It’s Mystery Season On History

History Channel Africa on DStv 186, unlocks Mystery on HISTORY®, scheduling a slate of fan favourites and brand-new seasons of popular shows all the way through to December. Viewers can look forward to the return of big names like Laurence Fishburne and William Shatner, amongst others, in pursuit of the  real story behind historic disappearances, age-old secrets, UFO sightings and alien conspiracies.

 The second season of Curse of Skinwalker Ranch S2 kicks off Mystery season, every Friday at 19h25. Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch has famously been the site of hundreds of reports of paranormal and UFO activities for more than 200 years. Astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor and a team of scientists and researchers attempt to unveil the secret of the notorious Skinwalker Ranch.

America’s Book of Secrets S4 With Lance Reddick  premieres on Sundays  from 10 October at 20h15. The series, hosted by film and television star, Lance Reddick from the gritty police drama, ‘The Wire’ is an hourly, non-fiction series that tells the fascinating truths behind some of the most famous and infamous stories in American and world history. Each episode goes behind the scenes to reveal never before seen stories, secrets and insights—delving far deeper than any “authorised tour” or “official report.”

The UnXplained 2, on 15 October  at 19h25, sees the return of the iconic and much-loved William Shatner in an all new season. The relentless Shatner who turned 90 in March, continues his quest to find the answers behind popular mysteries and phenomena. From delving into the stories of great impostors who are both daring and baffling, to probing the five senses and finding the answer to whether humans really have a mysterious “6th sense,” Shatner  will explore it all.

 Academy Award nominee and acclaimed actor Laurence Fishburne, famous for The Matrix and John Wick movies, is also back on Sundays to host History’s Greatest Mysteries. Starting on November 14, the investigative weekly specials take the world’s most well-known mysteries and challenges everything we know about them. Featuring amongst others – a still ongoing investigation on the death of  martial artist, actor and pop culture icon Bruce Lee who died in 1973 at the age of 32, and the story of  illusionist Harry Houdini and the magic behind his death-defying tricks.

The age-old question of whether aliens really exist is explored in fan favourite Ancient Aliens S13 making a comeback to the channel on 11 December at 19h25. The season finds our ancient alien theorists in search of proof that extra-terrestrials inhabited the earth thousands of years ago and shaped mankind as we know it. As humanity prepares to establish colonies beyond earth, are we simply realising mankind’s future or returning to its extra-terrestrial past? And when humans become the alien visitors on other planets, what or whom will we encounter?

Following on this theme is The Proof Is Out There, starting on 11 December at 20h15. Each episode analyses and passes verdicts on several seemingly impossible things “caught on film”, including giant beasts, UFOs, apocalyptic sounds, hairy humans, alleged mutants from the deep and many other cases. Host and veteran journalist Tony Harris takes nothing for granted in his search for answers, tracking down eyewitnesses, putting each photo or film through a battery of tests, calling out the hoaxes, and highlighting the most credible evidence found.

Rounding out the Mystery season on the HISTORY channel, is the definitive special Ancient Aliens Meets William Shatner at 20h15 on 12 December. Presenter, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the biggest advocate of the “pseudo archaeological” theory that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans, pairs up with the iconic Captain Kirk of ‘Star Trek’ fame. The once off two-hour show with the man who “boldly goes where no one has gone before” finds Shatner and Giorgio together with the Ancient Aliens team exploring and interrogating everything from human origins to ground-breaking archaeological finds.

Unlock the secrets of the world’s greatest mysteries with the History Channel and open the door to gripping content.

By Andrew Germishuys

Founder of SAMDB, Andrew has worked full time in the film industry since the early 2000's. He has trained as an actor, completing his LAMDA Gold Medal, and attending many courses in Cape Town acting studios, with masterclasses with some of the international industries top directors, producers and filmmakers. Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry. Catch him on Twitter: Instagram: IMDb: