance of being reunited with his long-lost love.

Under Wraps premieres on Disney Channel on Friday 2nd October at 17:10.


Saturdays and Sundays throughout October at 07:40

In October we continue our Every Episode Ever programming block with further episodes of Hannah Montana on Saturdays and Sundays until Sunday 25th October at 07:40.

It’s a great opportunity to catch up on the series which brought Miley Cyrus to fame. Follow the adventures of a teenage pop star who keep her identity secret from even her closest friends by using a disguise on stage!

Then, appropriately, on Halloween, Saturday 31st October, also at 07:40, Disney Channel starts to show Every Episode Ever of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Every Episode Ever: Hannah Montana airs on Disney Channel on Saturdays and Sundays until 30th October at 07:40, with Every Episode Ever: Wizards of Waverly Place starting on Saturday 31st October.


Saturday 24th October from 10:10

Fans of this summer’s hit Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach 2 have a treat in store this month.

On Saturday 24th October they can tune in for a behind the scenes look at the making of the film, complete with fascinating facts and figures, star interviews and footage, at 10:10. This is followed by Teen Beach 2‘s top five music videos. Then at 10:35 we screen the film itself.

There’s a Teen Beach 2 treat on Disney Channel from Saturday 24th October from 10:10.


From Monday 12th October at 14:55

To celebrate that spookiest of seasons, Halloween, we have some very special shows for Disney Channel viewers this month.

 A whole horrible host of favourite Halloween episodes can be seen in our Halloween Doubles, starting on Monday 12th October at 14:55! Series featured include A.N.T. Farm, Austin & Ally, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jessie, Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance and many more!

Then in Halloween week itself, from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th October, there are spooky Halloween premiere episodes of I Didn’t Do It, Girl Meets World, Jessie and Austin & Ally on consecutive days.

Finally, on the big day itself don’t miss a full day of spooktastic Halloween themed episodes!

Check out October’s Halloween fun, including premiere episodes of I Didn’t Do It, Girl Meets World, Jessie and Austin & Ally from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th October.


Scooping The Awards At The 2015 Silwerskermfees

Times Media Films, under the local brand banner, Fresh Flieks, is incredibly proud to be the distributor representing two of the films that received multiple awards at this year’s Silwerskermfees in Camps Bay this past weekend – DIS EK, ANNA and SINK.

DIS EK, ANNA received accolades for Best Picture, Best Director (Sara Blecher) and Best Actor (Mornè Visser). The film is based on two fictionalised, autobiographical, best-selling novels Ek, Anna and Die Staat Teen Anna Bruwer by Anchien Troskie, written under the pseudonym Elbie Lötter. The book was a massive success in South Africa, climbing the best seller lists and selling in excess of 200 000 copies. The translated version of the book was well received in Europe and sold well there too.

DIS EK, ANNA will be released for a limited run at Rosebank Cinema Nouveau from 18 – 24 September before being released nationally on 23rd October.

The second film is SINK which tells the story of Rachel, a Mozambican domestic worker living in Johannesburg, who is forced to make a life-changing decision after her daughter dies in a tragic accident while under the care of her employers; return to poverty stricken Mozambique or continue working for the people responsible for the death of her child so that she can keep her home, her visa and continue to support her family. Things become even more complicated when she finds out that her employers are expecting their first child. The film deals with forgiveness and guilt and looks at how one tragic event impacts the lives of all the people involved.

The film is based on the English novel ‘Rachel Weeping’ by bestselling local author Brett Michael Innes (‘Die Verhaal van Racheltjie de Beer’) who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The novel has been picked up for international publication and translation. Innes makes his debut as the director of SINK.

The film picked up five awards at the festival including Best Actress (Shoki Mokgapa), Best Screenplay (Brett Michael Innes), Best Editing (Nicholas Costaras and Brett Michael Innes), Best Cinematography (Trevor Calverley) and Best Original Score (Chis Letcher).

SINK is due for local release in early 2016.

For more information, please visit Facebook/FreshFlieks


“Blood Lions” Exposing The Dark Underbelly Of Canned Hunting Screens In Sydney

Documentary feature film “Blood Lions”, which exposes the ugly story of South Africa’s captive breeding and canned hunting industries, will be screened in Sydney, Australia on Friday, 4 September. The screening comes at a time when the Australian government is discussing a complete ban on the importation of all African lion trophies into Australia.

The producers of the film, Wildlands and Regulus Vision, secured global distribution for the highly praised film with PBS International. In South Africa, the rights for the film are being handled by Indigenous Film Distribution.

“This is a rare and exclusive event,” says Helen Kuun. CEO of Indigenous Film Distribution. “The Sydney screening will be attended by Ian Michler, the environmental journalist and safari operator who has the lead role in the documentary, as well as the film’s producer Pippa Hankinson. A Q&A session and panel discussion will be held after the screening, giving the audiences further insight into the dark underbelly of the canned hunting world.”

“Blood Lions” follows Ian Michler, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to uncover the realities about the multi-million dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa.

Every single day in South Africa at least two to three captive bred or tame lions are being killed in canned hunts. Hundreds more are slaughtered annually for the lion bone trade. The documentary reveals the full extent of the notorious industry, which serves no conservation purpose of the species whatsoever.

The “Blood Lions” story is a compelling call to action to have these practices stopped. Currently, almost 8 000 predators are being held in cages or confined areas, and none of this has anything to do with conservation. If no action is taken, that number could well be over 12 000 within the next few years.

Michler has followed the story of captive bred lions since 1999. The documentary follows him as he goes to breeding farms to witness the impacts that decades of intensive breeding is having on the captive lions and other predators.

Aggressive farmers and most within the professional hunting community resent his questioning, but the highly profitable commercialization of lions is plain to see – cub petting, volunteer recruitment, lion walking, canned hunting, trading and the new lion bone trade are on the increase. All are justified under the guise of conservation, research and education.

At the same time, “Blood Lion” also trails Swazey, the hunter who purchases a lion online from his home in Hawaii. He then travels to South Africa to follow the path of canned hunters. Trophy hunters, operators and breeders, as well as recognized lion ecologists, conservationists and animal welfare experts also feature in the comprehensive documentary.

The film shows in intimate detail how lucrative it is to breed lions, and how the authorities and most professional hunting and tourism bodies have become complicit in allowing the industries to flourish.

Tickets for the Sydney screening, as well as further information, are available from

“Blood Lions” had several successful screenings in South Africa. The next screening will be held in White River on 12 October. Tickets and further information on additional screenings can be found on

The DVD will be available in South Africa in 2016.

dvd / blu-ray Review

Project Almanac (Blu-Ray): Review

The Film

A group of teens, working on a science experiment called Project Almanac, construct a time machine, and realise the lifelong work of one of their fathers. However, messing with the past and destiny, soon become part of the morel debate, and will they sacrifice their own gain for the greater good.

Project Almanac is still a fun, light hearted film about friendship and destiny, and those looking for such a story will not be disappointed.

The film holds up to repeat viewing, giving the viewer time to debate the morals of the science, and understand the intricacies of the events, as they unfold.

Read the full SAMDB review of Project Almanac here.

Disc And Bonus Features

The disc is encoded at a high bitrate, as should be expected of a Blu-Ray. There are no visible artefacts on screen, and the image is clear and stable.

The soundtrack is presented in a 5.1 mix, and while there is not a 7.1 option, this is likely not to be missed by viewers. The film does make great use of the surround channels, drawing the viewer in to the on-screen action, and expanding the viewing experience.

The bonus features are sadly a little scarce on the Project Almanac disc, with alternate beginnings and endings, and a few deleted scenes being all that are on offer. With the amount of storage available on a Blu-Ray, it is sad that there are no commentaries, making-of features, or even a talk on the possible science behind the story.

Project Almanac is available on disc now, to purchase, in South Africa.


ACT Selects Six Young, Gifted & Blazing Performers

Six young performers are one step closer to fulfilling their dream of being one of three successful students to be awarded a share of

R315 000 towards a scholarship to study performing arts.
This opportunity is granted to them as part of the 7th Annual ACT | DALRO | Nedbank Performing Arts Scholarships Programme – which encourages youths between the ages of 18 and 25, who aren’t considered professionals, and wish to pursue undergraduate studies in the performing arts, to participate in a national competition.

For the first time this year, ACT visited all nine provinces in the country scouting for talent which resulted in these top six finalists being chosen. The top three who win will be awarded grants of R150,000, R105,000 and R60,000 to further their studies at any accredited South African tertiary institution of their choice. The regional rounds attracted the participation of 194 candidates – showing the growth of the programme since its inception in 2009.
“The standard of auditions in areas where aspirant performers have less access to development opportunities is surprising and encouraging. We are delighted that our national search for passion and potential yielded great results with five of our finalists coming from areas in the country considered as under-served,” says ACT CEO Pieter Jacobs.

After the nationwide search for the ultimate performer, regional judges scoped more than 776 performance items, looking for individuals with passion and talent in singing, dancing and acting. This year’s six finalists are: Carla Smith (17), Andiswa Mbolekwa (19), Caleb Heynes (19), Masego Moloto (20), Jacques Mouton (22) and Emelda Tshegohatso Mothelesi (23).

“Year seven! Wow! Once again DALRO is incredibly proud to be part of this amazing programme. Our passion for the stimulation, development and growth of the performing arts is our driving force, and that’s why it’s so important for programmes like this to exist. We would like to congratulate the finalists on their selection and wish them the best of luck with final performances. At DALRO we feel that it’s important to not only keep performing arts alive by means of our day-to-day business, but to also give back to the industry, by contributing to this programme, which has for years now, helped to ensure that our country’s future stars have opportunities that will help to make their dreams come true”, says Supervisor for Theatrical Rights at DALRO, André Cloete.

The finalists will join the creative team comprising industry professionals from 6 to 12 October in Johannesburg, where they will undergo intensive rehearsals in preparation for the final round hosted for the first time by the Market Theatre in Johannesburg’s Newtown Precinct.

“Since inception, the Performing Arts Scholarship Programme has unearthed great talent, proving that South Africa has a lot of hidden gems that when discovered and polished, can indeed play an integral role in the socio-economic development of our country. As a bank for all, Nedbank will continue to provide our communities with the resources they require to make things that really matter happen,” says Tobie Badenhorst, Head of Sponsorships and Cause Marketing at Nedbank.

For more information on the Scholarships programme, please visit