The 5th Wave (DVD): Review

Film What if aliens came to Earth? What if they wanted our planet? Perhaps they’d come in waves that were increasingly deadly to humans, yet for the most part, left the Earth and human infrastructure untouched. As we are introduced to Cassie (Chloë Grace Moretz), we learn of the first four waves. Now, Cassie is… Continue reading The 5th Wave (DVD): Review

Loyiso Gola State Of The Nation (DVD): Review

Film Multi-award nominated Loyiso presents an hour long stand up, dealing with several current issues, and some history and culture from the Cape Town local. While the humour might go over the heads some of those who do not know the South African mixed culture, this does introduce some very true yet funny concepts about… Continue reading Loyiso Gola State Of The Nation (DVD): Review

Vir Altyd (DVD): Review

Film The story of childhood friends Nina (DonnaLee Roberts) and Hugo (Ivan Botha). The two have chosen different paths in life, and have been apart for several years. Now, Hugo returns home, and this visit coincides with a disaster at Nina’s wedding. She is left at the alter. With the help of copious amounts of… Continue reading Vir Altyd (DVD): Review

Room (DVD): Review

Film Room, the name given to the shed in which a young boy has been raised for the past several years, never knowing the outside world. Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and Ma (Brie Larson) are living in isolation, coming to be in this predicament through the evil deeds of Old Nick (Sean Bridgers). Room tells the… Continue reading Room (DVD): Review

Warcraft: Review

Based on the incredibly popular, and successful computer games by Blizzard Entertainment, after a very long wait, we are finally treated to a movie adaptation. The story of Warcraft, now told via the visual narrative of film. The Orc are fleeing their home to Azeroth, a peaceful realm. Now on the brink of war, the… Continue reading Warcraft: Review

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