Sharine Barnard, Rap Artist Joel Parker Collaborate On New Single

No one truly knows in advance how matters will unfold when falling in love. Sometimes it’s a messy situation that leaves hearts broken, and other times it surprises you.

It is love and its unpredictability that inspired Sharine Barnard’s, who is known for her deep philosophical music, latest single, WHILE YOU LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE.

“Love and being loved, both have good and bad elements. To love and be loved are two of the most important things we experience as humans, and play a significant role in who we are,” she explains. “Sometimes you find yourself loving someone who doesn’t feel the same – it’s part of growing up and the school of life. We all experience different aspects of love at different times. Love is just what it is.”

This track, self-written and produced with André de Jager, started out as a ballad about the various aspects of love.

Being closely involved in the lives of her own and other teenagers, Sharine frequently deals with broken hearts and the emotions that come with it. WHILE YOU LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE was born out of these young people’s conversations and experiences of love.

The decision to change the song from a ballad to a piece combining elements of R&B and rap happened spontaneously in studio when Sharine decided she wanted to try something different. Joel Parker, a rapper introduced to her by André, understood what she wanted to achieve, and the rest is history! They enjoyed working together so much that they plan to record a few more songs.

“When you start listening to the song, you assume it’s going to be a love ballad. But then Joel comes in with his magic and surprises you. It’s a beautiful track, with a simple melody and a catchy beat, telling a story that both young and old can relate to… and when the rapping starts, you will definitely be inspired to turn up the radio,” says Barnard.

WHILE YOU LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE is her eighth single and is part of ten songs that will appear on her new album, Words fail me (Part 1), available later this year.

Sharine grew up in Jan Kempdorp. Although always passionate about music, she only decided to pursue her music dream during lockdown, and her work has been well-received.

In addition to her love for music, this versatile woman – owner of Bagamoya Wildlife Estate – is also passionate about animals, providing a safe haven for lions, monkeys, and even a tiger.

Sport and health are also important to her, and she is currently preparing for the South African triathlon and duathlon championships.

She is also owner of an Ozone Therapy clinic – Ozone Clinic – currently undergoing transformation to better assist clients with health, sports performance, sports recovery, and other exciting elements.

Music has always been an integral part of who Sharine is, and she continues to use it to share her thoughts and touch people’s hearts.

WHILE YOU LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE is not only a perfect example of this, but also provides some valuable insight into the amazing work that can be expected from her in the future.

The song is now available online. Get it here:

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