Peoples’ Planet – a New Chapter in Enviro-Broadcasting on Openview

Peoples’ Planet – a New Chapter in Enviro-Broadcasting on Openview

“We’re on it” says Peoples’ Planet – with a dynamic new offering on Openview

TV Channel Peoples’ Planet makes a dynamic debut as a definitive destination for nature, adventure, eco sport, wildlife, science, and sustainability enthusiasts on Openview from 1 July 2024

Evolving out of the impactful PPL°WX (Peoples’ Weather) which began as a weather information channel 15 years ago, People’s Planet offers a planet-focussed channel that has everything to do with the environment and beyond.

“’We’re on it,’ is our tagline,” explains Stephan le Roux CEO and Owner of Peoples’ Planet and. PPL°WX. “This embodies a commitment to actively engaging in preserving and celebrating the outdoors. Whether it be beach clean-ups, wildlife conservation efforts, eco sports, and advocating for sustainability, we are dedicated to making a positive impact and fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world, and as such will offer a truly engaging range of subject matter in line with audience interests. The idea is that we take people on an exhilarating expedition, where the beauty of our planet takes centre stage, and hopefully, we can influence and encourage change-makers to help preserve our natural world.”

“We have partnered exclusively with Openview, owned by the eMedia group as it is a rapidly growing platform that shares the vision for sustainability and growth, making it the perfect partner to help us reach and inspire a broader audience.”

Openview launched in 2013 and is SA’s first free-to-air satellite service which requires a once-off decoder purchase, offering a variety of TV and Radio Channels, catering to all ages, races, and genders across South Africa. Openview provides world-class entertainment and programmes to more than 3.4 million homes in South Africa.

“We are excited about the upcoming changes and growth of the channel,” says Openview. “As a platform, we welcome engaging content that provides valuable and insightful information to our viewers. We are pleased to announce that we will maintain our partnership with People’s Planet. We are enthusiastic about consistently delivering relevant content to meet the needs of our Openview customers.

Programmes currently airing on PPL°WX such as Sailing Vessel Delos, Tiny Homes and Reptile Adventures will migrate to People’s Planet, and new series Baboon Diaries, Lion Whisperer, Eco Logic Awards, and the exciting Live Safaris with Wildearth will be aired. PPL°WX itself will be incorporated into People’s Planet and will focus solely on weather and climate.

Partners providing popular material for the channel include Wildearth, Wild Africa Fund, Waterbear, World Wild Life Fund, and Eco Logic Awards.

Peoples’ Planet will focus on African content, African stories, and activations that help to conserve the natural world – a place where people connect around a common ideal. From awe-inspiring wildlife encounters to mesmerizing documentaries exploring Earth’s most remote corners, the Channel promises an experience that educates, enlightens, and inspires a deeper connection with nature.

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