Must-watch Trailer: “The Mommy Club” S2

The second season of The Mommy Club premieres on Showmax on 19 February 2024, with new episodes every Tuesday.

The Mommy Club, a reality series about Johannesburg’s most glamorous moms who seemingly have it all, is an all-access inside look at the lives of the rich and the people who help them build their empires and raise their children.

Season 2 features returning cast members Hermjesty, Mrs Mops, Nunurai and Ratile, who are joined by new faces Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Ntshangase.

The returning cast members opened up about what they will be bringing to the show in the second season.

Hermajesty feels like she let a lot of people down in the first season by not standing up for herself more.

“In the first season, I let a lot of things slide but now I am ready to stand up for myself at all times. If anyone wants to come at me sideways, they are going to get it ten times more. I am no longer going to put my feelings aside for the sake of peace; if it must burn, let it burn,” says Hermajesty.

Mrs Mops, who was accused of being an instigator, is in a peaceful state of mind.

“I am at a point where I do not care to prove myself to anyone. I am always a happy and positive person but sometimes people take that for granted. I will still be me: I will still be very classy and cordial with the ladies but if anyone wants to come for me, they might see my bad side, and trust me, it won’t be pretty,” says Mrs Mops. 

Nunurai shares how she has grown from her first season on the show.

“Coming into the new season, there is a certain level of growth in me. I am now very mindful of how I react to disrespect. I now take more time to react; I think I am no longer impulsive. I am just taking it easy and trying to be peaceful with everyone but trust me, if I am provoked, the old Nunurai will be back,” says Nunurai.

Ratile is all about having a positive state of mind leading into the second season.

“I decided to come back for another season to give more of myself because, in the first season, I felt like I held back. In the new season, I am hoping that viewers will see more of my family life, more of me being a mom, building genuine friendships and serving people that serve me,” shares Ratile.

The Mommy Club is produced by POP24, the same production company behind Kwa Mam’Mkhize S2, This Body Works For Me and Bae Beyond Borders.

Showmax has also just released the highly anticipated first episode of the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Durban. Chapter 4 kicks off with OG Sorisha bringing the ladies back together for some much-needed healing. But in true Housewives style, it won’t be easy…

Stream season one of The Mommy Club on Showmax now.

By Andrew Germishuys

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