Celebrity Acting Coach Michelle Danner Will Teach Golden Box In Cape Town

Celebrity Acting Coach to the Stars Michelle Danner is Traveling to South Africa to Teach! She will be holding 2 Master Acting Intensives Golden Box and the Junior Workshop at The Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town on September 20 – 22. Aspiring local actors can sign up for the class at info@edgemar.org or contact… Continue reading Celebrity Acting Coach Michelle Danner Will Teach Golden Box In Cape Town

Elocution And Accent Reduction

Elocution is speaking in a polished and professional way. Accent Reduction is when you reduce your current accent (Collard, African, Afrikaans, European, etc.) so that you can sound more neutral English like what you hear in South Africa. The course makes you aware of the sound system (or phonology) of a language or dialect: which… Continue reading Elocution And Accent Reduction

Casting For Commercials

1 DAY WORKSHOP Saturday, 2 March 2013 09h30  – 16h30 Cost:  R850 This workshop will provide participants with an in-depth look at the techniques required to prepare and cast successfully for all types of commercials. Workshop will cover: Where the actor / model fits in the commercial world. Preparation for a casting. Translate preparation into… Continue reading Casting For Commercials

Writing Studio Workshops

The ABC of Writing A Screenplay Turn fantastic ideas into big screen spectacle!  Calling all storytellers who would like to write for a visual medium, this motivational and inspirational workshop explores the art of visual narrative and the fundamentals of successful storytelling.  The workshop takes place at the studio in Green Point, Cape Town, on… Continue reading Writing Studio Workshops