Tiaan Massyn Pays Tribute To Johnny Clegg With New Single “The Crossing”

Afrikaans singer, accomplished businessman, and finalist in the Mr. South Africa competition of which the final will be taking place on 11 November 2023, Tiaan Massyn, releases new single titled “The Crossing”.  This inspiring song, originally written by the legendary late Johnny Clegg, is a heartfelt tribute to an icon of South African music culture.

Tiaan shared his feelings about the privilege of singing one of Johnny Clegg’s songs, saying, “It is such a great privilege for me to sing one of Johnny Clegg’s songs. He has been one of my favorite artists, and ‘The Crossing’ is one of my favorite songs.”

The production of this single involved a dedicated team of musicians, with Hugo Ludik and Brendan Ross Campbell at the helm of the production.

Regarding his decision to record this particular song, Tiaan said, “The song carries a beautiful message of hope, unity, and emphasizes the courage and strength that come forth when facing life’s trials. It also showcases South Africa’s diversity and our beautiful cultures. It unites us as South Africans, especially now that we stand stronger together than ever before and take pride in our country.”

Tiaan is optimistic about how the publis will receive the new single. “I believe the public will love the song. We tried to give it a modern touch, and we are very pleased with the result.”

The release of “The Crossing” promises to be a special moment in honor of Johnny Clegg’s legacy and a celebration of South Africa’s rich musical heritage.

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