Stellar Cast Provides Plenty Of Laughs In New Mockumentary About Ageing Diva

‘To The Power of Anne’, a film in the faux-reality genre, tracks aging stage actress Anne Power’s struggle to revive her career and claw her way back into the limelight. The film shows what happens when Power has a reality television crew assigned to her as she auditions for the lead in a new theatrical production, ‘Woman of a Certain Age’.

“Comedy is at the heart of this film,” says director Robert Haynes. “My preference is for comedy that is awkward and irreverent, in the vein of the HBO series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. ‘To the Power of Anne’ is similarly a semi-improvised comedy based loosely on Anne’s life and personality as a star, and designed to poke a bit of fun at her. Another series that inspired me during the making of this film was ‘Modern Family’, which is also presented in mockumentary style, with the characters frequently talking to the camera.”

Director Robert Haynes
Director Robert Haynes

Power herself takes the lead in the film and stars as herself – one of South Africa’s most well-known theatre personalities, deftly and sometimes poignantly exploring what it means to turn 50 and be sidelined. She is supported by sitcom darling Terence Bridgett, who has starred in ‘Isidingo’, ‘7de Laan’, ‘Backstage’, ‘Zero Tolerance’, ‘Snitch’, ‘The Lab’ and the Canadian co-production, ‘Jozi H’. He has also appeared in a number of international feature films.

“Terence is known as a bit of a soap slut,” says Haynes. “He is in fact a delight to work with because he has had so much experience and is extremely professional. He also has an amazing grasp of comedy.”

Also appearing in the film is Wim Vorster, who has been involved in the entertainment industry since 1971 as actor, director, playwright, MC, stage manager and more.

“We are all close friends, so there was a lot of adlibbing throughout the making of the film,” says Haynes. “That has introduced even more comedy into the film than was originally scripted and gave us the opportunity to re-shoot certain scenes in a variety of different ways. As an editor by training, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of being able to choose from a number of different interpretations.”

The music for the film was chosen specifically to drive the narrative and comprises a range of standards and classics like ‘The Rose’ and ‘If You Go Away’, all suited to Power’s potent voice.

“The tracks have been re-worked and are relevant to what is taking place on screen,” adds Haynes.  He says that the film is a strong statement against ageism told in an acerbic and often hilarious way. “There is no reason why a gorgeous woman in her 50s should be unable to find work on the stage or on screen,” says Haynes. “The film highlights the harshness of the world of show business and also how important it is never to lose hope.”

To The Power of Anne will be released by Indigenous Film Distribution at selected cinemas on 29 March 2013.


Open Casting Call To Star In Afrikaans Film

The much-anticipated start of the Afrikaans film DIE WINDPOMP has commenced in Cape Town, and the producers and Nu Metro are searching for a young natural actress to star in the film.

In its search for new talent, ZenHQ Films is holding open call auditions simultaneously in Johannesburg and Cape Town on February 23. The audition is open to all Afrikaans speaking girls age 16 – 24, with or without acting experience to play the role of the beautiful and free spirited Margot.

Die Windpomp is a quirky, beautiful and endearing Afrikaans love story with an unexpected twist, and will be released nationwide this winter through Nu Metro.

Hopefuls need to first go to ZenHQ Films’ website at, click on the Open Call Auditions icon for more information, and email a recent photo and CV. Those selected will be sent a scene from the script to prepare and will be informed of the secret location of the audition.

ZenHQ Films is an award winning production company based in Cape Town with offices in Los Angeles, and has been involved in such film and TV projects as Stander, Hotel Rwanda, Clifton Shores, Charlie Jade, Darfur and the soon to be released films 3 Pegs and The Forgotten Kingdom.

For more information, and partnering with ZenHQ Films on the publicizing of Die Windpomp’s search for a star, contact Lee-Ann Cotton below in Cape Town.

Tel: 021-790-1737
Cell: 082-855-2529


UCT students chosen for Sundance Film Festival

Cape Town, 2013 – Two UCT students, Katey Carson and Dylan Bosman, have been invited to the Sundance Film Festival to have their short films screened at the GFS MasterClass Showcase. They are both presently entering their 3rd year of study at The Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town and are 2 of only 24 students who were selected for the Screen Production stream last year.  Both Katey and Dylan entered short films in a Google Plus initiative, called GFS MasterClass, the brainchild of the Ghetto Film School of LA. Their films, along with 6 other entries have been chosen to be showcased at the Sundance Film Festival this year.  Katey Carson’s The Washing Up and Dylan Bosman’s The Running Girl were the product of four weeks of intense preparation which culminated in two films that are expertly crafted and visually arresting.

The Sundance Film Festival, associated as much with its chairperson, Robert Redford, as the snowy mountain town, Park City, where it is annually held, is one of the biggest films festivals in the United States and a wonderful opportunity to showcase independent talent from America and around the globe. Directors who got their big break at Sundance include Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh and Darren Aronofsky to name but a few. The Ghetto Film School had an exclusive screening on the 17th January dedicated to the 8 GFS MasterClass competition finalists, where a panel of producers, actors and directors could give feedback on their films. The Sundance Festival is running from 17th – 27th January 2013.

Katey Carson (2nd from right) and Dylan Bosman (3rd from right) at the Sundance Film Festival with other young filmmakers from around the world
Katey Carson (2nd from right) and Dylan Bosman (3rd from right) at the Sundance Film Festival with other young filmmakers from around the world

Fighting 4 Film / Model Academy / Actor’s Gallery workshops

If you take your acting craft seriously, or wish to make a career out of modelling, these workshops are for you.

Fighting 4 Film

Learn the techniques required to become camera ready for those more physical roles. With several successful runs, many of our graduates have gone on to be cast in some great action roles.

Edited disc with class footage, certificate of completion, and a year’s complimentary Gold on SAMDB included.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking.

SAMDB workshops
SAMDB workshops

Model Academy

The SAMDB Model Academy was launched in order to provide a grounding for those wishing to enter the modelling industry, and to guide them from a young age. The Model Academy workshop is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16 (age exceptions allowed,.with prior consultation).

Disc with edited webcast, certificate of completion and a year’s Gold membership on the SAMDB or TAW website.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking.

model academy flyer

Actor’s Gallery Shoot

The Actor’s Gallery shoot provides actors with versatile film-scene stills for online presence, armed with the tools to be noticed by  directors and producers.

The shoot includes 4 choreographed / directed scenes, with prior styling advice and edited images supplied by photographer on disc. Accessories can be hired from The Little Hattery / MIL.SPEC. Participants will also receive a year’s Gold membership on the SAMDB or TAW websites.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking. Additional deposits may be required in order to secure accessories / props.


Fighting 4 Film – R1800

Model Academy – R4200

Actor’s Gallery – R3500

Fighting 4 Film & Actor’s Gallery package – R4500

20% discount to all SAGA members.


2 – 6 April 2013


ACT, Cape Town, Loop Street.


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February 14th – A Love Story, More or Less

february14thFEBRUARY 14TH, a romantic comedy-drama by Jeremeo Le Cordeur, depicts the interlacing relationships and romances of eleven characters within a series of vignettes on Valentine’s Day. The play delves into what this day may mean, and how various individuals approach love and its tribulations. It is a love story. More or less …

Vulture Productions, founded by Le Cordeur in 2010, brings this fresh 90-minute production to Cape Town for the first time, with the hope to inspire audiences to re-evaluate love in their lives.


Venue: Artscape Arena, D F Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town

Dates:  05 February – 16February 2013, 8:15pm (except Sundays and Mondays)

Price:   R80   Monday – Thursday
R90   Fridays & Saturdays
R140 Couples
R65   Pensioners & Students

Tickets available through Computicket

 Cast:    Clayton Evertson, Shamilla Ismael, Kelly Eve Koopman, Jeremeo Le Cordeur, Richard Lothian, De Wet Nagel, Taryn J Nutt, Sabine Palfi, Luke Tyler, Ambrose Uren, and Aidan Whytock

Story & Direction: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

Presented by: Vulture Productions

Supported by: Shoestring Studios, Lindt and Sir Juice

Preferred Twitter Hashtag: #feb14th


New partnership holds promise for Eastern Cape arts sector

A new partnership between the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown and the Mandela Bay Development Agency brings benefits to artists from Port Elizabeth and surrounds.

Artists from Port Elizabeth and its surrounding areas are set to walk under a bigger spotlight at this year’s National Arts Festival, the result of an exciting partnership that has been brokered between the Festival and the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), an entity of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality (NMBM). Central to the partnership is a strategic relationship that will offer increased visibility and capacity-building opportunities for Port Elizabeth artists participating at the Festival. The recently revamped Little Theatre at the Athenaeum will also be one of the beneficiaries of the project, which will consider ways in which Fringe productions visiting the Festival can also present their work at the small intimate venue in the Athenaeum.

The partnership between the Festival and the MBDA will enable fifty musicians from the Port Elizabeth Youth Violin Project a dynamic opportunity of participating in a “Festival Encounter”. The young violinists will be scheduled for a performance at the Festival and be given the opportunity of attending other Festival concerts. They will also attend a workshop led by leading Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner Samson Diamond (2010) and other musicians. The workshops will offer guidance on playing techniques and life-skills that are essential for young people who intend to pursue a career in the music sector.

In addition, at least one major arts project from Port Elizabeth will be presented on the Festival’s Main programme. Details about this production will be released when the Festival officially announces its programme in April.

“With so many on-going inspiring cultural developments in the Mandela Bay, this partnership is crucial to profile the creative economies of Port Elizabeth and its surrounding areas to a captive audience of passionate art lovers who come via Port Elizabeth to the Festival from all over South Africa and the world. This is a major step towards positioning Port Elizabeth as a mainstream player in the South African arts sector. I’m delighted that the Festival and the MBDA can work together with a shared vision”, the Festival’s Artistic Director Ismail Mahomed said.

“The MBDA is thrilled to be partnering with the National Arts Festival. It marks the culmination of a three year programme of investment in the Arts, through the implementation of Route 67, a public art driven tourism infra-structure project. The Agency is committed to supporting the growth of the creative economy of the Metro, as a tool for urban renewal and place making. Being part of a world class event such as the National Arts Festival is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the creative talent in Nelson Mandela Bay.” Planning and Development Manager of the Mandela Bay Development Agency, Dorelle Sapere said.

The agreement between the Mandela Bay Development Agency and the National Arts Festival was signed at the Athenaeum in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday 30 January 2013.

The National Arts Festival is sponsored by Standard Bank, The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, Eastern Cape Government, Department of Arts and Culture, City Press and M Net.



The tricky question of lobola is at the heart of a delightful new comedy releasing in cinemas on 1 March 2013. ‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’, a contemporary romantic comedy about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society, looks at what happens when Fanie Fourie (Eduan van Jaarsveld), an Afrikaans guy and Dinky Magubane (Zethu Dlomo) a Zulu girl, fall in love and have to navigate their way through the complicated process of the age-old African custom of lobola.


Although their relationship begins as a bit of a joke to annoy their irritating families, soon Dinky and Fanie find that they are bonded by their feelings for each other, a shared sense of humour and a desire for something more than their parents’ expectations of them. But as they navigate their way through lobola their relationship falls apart.

Negotiating lobola – the process when a man or his family pays a certain amount to the bride’s family in order to obtain the right for the man to marry their daughter – can be a recipe for disaster in even the best of circumstances, which these certainly are not. The film explores how two families who come from entirely different cultural backgrounds can find a way to make the negotiations work.

“In both Afrikaans and Zulu cultures, family comes first,” says producer Kweku Mandela. “Fanie has to go along with a member of his family to negotiate an agreement. Naturally, his relatives have no idea where to begin, so Fanie takes along his khaki-clad uncle and the family’s trusted gardener Petrus. In the tradition of lobola, Petrus has no personal interest in the negotiations and only wants to do the best for Fanie and his future wife.”

Cows and cash are equally prized when it comes to lobola, but many modern families today choose cash simply because of convenience. In the film, Dinky’s father Dumisani – played with much aplomb by the legendary Jerry Mofokeng — demands 30 cows from Fanie for Dinky, with some very funny results, given that he lives in a township and not on a farm.

From Dinky’s point of view, lobola is an outdated custom and she has many conflicting emotions around it. An aspiring businesswoman with a mind of her own, she finds the whole process a little distasteful. But the traditionalist Dumisani insists on it because it is intended to create a bond between the two families – that of the bride and of the groom.

“What makes lobola so important for him is that it is based on mutual respect and dignity, and through the process, the love between the man and woman is expanded to include the immediate and extended families,” says Mandela. “But, like all traditional customs, it is open to abuse and distortion in the modern world and Dumisani himself proves to be a little greedy.”

When the negotiations collapse and Fanie is sent packing, his mother welcomes him back to the fold, telling him that lobola has taught him he is not African. In a heart-rending moment, he responds, “If we’re not African, what are we doing here?” Finally seeing what Dinky means to her son, Louise encourages Fanie to try to win her back.

Filled with humorous but hard-hitting social commentary, ‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’ was inspired by the book of the same name, written by Nape à Motana. A Sepedi, he writes the book from an Afrikaner’s perspective, and deals with the subject of inter-racial relationships with humour and candour.

The film is the first from Once Upon a Story, a script development initiative headed by veteran industry leader Paul Raleigh and Janine Eser, which aims to take great South African stories to the big screen and the world. It is directed by Henk Pretorius (‘Bakgat!’, ‘Bakgat! 2’) and is produced by Out of Africa Entertainment, the production company behind ‘Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival to 2010’ and ‘The Bang Bang Club’.

Official website:


TACIT for Lucky Lucy Foundation

TACIT reaches out with hearts, voices and guitar strings for charity.

TACIT is putting their soul-capturing talents together the 16th of February at the Jamrock Theatre in Brackenfell to raise funds for the Luck Lucy Foundation. Freshly back from over international waters the six musicians are
determined to put together a phenomenal one night only show to express their support and help lift the financial burden on this important organization.

TACIT has been dubbed by United Arab Emirates media as the best band in Bahrain, and possibly the UAE. Their music is a collection of passion, creativity and honed skill. It is influenced by various genres ranging from jazz, to rock, to blues. Every performance is a journey through some of the world’s greatest music – reminiscing the classics from Bon Jovi; Queen; Whitney
Houston; Bryan Adams; Michael Jackson; and Tina Turner to keeping up to date with the Top 40 such as hits from Lady Gaga; Maroon 5; Bruno Mars; Jason Derulo; Chris Brown; to David Guetta.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to relieve the plight of cruelly neglected and abused township and street animals. The foundation also aim to socially uplift and educate needy and underprivileged children and people around Cape Town. They have been improving the lives of animals and families since its commencement in 2010.
Booking is essential as no tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets available from Santina at 083 703 4240.
There will be a cash bar and guests are welcome to bring their own snacks or platters.

All proceeds goes to the foundation.

Date: 16th February 2013
Venue: Jamrock Theatre
Address: Shop 57, Brackenfell Shopping Centre, Old Paarl Road, Brackenfell, 7560
Time: Doors Open 19:00
Cost: R120 per ticket
Tickets available from Santina at 083 703 4240



AFDA Film Nominated For Student Oscar

Kanye Kanye, a fourth year students’ film is the AFDA (the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Student Short Film.  Kanye Kanye is a romantic comedy that deals with a forbidden love affair between two young township teenagers.  The film is directed by Miklas Manneke whose 3rd year film Electricity, won a number of awards in 2012.

“The wonder of film is the ability to change the world by creating another” says Miklas Manneke, who is thrilled with the nomination. “It is an honour for everyone involved in the making of Kanye Kanye, to be selected on this international platform to represent AFDA film school as student’s at the beginning of our careers, especially considering the high standard of the Student Oscars. It is great to know that my voice has had an impact on an audience and that I could bring a drop of enjoyment to the world from a South African point of view.”

Kanye Kanye won 9 AFDA GOLD Awards at the annual awards including sound design, visual effects, editing, production design, costume- make-up- and styling, screenplay, directing, acting and cinematography.

Kanye Kanye is a reflective short film by a student director and team whose attention to detail has made it a work of art which will resonate world-wide,” says Gina Bonmariage, Postgraduate Course Director AFDA Johannesburg.

The Academy Student Awards are held in Los Angeles in June at the Academy of Motion Picture and sciences building, the same building where AFDA received their first OSCAR award in 2006 for best foreign student short film Eleleni.

Kanye Kanye has also been nominated as the AFDA candidate for best fiction film for the CILECT (International Film School Association) Awards, along with the AFDA Cape Town documentary Crumbs in the documentary category and the third year Cape Town animation Like Clockwork in the best animation category.

“Although the Oscar award is by far the most prestigious of all student awards, the CILECT Award is possibly one of the most difficult awards to win as it is contested by over 100 of the world’s top film schools, “ says AFDA co-founder and CILECT executive board member Garth Holmes, “but our congratulations to all the films that have been nominated – it’s a rare honour and we look forward to the results in the near future.”



Job Opportunities, Cape Town to CFC members.

Please see below for job opportunities that are currently available via the Cape Film Commission Membership.


Cape Town based film production company requires a creative part-time sound engineer with knowledge of Protools 10 to do final mix in post production for a children’s educational program. Chosen candidate should be available immediately and will be required to work at least twice a week. Experience is essential.


Required specifically for working with Adobe After Effects (or similar motion software). This is for a small independent production company based in Rosebank, Cape Town.

The job entails adding motion to still media (newspapers and photographs) as part of a documentary project.

Own editing set-up required

A show-reel of similar work is required

Modest remuneration offered on a contract basis


A camera man is required to film a graduation ceremony for one of the sessions (3-4 hours of footage + stills) on Saturday, 26 January. Must have own equipment. R2-3.5K (for labour and finished product)

If you are interested please forward your CV with the position you are applying for in the subject line, no later than 16h00 Friday 25th January to

(If you have sent us your CV in the last month just respond your interest in the position stating that your CV has been previously sent).