Molly & Wors – Die Movie

Willie Esterhuizen and Lizz Meiring stars as Wors and Molly in Willie and Pieter Esterhuizen’s hilarious new Afrikaans family comedy “MOLLY & WORS – DIE MOVIE.”

Molly And Wors PosterWors is a loyal husband to Molly for the past 26 years. He is also father of two, Vaatjie (Gerhard Odendaal), his eldest who had to marry his pregnant girlfriend Shardonay (Cherie van der Merwe), and Blapsie (Karien Botha) his youngest who is almost engaged to boyfriend Hardus (Albert de Villiers) but not quite yet. Wors works at F1 Fitment Centre in Johannesburg. He is in line for the “Salesman of the Year” award. Not for the first time mind you, but he has yet to won the coveted award.

His two best friends are Melvin (Alvin Bruinders) and Neville Naidoo (Jai Parkash) who also happens to work with Wors at F1 Fitment Centre and his greatest supporters in his quest to become “Salesman of the Year”. Molly has her reservations about him winning, whilst his mother Ella (Marga van Rooy) only goes along for the free food and drinks at the award function. She knows for a fact that Wors won’t win. According to Ella Wors is “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”.

It comes as no surprise when Wors once again fails to win “Salesman of the Year”. He is so disappointed that he ends up in the loo. It is then that the CEO of F1 Fitment Centre announces their “Salesman of the Decade” winner. None other than Wors Visagie. Together with the Golden Battery trophy he also wins a trip to their new battery factory in Amsterdam, Holland.

One Banana Airways ticket is business-class and one is economy. Both Molly and Wors assume the business-class ticket is theirs. Ella refuses to speak with Wors because she should have been the chosen one. The only way Wors can keep her happy is by sending her off to Sun City for the week, something he is going to regret doing.

Melvin and Neville agrees to a “bon voyage” send-off party for Wors. Their venue of choice is a local strip club, the Lollipop Lounge. Wors gets caught up in the action, forgets about the time and only gets home way past midnight. From the Lollipop Lounge straight into the dog-box, no sweat.

Across town Bokkie Botha (Lelia Etsebeth) agrees to be Ace (Aubrey Mmkola) and Gawie’s (JC Snooke) drug mule. This is her first, but before her flight the air hostess Hester (Karen Wessels) advises her to dump the handbag with the drugs in the toilet.

Both Molly and Wors have a fear of flying and to counter that they take schedule six prescription medication, given to them by Molly’s boss Dr Proctor (Jurgen Helberg) to knock them out for the duration of the flight. Unfortunately their flight gets delayed and Wors just about makes it to his seat. Molly does not. She is found fast asleep in the ladies loo, with her head resting on a handbag full of drugs. Everyone assumes it is hers. Molly therefore wakes up, not in a business class seat on her way to Holland, but in a Kempton Park holding cell.

Nobody believes her story, least of all her arresting officer Sakkie (Danie Putter) and Thoko, the female police officer (Pumla Ndlazi). The judge (Joey Rasdien) sets Molly’s bail at R30,000. No one has that kind of money and she remains in jail.

Wors arrives in Holland and discovers that Molly has missed her flight. What he doesn’t know is that Molly is in jail. He can’t reach her or his family on their phones, but Melvin assures Wors that everything is hunky-dory and that he must enjoy his stay in Holland.  He takes his friend advice and does just that.

Whilst on a factory tour with the Dutch supervisor (Gerrit Schoonhoven) Wors is informed about the true state of affairs. He is sick with worry. He starts drinking and progress to smoking dope and ends up with not one, but two escorts in his hotel room. He rushes home in a state of shock.

He bails out Molly who holds him responsible for her being locked up in jail. She also discovers some incriminating photographic evidence on his cellphone about his escapades with the Dutch ladies. Molly tries to shoot Wors, but he manages to escape. Stark naked on his son’s scooter.

Molly wants a divorce as soon as she can get herself acquitted on the drug mule charge. Her lawyer (Marcel van Heerden) gives her lousy advice and it is only when Blapsie takes action, that they manage to get the charges against Molly dropped. She is proved innocent and is free to go.

She goes straight to her lawyer to sue Wors for a divorce. The lawyer suggests group therapy and intervention. Molly reluctantly agrees. There she discovers the true state of her marriage compared to some other poor souls. She and Wors reconcile and decide to go on a second honeymoon. More like their first, because they never had one. . .

The film is a hilarious family comedy, targeted specifically for the Afrikaans movie going audience. It is contemporary and truthful version of life in post World Cup South Africa.

The movie has a star-studded cast. Other actors in the film include Karin van der Laag as Savana the marriage councilor and Ben Kruger as the CEO of F1 Batteries. Wim Beukes plays Vleis, the undercover police officer that has to confiscate Wors’s Jeep to pay off Ella’s gambling debts.

Others include Liane Heyl as Kim, Fanie Cronjé as Hennie, Sulette Minnaar as Susan, Belinda Parkin as Martie, Hugh Mazibenza as Foghile, Peach van Pletzen as Piet Paramedic and Niel Sharim as Dan, the security guard at OR Tambo.

Some of the highlights include scenes which were filmed in and around Amsterdam. Filming also took place in East London, Kempton Park, Pretoria and vibrant and cosmopolitan Jo’burg. Last but not least, Long Beach, California, USA.

MOLLY & WORS – DIE MOVIE is an unpretentious and fun filled film and promise to deliver non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

This film was commissioned by kykNET.

Willie together with his brother Pieter Esterhuizen are the director/ producers.

Release Date : September 2013, nationally. Distributed by Nu Metro Films.

Genres: Afrikaans, comedy.

By Andrew Germishuys

Founder of SAMDB, Andrew has worked full time in the film industry since the early 2000's. He has trained as an actor, completing his LAMDA Gold Medal, and attending many courses in Cape Town acting studios, with masterclasses with some of the international industries top directors, producers and filmmakers. Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry. Catch him on Twitter: Instagram: IMDb:

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