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Pixels: Review

For all those who enjoyed the innocent childhood of video games in the 80’s, Pixels will bring back some fond memories.

Aliens on another world misinterpret video footage of kids playing arcade games, and take it as a challenge to war. After a surprise attack, the people of Earth need to rely on the most unlikely group of heroes to protect the planet.

The film is thoroughly entertaining, and full of laughs. The humour is also not the usual you would associate with Adam Sandler (who plays Brenner, the hero of the story), but the humour is rather more linked to knowing about the video games represented in the story. It is also this reliance on these games that would cause a lot of the humour to go over the heads of any viewers who are not familiar with the whole video game culture and it’s history, and one is left wondering if the film was aimed at a younger audience due to the simplicity of the plot, or if it were aimed at an older audience, that they may reminisce the days gone by.

Pixels is still a very fun film though, and despite the lack of twists to the plot, it provides a great escape, and some light hearted laughter.

The action is over the top, but not violent, and draws its visual inspiration from the video gaming imagery that appears throughout the film.

Sandler is very much subdued in his role as Brenner, and while this is a matter of taste, it means his brand of comedy doesn’t overshadow the rest of the characters. Kevin James makes for an interesting US President, wish Michelle Monaghan as the love interest and support, and last but not least Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad as Brenner’s fellow gamers. The cast certainly enjoyed their roles, and this is evident. Now that remains is will the various audiences enjoy them just as much.

Pixels opens 24 July 2015 in South African cinemas.

By Andrew Germishuys

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