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“About 10 days ago, after a period of ineffective self-medication, I encountered a South African doctor at a clinic in Dublin. A dull discomfort in a lower wisdom tooth had progressed into pain so unrelenting, it would have floored a bullock – or similar-sized mammal. As we spoke briefly about home, cursed the Irish weather and the cost of living, she wrote a prescription for an appropriate pain killer, anti-inflammatories and – “just in case there was an infection” (which there wasn’t) – a supply of antibiotics. It’s the type of thinking that’s landed us in a potentially catastrophic medical crisis.” – John Webb, Executive Producer

Broken Promises: Northern Cape

In an informal settlement in the Northern Cape… Tannie Nellie Frans, an elderly woman who’s been living in the area for over 50 years, waits for promised government houses to be built across the road from her home. Her community has also been promised a new school and a hospital, something they’ve needed for years. Despite repeated promises, Tannie Nellie hasn’t seen a single contractor on the site. But in this province, unfulfilled promises are a regular feature of residents’ complaints and even the capital, Kimberley, hasn’t been spared. Government has neglected the water system for decades and national funding has been misused and mismanaged by both provincial and local governments. Carte Blanche continues its election coverage in this forgotten part of the country.

Producer: Anina Peens | Presenter: Govan Whittles

Superbug Takeover

Superbugs – or antibiotic-resistant bacteria – have become one of the biggest threats to human health worldwide. Due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, these life-threatening bugs have developed resistance to medication and are rapidly proliferating, causing many infections to become untreatable. Until now, the focus of research has primarily been on human health and animals. But scientists have now identified the role of the environment in the spread of superbugs.

Producer: Mart-Marie Faure | Presenter: Erin Bates

Full Steam Ahead

In the Eastern Free State, at the foot of the majestic Maluti mountains, Oom Gert Jubileus is working on one of his beloved steam trains. It’s part of the world’s biggest working collection of narrow-gauge steam locomotives; an invaluable heritage that takes visitors back in time. This museum of locomotives consists of 69 steam engines, many of them completely restored. Oom Gert, a long-serving train driver, takes Carte Blanche on a nostalgic journey to a bygone era.

Producer: Catherine Rice | Presenter: Claire Mawisa


The Great Divide

Worker’s Day or Unemployment Day? Millions of South Africans have little to celebrate.

As the search for missing Joshlin Smith continues, we look at the growing crisis our children face. Then, a major political move to free two South Africans imprisoned in Equatorial Guinea. And is that some hope we see on the horizon? Eskom says: you bet. But first – small parties with a potentially big swing. As more fringe parties grab the attention of major contenders, we ask whether organisations vying for independent territories could have any impact on SA politics.

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Elections Unpacked with Tshidi Madia

Several political parties – both big and small – are coming out in full force as the elections creep ever closer. But what’s truly on offer? And how capable are the many political parties of sticking to those promises? We speak to Eyewitness News politics associate editor and Politricking host, Tshidi Madia, about manifestos, the biggest potential losers, own goals and whether your chosen party is willing to sell its soul in the coalition game.

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Elections Unpacked: Herman Mashaba      

Bring back the Scorpions! No more parole. Penal colonies in the Kalahari. And grand corruption will be declared a “crime against humanity”. Furthermore, the triple BEE model will be scrapped – but is a proposed replacement just BEE dressed up in a fancier name? Masa Kekana sits down with ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba to find out how the party hopes to achieve many of its lofty promises.

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Elections Unpacked with Keamogetswe Seipato        

With just over two months to go before South Africans are set to make their mark, Masa Kekana sits down with My Vote Counts campaigner, Keamogetswe Seipato, to find out why this election feels so different. What’s truly at stake? Who has the most to lose? And why the youth hold the power to change it all.

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Broken Promises: Eastern Cape

So-called state-of-the-art facilities built for the people of the Eastern Cape. But are communities benefiting from the millions being spent?

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Educor: College Chaos

It was once one of the biggest private higher education institutions in the country. Now, the Department of Education has shut it down, crushing the dreams and hopes of thousands of students.

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