Wonder Woman : Review

Receiving her very own solo-story, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Triple 9, Furious 7) returns to our screens in this telling of the origin of the female hero.

Starting as a young child, Diana knows nothing of the fate that awaits her, and the journey she will take as Wonder Woman. Princess of the Amazons, she is trained in the art of the warrior. One day, years later, a pilot crashes into the ocean that surround the hidden island of Themyscira. The pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine – Star Trek Beyond, Hell or High Water, The Finest Hours), tells of a terrible war waging around the globe. A war to end all wars. Believing this to be the evil Ares, the treacherous son of Zeus, and Diana’s half-brother.

Beginning with the bright cinematic colours and setting on the island, the mood of the film changes in keeping with the tone and visuals as the heroes journey first to London, and then on to the war front to fight. As usual, too many cinemas in South Africa are far too dark to appreciate this in 3D, so again, patrons should vote with their feet, and only attend those cinemas where one can actually see what is going on. Either that, or avoid the 3D. Tell your cinema manager you will not tolerate poor 3D quality!

But, back to the excellent film at hand. Gal Gadot is splendid as the heroin. As Diana she is elegant, feminine, but as danger nears and she fights as superhero Wonder Woman, this is transformed into a lean, mean fighting machine. The fights are realistic though, opting less for the far fetched scenes that have been over-used in films of late, and favouring the realistic, while still maintaining the edge a superhero must have, as Diana learns about her own powers and strengths, and begins to use them against the forces of evil.

With a plot laden with exposition of an origin story, it still manages to keep things straight forward and easy to follow. The forthcoming Justice League will need to pull off a great coup to top this film, which most certainly bests the Superman v Batman and solo Superman films of late.

Wonder Woman is a fun film for the whole family, sure to be loved and watched by a wide audience, not to mention garnering some online attention due to its girls-only screenings. But it is most certainly worthy of all the praise it has received, and will certainly be receiving much more, as fan rush to see this new adventure.

The film opens 2 June 2017 in South African cinemas.


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By Andrew Germishuys

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