National Geographic Wild Highlights: June 2020

From Monday 8 June – Saturday 13 June, at 18:00

On June 8th (World Ocean’s Day) people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our oceans, which connect us all. National Geographic Wild will dedicate a whole week to our oceans, with Ocean driven programming every day at 18:00.


Wonders of The Ocean – Islands of Life. Monday 8 June at 18:00

Pacific Islands range from coral atolls and smoking volcanoes to pieces of a lost continent. Discover the wildest stories of adaptation and survival on these Islands of Life.

Wonders of The Ocean – Predator or Prey. Monday 8 June at 18:48

Life in the ocean is a constant battle to eat but not get eaten, to find a mate, to pass on your genes to the next generation…to survive.

World’s Deadliest Whale (1 x 60) – Tuesday 9 June at 18:00
Synopsis TBC

Aliens of The Deep (1 x 60) – Wednesday 10 June at 18:00

These strange, alien creatures have hidden in the depths of the oceans for eons. Meaning “head feet” in Greek, Cephalopods have little in common physically with humans or any other familiar animals. They have blue blood, several hearts and brains and multiple limbs. They don’t have bones, teeth or claws and they can even disappear when they need to.

Deep Sea Killers: Into The Deep Mashup (1×60) – Thursday 11 June at 18:00

Synopsis TBC

Monster Fish: Extreme Sharks (1×60) – Friday 12 June at 18:00

Zeb Hogan knows fish. And he’s taking on his most ambitious task yet – entering the realm of the shark to find the ultimate Monster Fish. On his journey, Zeb encounters fearsome bull sharks, freaky hammerheads and giant whale sharks, and dispels myths about these creatures along the way.

World’s Deadliest Jellyfish (1 x 60) – Saturday 13 June at 18:00

Synopsis TBC

Sundays at 18:00, from 14 June 2020

From savage deserts and active volcanoes to immense lakes and rivers, Africa is a land of extremes. Across this awe-inspiring continent, nature’s beasts – from the biggest to the microscopic – battle for survival in some of the world’s harshest conditions. In the planet’s most epic natural habitats, large predators roam sprawling savannas, strange apes inhabit lofty mountain peaks, while mysterious insects and snakes occupy the most impenetrable forests on earth.

Mondays at 18:00, from 8 June 2020

We think we’re the ultimate predators, but increasingly wild animals are hunting us, and the reasons they attack people are often surprising. The series investigates selective animal attacks on humans, employing the latest in forensic technology and scientific discovery to deconstruct and analyze some of the most startling incidents on record.

Mondays at 16:25, (from 4 May 2020)

On this rip-roaring season of The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs are off to the races as they zoom from critical clinic visits to emergency farm calls. Strap in for a wild ride as the crew of Pol Veterinary Services works seven days a week pulling calves, pushing prolapses and trying to triage the mayhem that comes with the central Michigan territory.

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