CTIFMF Presents 61 Short Films In Official Selection

The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival has selected 61 short films that will screen across 10 programs at select venues at the V & A Waterfront between October 10th and 19th.

Short films are an integral part of the CTIFMF and Festival Director Leon van der Merwe has always recognized the importance of this genre, “Short films are a necessity to keeping the entire film industry healthy. They fulfill two irrefutable roles,  firstly, they allow up and coming talent the chance to get noticed and refine their style, and secondly, they also help to encourage creativity and originality that includes new ways of telling stories.

The time has come for movie lovers everywhere to support short films. To start with, they should go and watch these films at the festival and onther short film festivals. the industry needs to lobby the cinemas to get short films back into movie theatres. Short films could be shown prior to a feature film as it used to be the case years ago. This would not only justify audiences choosing to watch them but would also help justify local cinema’s ticket prices.”

Amongst the films are 17 South African shorts that include award winning director Reabetswe Moeti’s Mma Moeketsi Mma Moeketsi that stars Keketso Semoko known for her role as Ma Agnes on Isidingo. She is a domestic worker from rural Lesotho working for a suburban family in Johannesburg. Her son, Moeketsi, is an illegal miner at the North West mine. In the wake of the wage strike, Moeketsi’s phone is off and he is nowhere to be found.

Fatima is another short from a South African director (Imran Hamduly), that tells the story of a young woman defies her family’s wish to enter into an arranged marriage and suffers a tragic consequence thereof, whilst Masqerading: To Hell and Back is Sofia de Fay’s bittersweet tale of a letter written by a 58 year old Cape Coloured drag queen, Sandra Dee to her best friend, Samantha Fox celebrating their complicated 30-year friendship. The letter takes us on a funny and poignant journey through their shared memories, Sandra Dee reminisces about their struggle to survive the Apartheid regime and the adventures and misfortune that befell them because of their color and their transgender identity.

Another notable film is Cast Iron Can’t Be Welded, a short set in rural South Africa during the 1970’s and directed by Buks Rossouw. A farmer transporting a broken cast iron stove learns something about humanity from a hitchhiking schoolboy – but only after dropping him off.

Shorts from Zimbabwe, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Australia, the USA, China, Egypte and Denmark amongst other  countries will be screened throughout the festival.

Below is a full list of short films selected for this year’s CTIFMF.

Shorts 1      
Speaking Daggers 2017 Australia Sally McLean
The Victory of Charity 2017 Austria Albert Meisl
Waly’s Problem 2017 Belgium EL HADJI GUEYE
A Low-Budget Film 2018 Brazil Paulo Leierer
SNAFU 2018 Canada Mark Datuin
30 2018 Cyprus Constantinos Patsalides
The Lightkeeper 2017 USA Zach Bandler
Shorts 2      
Sunken Plum 2017 China Xu Xiaoxi, Roberto F. Canuto
No Problem (Kein Problem) 2017 Denmark Magnus Millang
Major Tom 2017 Egypt Khaled medhat moeit
Red Velvet 2017 Egypt Mahmoud Samir, Youssef Mahmoud
Mma Moeketsi 2018 South Africa Reabetswe Moeti
Elo 2017 Estonia Helen Takkin
I.O.C. 2017 United States Gerardo Soto
Shorts 3      
Stardust 2017 Mexico Aldo Sotelo Lázaro
A Woman’s Right To Shoes 2017 New Zealand Robyn Grace
The Last Lullaby 2018 Not Specified Birgit Käsper
Map to the stars 2018 Paraguay Pedro Jaen R.
Nuclear Shadows 2017 Poland Marek Leszczewski
One More Day 2018 Ukraine Aleksandr Shymko
Lumiére 2017 Uzbekistan Hristina Belousova, Dante Rustav
Shorts 4      
An Autobiography (En Autobiografi) 2017 Finland Mari Mantela
Those who can die 2017 France Charlotte Cayeux
Hunters and Gatherers 2018 Germany Andreas Ramm
AYA 2017 Tunisia Moufida Fedhila
When the fishes sang 2018 Italy Giuseppe Schifani
Shorts 5      
The Man With The Bicycle (Der Mann Mit Dem Fahrrad) 2017 Germany Levan Tsintsadze
Anchorwoman 2018 Greece Ioannis Monastiropoulos
The Inner Side –  A Belsa Oldal 2017 Hungary Dániel Reich
Gandhi V/S Justice  In-Justice We Believe 2018 India Pratik Khandhadiya
Are You Volleyball?! 2017 Iran Mohammad Bakhshi
Are We Good Parents? 2017 USA Bola Ogun
2 Angels 2018 Russian Federation Ramazi Baranov
Shorts 6      
Manicure 2018 Iran, Islamic Republic of arman fayaz
Probably Fine 9/1/2016 Israel Tslil Tamim
Bismillah 2018 Italy Alessandro Grande
ViZA   Togo Roger Komla B. Gbekou
The Shield that I Carry 2017 Lebanon Basma Farhat
Diapers for Melquiades 2017 Mexico Gandhi Ramos
Shorts 7      
Fatima 2018 South Africa Imran Hamduly
Love Motel 2017 South Africa Samantha Nell
Vir Ontbyt      
Cast Iron Can’t Be Welded 2017 South Africa Buks Rossouw
Skrywers Anoniem      
The Crossing 2018 South Africa Jaak Erasmus
Change 2018 South Africa Almarida Kraak
Shorts 8      
Diphiri Le Makunutu 2018 South Africa ObettMotaung
Skin Diver 2018 South Africa Katya Abedian
Muse 2017 South Africa Siyabonga Mkholo
Runner 2018 South Africa Mike McDougall
Shorts 9 – Docs      
Masquerading: To Hell and Back 2017 South Africa Sofia de Fay
Give a Man a Mask and He will Tell You the Truth 2017 Zimbabwe Eric Gauss
Footprints 2017 South Africa Sarah Duff
The Water Dancers 2018 South Africa Robyn Palmer
Skeikima 2017 Spain Raquel Larrosa
The Sheikh of Mussafah 2016 United Arab Emirates Waleed Al Madani
Shorts 10      
SOL 2016 South Africa Ndiyathemba
A Legal Affair 2018 South Africa Aviwe Komsana
Bonobo 2018 Switzerland Zoel Aeschbacher
Heels on Wheels 2018 South Africa Heath Fynn
Under the Rainbow 2018 South Africa  

From the 10th -19th of October, 80 Feature Films, 20 documentaries and 61 short films will be screened at various venues at the V & A Waterfront. Full schedules and ticketing information can be found  on the the website,

The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival is proudly hosted by the City of Cape Town.

By Andrew Germishuys

Founder of SAMDB, Andrew has worked full time in the film industry since the early 2000's. He has trained as an actor, completing his LAMDA Gold Medal, and attending many courses in Cape Town acting studios, with masterclasses with some of the international industries top directors, producers and filmmakers.

Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry.

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