Openview Says Goodbye to Power-Up! Channel and Hello To Uninterrupted Entertainment

With recent improvements in power stability, Openview announces discontinuing the Power-Up! Channel (Channel 114 on Openview) from Monday, 8 July 2024. Launched as a beacon of light during the challenging times of load-shedding, Power-Up! provided 18 hours of daily entertainment, ensuring South Africans never missed their favourite shows. Now, uninterrupted entertainment will continue on

Power-Up! was an innovative solution to help viewers stay entertained despite the power outages. With load-shedding no longer affecting our lives, viewers can continue to enjoy their favourite shows as they air, experiencing the excitement of live viewing with friends and family. 

Marlon Davids, Managing Director of Channels: “We are thankful to our viewers for their ongoing support. Your engagement has been invaluable, and we are excited to bring you an even more thrilling prime-time experience. Our commitment to providing nonstop entertainment has always been unwavering and will continue to be so.”

Openview is SA’s first free-to-air satellite service, offering a variety of TV and radio channels catering to all ages, races, and genders across South Africa. Openview is currently in more than 3.5 Million Homes in South Africa. The decoder is purchased as a once-off cost and has no monthly payments, affording millions of South Africans access to world-class entertainment.

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By Andrew Germishuys

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