Muse To Release ‘Drones World Tour’ In Cinemas Worldwide For One Night Only – July 12


Muse have announced plans to release their ambitious ‘Drones World Tour’ to cinemas worldwide on July 12 for one night only, through Trafalgar Releasing. Exclusive screenings will bring the globally renowned, multi-platinum-selling band and their Drones ‘in the round’ spectacular to the big screen. Tickets are now available.

Filmed and recorded over multiple tour dates in 2016, the ‘Drones World Tour’ will showcase Muse’s career-spanning hits including ‘Psycho’, ‘Madness’, ‘Uprising’, ‘Plug in Baby’, ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ and ‘Knights of Cydonia’ amongst others. The film contains never-before-seen special effects, perfectly complimenting the awe-inspiring level of creative stage production Muse fans have come to expect, ensuring the ultimate audio / visual sensory experience.

Alongside exclusive insight from the band talking about the creative concept, highlights of the show include autonomous Drones flying across the audience, giant projections and intricate, perfectly crafted LED laser works that create an eerie, dystopian world.

The New York Times has described the Muse live experience as “an endless build-up, heading for one peak after another — is what a Muse concert sets out to deliver by every means available”.

Matt Bellamy said:

“The symbiosis between humanity and technology has always been something I am interested by.  Drones just seem to be a very interesting modern metaphor for what that represents…You want to leave people with the idea that they ask the question themselves about the role of technology in our lives and whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing – an award winning, market leader in global event distribution – said:

“We’re delighted to be working on this innovative and unforgettable show from Muse, a group that time and again illustrate that they are one of the world’s best live bands. The concert film deserves to be seen in the best possible way, in cinemas on the big screen together with other Muse fans. We look forward to collaborating with the band, their management team and label across this release.”

Praise for Muse Drones World Tour –

‘Muse, winners of umpteen best live band awards, in their natural habitat’ – The Guardian

‘Thrilling, theatrical and technically flawless’ – Evening Standard

‘A jaw-dropping extravaganza…Muse are more commanding than they have ever been.’ – The Independent

‘Muse’s status as the last of the great arena-rock bands remains undiminished’ – Rolling Stone

Book your tickets now by visiting or download the SK App on your smartphone. You can also book at the box office.  For news and updates, go to Facebook: Ster-Kinekor Theatres | follow Ster-Kinekor on Twitter: @Ster-Kinekor. For all queries, call Ticket line on 0861-Movies (668 437).

Experience Muse Drones World Tour at the following Ster-Kinekor cinemas at 20:00 PM:

  • Brooklyn in Pretoria
  • Cavendish in Cape Town
  • Gateway Cinema Nouveau in Durban
  • The Zone at Rosebank Johannesburg

The Ladima Foundation: Women Achieving Influence

Established as a mechanism to support worthy women filmmakers from across Africa in order to contribute to correcting the major imbalances within the industry, The Ladima Foundation, in partnership with ZIFF, DISCOP Zanzibar will present Achieving Influence: Women and Film in Africa.

The Ladima Foundation will host a panel discussion with the aim of initiating a dialogue and developing tangible ways forward for women within the film and media industries in Africa. The event will take place on Thursday July 12th at 2pm at the DISCOP Zanzibar at the Hotel Verde.

The discussions will include women from a diversity of backgrounds whose success and influence can be part of collectively building and strengthening the space that women occupy in the industries The essence of this panel is to develop a framework on how women in African Film can achieve influence through improving individual and collective competence and quality of output in the different fields of filmmaking and related areas.

Moderator: Edima Otuokon: Nigeria: Co-Founder Ladima Foundation: Edima is an entrepreneur and civil society activist with years of experience in media, marketing, events, policy and advocacy.

Bikiya Graham-Douglas: Nigeria: Bikiya Graham-Douglas is an actress, singer, entrepreneur and the founder of Beeta Universal Arts Foundation (BUAF).  She has been passionate about the creative sector from childhood and has starred in a number of Soap operas, movies and stage productions.

Biola Alabi: Nigeria: Biola is an African media expert with over 25 years of local and global media experience, she is currently the CEO at Biola Alabi Media

Theresa Hill: South Africa: General Manager STEPS/ Acquisition Manager AfriDocs: As General Manager of STEPS she has managed the Steps for the Future, Why Democracy? and Why Poverty? projects over the last 18 years. Her work with AfriDocs as includes acquisitions, programming, marketing and planning.  Theresa is also the Acquisitions Manager of AfriDocs, Africa’s only free streaming platform for documentary films.

Dr. Mzuri Issa Ali: Zanzibar: Director TAMWA After a Bachelors’degree in Mass Communication from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), Mzuri completed her Auditing Course, Masters and PhD in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM). Her career is all about promoting rights of marginalized groups especially women through the use of media and other effective channels of communication.

Giselle Portenier: Canada: Giselle is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, who has consistently focused on human rights, especially the human rights of women and children. Her work has been instrumental in changing minds, changing lives, and changing laws.

Farida Nyamachumbe: Zanzibar: Farida is a well known and respected filmmaker with many years in the industry.

These projects reflect the core mission of the Ladima Foundation and its stated key interventions, which include: professional training, educational support, recognition, and networking and community. For more information:,,

Don Edkins Amongst African Filmmakers Invited To Join The Academy

DonEdkins, the well known and respected South African documentary filmmaker and producer based in Cape Town and founder of STEPS, is one of the Africans that were invited this week to become members of the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that votes on the Academy Awards.

Don has been invited into the Documentary branch of the Academy based on his many years of work in the field. He has produced documentary projects that have been broadcast and screened to audiences around the world, such as Steps for the Future, Why Democracy? and Why Poverty? He is currently Executive Producer of AfriDocs, the first documentary strand across sub-Saharan Africa, and of Dare to Dream, a new project with Asian filmmakers.

This week saw a number of African filmmakers and industry professionals invited to join fulfilling a promise made by the Academy to diversify their member base to include members from around the world. This year they have invited 928 new members, and if all the 2018 invitees accept, the overall membership would be 9,226.

This past Monday’s invitations, if accepted, will result in 38% of the Oscars’ governing body’s new class being comprised of people of color, increasing their representation from 13% in 2017 to 16%

Joining Don in this honour are Steven Markovitz from South Africa, Pedro Pimenta from Mozambique, Dora Bouchoucha, the founder of Africa’s longest running film festival, The Carthage Film Festival, Nigerian filmmaker Femi Odugbemi, and Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu amongst others.

Edkins is excited about the amount of African professionals that were included in this batch of invitation, saying, “I’m extremely honoured to be invited to join the Academy in the documentary branch, and hope that it will allow for a greater focus on the African film industry as well as a respect for African filmmakers. The invitees from across Africa are all well respected and their inclusion will rightfully put African cinema in its place on the global stage.”

These new members will be able to cast their votes for various categories in the Academy Awards to be presented next year.

About Don Edkins

Don Edkins is a South African documentary filmmaker and producer based in Cape Town. He has produced various documentary film projects that have been broadcast around the world, such as Steps for the Future,Why Democracy? and Why Poverty? earning multiple international awards including an Oscar for Taxi to the Dark Side, and the Special Teddy Award at the 63rd Berlinale for Steps for the Future. The Peabody awarded Why Poverty? project, with 8 long and 34 short documentary films from 28 countries, was screened globally by 70 broadcasters. He is Executive Producer of AfriDocs, the first weekly primetime documentary strand across sub-Saharan Africa, and of Dare to Dream, a film project with Asian filmmakers. He has co-authored a book with Iikka Vehkalahti on documentary filmmaking, Steps by Steps.

Two New Premium Large Format Cinemas For South Africa

Nu Metro’s “Biggest is Best” Xtreme brand expands in Gauteng and KZN

Nu Metro Cinemas has once again affirmed their lead in innovation to give South African moviegoers premium cinema experiences on par with the best in the world. Two new Xtreme theatres will open at Nu Metro Emperors Palace in Johannesburg and Nu Metro Galleria on the KZN South Coast towards the end of June and July, respectively.

Nu Metro Xtreme can simply be summed up as “Big Screens, Big Sound, Best Digital Quality”. It is one of Nu Metro’s top-tier cinema brands – along with their multi-sensory 4DX- and luxurious VIP-theatres. Xtreme theatres at Nu Metro are the most technologically advanced cinemas in South Africa – presenting moviegoers with the clearest and brightest images on extra-large screens, as well as 360-degree sound.

The new Xtreme cinema scheduled to open at Nu Metro Emperors Palace at the end of June will boast a Premium Large Format-screen that’s almost 3 storeys-high – one of the largest curved, silver cinema screens in South Africa. It will also feature a Barco phosphoric laser projector – delivering 4K Ultra HD visuals with a colour spectrum of around 70 trillion colours. It will literally make the movies come to life.

Emperors Palace’s new Xtreme cinema will have the largest Dolby ATMOS immersive audio system installed in Southern Africa.

“Nu Metro’s Xtreme cinemas showcase movies as the filmmakers intended for them to be experienced. We have gone over and beyond the expected standards to source only the best and latest technology – from the best in screens, to advanced sound and digital projection – to give South Africans an opportunity to enjoy movies at the highest quality possible. With Xtreme, biggest is best! We are very excited about our complexes at Emperors Palace and Galleria joining the Nu Metro Xtreme-family – along with the six other Xtreme cinemas at Nu Metro nationwide,” explains Nitesh Matai, Managing Executive – Nu Metro Cinemas.

Dolby ATMOS reproduces the most realistic cinema audio, with over 52 “channels” of sound, played through a wide array of speaker outlets placed strategically throughout the cinema (including overhead) – moving beyond the confines of “stereo” or “surround” sound. Dolby ATMOS delivers full all-around sound; sound objects can literally be moved around in 3D space. Movies are specifically produced and mastered for the ATMOS sound experience – with most of the world’s filmmakers now embracing the vast potential presented by this next-generation sound system.

The JBL speakers being installed for Xtreme at Nu Metro Emperors Palace are tailor-made for Large Format-cinemas, with powerful digital amplifiers delivering sound of over 75kW.

In simple terms: it functions above-spec, and booms enhanced audio-power like no other cinema can! Couple that with very large cinema screens to inspire awe, and 4K UHD laser projection, and you have Nu Metro Xtreme.

For more cinema info and to book tickets, call 0861-CINEMA (246362) or go to

**Premium pricing applies to Nu Metro’s Xtreme cinemas; loyalty discounts are not applicable.

Read about the Cape Town Xtreme cinema launch.

Producer Jennifer Todd Voted To Academy Board Of Governors In Runoff Election

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that Jennifer Todd has won the runoff election for the open Producers Branch seat on the 2018–19 Board of Governors.  Todd joins incumbents Albert Berger and Mark Johnson in representing the branch and will assume her post as of July 1.

Todd and Jason Blum tied for the seat in the Board election last week, and Producers Branch members were asked to vote in the runoff.  This is the fourth time in Academy history that a tie occurred in the balloting.  Runoff elections were held in 2009 in the Directors Branch, 2015 in the Writers Branch, and 2016 in the Film Editors Branch.

The Academy’s 17 branches are each represented by three governors, who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms.  The Board directs the Academy’s strategic vision, preserves the organization’s financial health, and assures the fulfillment of its mission.

The Academy Announces 2018 Film Scholars Grant Recipients

Glenn Frankel and Keri Walsh have been named 2018 Academy Film Scholars by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Their respective book projects explore the historical context and creative influence of the revolutionary film for its time, Midnight Cowboy, and examine female Method actors and how their feminist contributions earned them a place in the history of film. The Academy’s Educational Grants Committee will award both Frankel and Walsh the scholars’ $25,000 grant awards on the basis of their proposals.

“I am thrilled to support Frankel and Walsh in their research so that they may share their expertise for these timely topics that are not only significant to the film industry, but to society as whole,” said Academy Grants Committee Chair Buffy Shutt. “Their works illuminate the importance of diversity and inclusion in the history of film, something that is essential to remember as we look to further the Academy’s mission. We all look forward to seeing the outcome of their research.”

Frankel’s book will focus on the Oscar-winning best picture, Midnight Cowboy, analyzing how the artists behind the film contributed to this boundary breaking film that signified a shift in representation of sexuality in the 1960’s. As Frankel’s third book researching the implications of cowboy films in American history, it explores not only the historical implications of the film, but also the creative elements that led to its success and a milestone in Hollywood’s acceptance of diverse and controversial subject matters.

Walsh is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Fordham University. Her project will be among the first scholarly works to explore what is critical and feminist about Method acting in Hollywood films. Primarily focused on Method performances by women from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, she illuminates their neglected and concealed work, and ultimately showcases how it broadened women’s possibilities of acting.

Frankel and Walsh join 14 Academy film scholars who are currently working on projects and 17 other scholars whose works have already been published. Academy film scholars with projects in progress are Dr. Ellen Scott, Dr. Donna Kornhaber, Charles Musser, Emily Thompson, Stuart Liebman, John Belton, Harlow Robinson, Cari Beauchamp, Patrick Keating, Dan Streible, Thomas Schatz, Laurence Kardish, James Tweedie and Ross Melnick.

Established in 1999, the Academy Film Scholars program is designed to support significant new works of film scholarship. The Academy’s cultural and educational wing – the Academy Foundation – annually awards grants to film scholars, cultural organizations and film festivals throughout the U.S. and abroad. Through the Foundation, the Academy also presents a rich assortment of screenings and other public programs each year.

For grant guidelines and information about the Academy Film Scholars program, contact Grants Manager Shawn Guthrie at, or visit

Caribbean Tales And DUrban FilmMart Partnership 2.0 Encourages African Women Filmmakers To Think Co-Pro

CaribbeanTales and the Durban FilmMart present the second year of CineFAM – Africa, an accelerator program for African women filmmakers.

CaribbeanTales Media Group (CTMG) and the Durban FilmMart (DFM) today announce the renewal of their partnership to support the development of original, serialized television content and films created by women from Africa and the African Diaspora.

CineFAM is the CaribbeanTales program that supports bold, original films and television series by women of colour worldwide. In the Haitian-Creole language, “Cinefam” means “films by women”.  This Accelerator Incubator Program builds capacity and creative leadership among women of colour who are traditionally under-represented in leadership roles in the film and television industry globally.

“We have invited a select group of experienced South African women producers to bring their original television series projects that are currently in development to the second edition of CineFAM – Africa to be held during DFM2018,” says CaribbeanTales CEO Frances-Anne Solomon. “We know they will enjoy CaribbeanTales’ unique two-day intensive Accelerator Program that ensures an excellent overview and close guidance on the nuts and bolts of production within the context of Canada and South Africa. They will learn how best to meet the co-production demands of these two countries with their stories, finance and marketing strategies along with enhancing pitch skills.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to embark on the second edition of our partnership with CaribbeanTales. The 2018 Accelerator Incubator Program will not only provide an exciting platform to support the development of women-led audio-visual content in Africa, it will create a space to interrogate the application of the SA/Canada Co-production Treaty with serialised content. Through this partnership, we hope to build a bridge between the two organisations that will raise the voices of African women filmmakers,” said Toni Monty, Head of Durban Film Office and DFM the co-production and finance market, which is a joint programme of the Durban Film Office (DFO) and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), South Africa.

“We are incredibly excited to continue to build on this extraordinary initiative with the Durban Film Mart that opens the gateway of co-productions between our organizations and our two countries” says CaribbeanTales CEO Frances-Anne Solomon. “Our goal is to see the program grow from training to production within the next couple of years and to show the world what women from Africa and the African Diaspora can do within the Canada / South Africa co-production treaty.”

CineFAM – Africa, led by CaribbeanTales Vice-President Nicole Brooks, is a two-day program that will take place during the Durban FilmMart July 20 – 22, 2018.

This two-day Accelerator will culminate in a private Mini-Pitch to deliver and work with local and international (specifically Canadian) broadcasters and funders for consideration and feedback. The winner will qualify to participate in the renowned CaribbeanTales Incubator (CTI), in Toronto, Canada. CTI is a year-round development and production hub for Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora Producers that aims to create strong, compelling and sustainable content for the global market. Thus, CTI will increase the pool of world-class indigenous film and television content and build the Region’s audio-visual capacity.


CaribbeanTales is a group of companies that produces, markets, and sells Caribbean-themed film and television content for global audiences.

It includes CaribbeanTales Inc. a registered Charity based in Toronto, Canada; the Caribbean-Tales International Film Festival (CTFF) that produces events around the world; the renowned CaribbeanTales Incubator Program, a development and production hub for original Caribbean content; CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution (CTWD), the largest  full-service distribution entity dedicated to the monetisation of Caribbean content; CaribbeanTalesFlix, our production arm, and CaribbeanTales-TV, a video on demand platform.


The Durban Film Mart (DFM) is a co-production and finance market and is a joint programme of the Durban Film Office (DFO) and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF). DFM provides filmmakers from across Africa with a valuable opportunity to pitch projects to financiers, distributors, sales agents and potential co-producers, and to participate in meetings, project presentations and a series of master classes and workshops on the latest industry trends.

Cartoon Network Is Looking For New Animation Talent In Africa

The leader in children’s animation in South Africa, Cartoon Network, invites African creators to submit their short-form comedy project in the first ever Cartoon Network creative venture run in Africa.

If there’s one thing Africans do really well, it is the ability to laugh at themselves! Taking advantage of Africans’ humorous streak, and incredible storytelling abilities, Cartoon Network Africa is proud to announce the launch of their brand new initiative, Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab, an African venture designed to bring innovative, local short form content to the channel, and its digital platforms, while reinforcing the local relevance of the brand.

In this ground-breaking move, the leading network in the kids’ entertainment industry, Cartoon Network is taking another bold step in addressing the gap in locally relevant content which offers a viewing experience that resonates with its African audience. The initiative will encourage African talents: creators, writers, graphic artists, animation students … in fact anyone who loves kids’ content, to explore their creative, animation and production talents and have the chance to produce a short-form animated comedy to make Cartoon Network viewers across Africa laugh out loud!

“As sponsors of the DISCOP 2016 Animation Pitching Programme, we were exposed to some really inspiring local animation projects,” says Ariane Suveg, Head of Programming and Acquisition Turner Kids Africa. “We were so impressed by Cape Town-based Punch Monkey Studio’s amazing creative energy in the winning entry, Cloud Life, that the project has been traveling through the Turner group and is now in a development process with the Turner Asia Pacific production team! This just reinforces our need to invest in local content and our commitment to further mentoring talent in the African animation industry.”

Entries for the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab will be open from 7th June until 31st August 2018 across the continent. African residents, aged 18 and over, or any African-based company, can submit their one-minute to three-minute creative short project which must fall in the comedy genre and fit with Cartoon Network’s values of random, irreverent, smart and contemporary humour. Editorial guidelines can be found on

Ten projects will be short-listed in September, and the local creators will get the opportunity to pitch their work to Cartoon Network Africa’s content programming team. The winner and two runners-up will then be revealed at DISCOP Johannesburg at the end of the year.

The winner and runners-up will be given the opportunity to get their project produced as a pilot with Cartoon Network Africa which will then premiere on Cartoon Network Africa and its digital platforms in 2019.

“We are honoured to be supporting local African animation talent through the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab. We look forward to seeing the entries and hope to see the winners flourish in their career as content creators, following the footsteps of some of Cartoon Network’s greatest talents.” concludes Ariane Suveg.

Delve Into Your Inner Darkness With Macbeth From National Theatre Live At Cinema Nouveau From 9 June 2018

Catch the next screening in National Theatre Live’s 2018 season at Cinema Nouveau with a modern day take on Shakespeare’s tragedy of moral decline, Macbeth. In the ruined aftermath of a bloody civil war, ruthlessly fighting to survive, the Macbeths are propelled towards the crown by forces of elemental darkness.


Intense and terrifying, this new production was filmed live at the National Theatre in London, directed by the NT’s artistic director Rufus Norris. Double Olivier award-winner Rory Kinnear plays Macbeth (Othello, Skyfall), and Olivier and BAFTA nominee Anne-Marie Duff plays Lady Macbeth (Suffragette, Shameless).

Please note this production contains scenes of a violent nature.

Run time: 2 hours and 40 minutes with one 20 minutes interval.

Catch Macbeth at the following Ster-Kinekor Cinema Nouveau sites nationwide from 09 June 2018 for four screenings only:

  • Cinema Nouveau Rosebank (Johannesburg)
  • Gateway Commercial (Durban)
  • Cinema Nouveau Brooklyn (Pretoria)
  • Cinema Nouveau V & A Waterfront (Cape Town)

Forthcoming National Theatre Live broadcasts for 2018 include Golden Globe, Tony and Olivier award winner Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings) in King Lear; BAFTA award winner Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) in Julie, an updated version of the Strindberg classic Miss Julie, and Olivier award winner Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) in The Madness of George III. Visit to check for forthcoming SA screening dates.

Sisters Of The Wilderness Documentary

When Five Young Zulu Women Venture Into the Wilderness, their Lives Change Forever

Sisters of the Wilderness, a new South African social impact feature documentary, directed by award-wining filmmaker, Karin Slater, will have its world premiere at the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival in Cape Town and Johannesburg in June; with further festival screenings at the Durban International Film Festival and at the Nature, Environment, Wildlife Filmmakers (NEWF) Congress in Durban in July and at the Mzansi Women’s Film Festival in Johannesburg in August.

Set in the iMfolozi wilderness, South Africa, in the oldest game park in Africa, the iconic Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park, where the White Rhino was saved from extinction, Sisters of the Wilderness tells the story of five young Zulu women venturing into the wilderness for the first time on a journey of self-discovery, reminding them that we are all intimately linked to nature.

The film follows the women as they walk in big game country and camp under the stars, totally surrounded by wild animals. Exposed to the elements and carrying on their backs all they need for the journey, they face emotional and physical challenges, and learn what it takes to survive in the wild.

“We want to ‘transfer’ the audience to an ancient place where no barriers separate human and nature,” says creator / producer, Ronit Shapiro, of One Nature Films, whose experience in the iMfolozi wilderness and a meeting with South Africa’s legendary conservationist, the late Dr Ian Player, inspired her to make this film. “A journey into wilderness is an intense experience where one can expect to undergo a personal transformation and build leadership.”

Director Karin Slater says, “I was born in Empangeni and spent my early years, close to the iMfolozi wilderness. I have a deep love and connection to this area. I know what the wilderness has done for me over the years.”

Sisters of the Wilderness serves as a foundation for an outreach program that will use multiple platforms to re-connect global audiences with nature.

The film also explores the plight of this wilderness area threatened by an open-cast coal mine on its border, as well as the severe poaching that is decimating the rhino population here.

Shapiro has engaged London-based, Evolutionary Films, as the film’s international sales agency.

Screenings at Encounters in Cape Town are on 2, 6, 7 June and in Johannesburg on 10 June, Full details can be found on the following link

For more information go to

For Encounters :


For Durban International Film Festival –