Disney Channel December 2021 Highlights


Series Premiere
Weekdays from 6 December at 15:15
Premiere episodes from 6th to 21st December

From the creators who brought us Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir come this animated series set in New York. You can find all the action every weekday this month with premiere episodes Mondays to Fridays from 6th to 21st December at 15:15

Liv, Andy and Michael are three junior high school students who, unbeknownst to their friends and family, form the Ghost Force. A superhero team who have one main objective; keeping the City of New York safe from feral and mischievous ghosts who wish to take over the city.

In the first of this month’s premiere episodes, Bananice/Pharaok (Monday 6th December at 15:15), Andy and Drake’s basketball rivalry awakens Bananice, a ghost that freezes everything in its wake. Then, the team battle a pharaoh ghost dead-set on turning everyone into mummies.

New series launches with premiere episodes on Mondays to Fridays, from 6th to 21st December at 15:15, on Disney Channel.


Season premiere episodes
Weekdays 9th to 31st December at 14:50
Premiere episodes 9th to 27th December

Hop to your screens this December when season three of the popular frog-out-of-water animated comedy Amphibia premieres with new episodes on Mondays to Fridays from 6th to 27th

December at 14:50.

Amphibia is a frog-out-of-water animated comedy series that chronicles the adventures of 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy, who is magically transported to the fantastical world of Amphibia, a rural marshland full of frog-people. There she meets an excitable young frog named Sprig Plantar, his unpredictable sister Polly and overprotective grandpa Hop Pop. With Sprig’s help, Anne will transform into a hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.

In the first of this month’s premiere episodes, The New Normal(Monday 6th December at 14:50),Anne and the Plantars get transported to Earth and try to adjust to a wild new environment.

Season three of Amphibia launches with premiere episodes on Mondays to Fridays from 6th to 27th December at 14:50 on Disney Channel.


Programming event
Fridays throughout December at 17:00, repeated at 10:40 on Saturday and 15:45 on Sunday

Disney Channel’s Friday feast for film fans continues throughout December. This month we have a festive special premiere of brand-new DCOM Christmas Again. We kick things off with a certified Disney classic and all-time favourite High School Musical. Catch our marvellous movies every Friday at 17:00, repeated on Saturday at 10:40 and at 15:45 on Sunday.

High School Musical (Friday 3rd December at 17:00) Troy is best known as the player who keeps the East High basketball team on the scoreboard. Of course, life isn’t always about athletics, though, and as Troy slam dunks on the boards, beautiful and brainy Gabriella is raising the reputation of East High as the key member of the school’s successful academic team. Despite their outgoing natures, no one would ever peg Troy and Gabriella as theatre types. When word gets out that this popular pair has secretly chosen to reach for the stars and try their luck on the stage, the students of East High are about to learn an important lesson in teamwork while gearing up for a musical performance that will have their audience dancing in the aisles.

High School Musical 2 (Friday, 10th December at 17:00) The “Wildcats” of East High School are ready for fun now that they are on summer break. Troy is thrilled when he is offered a job at a club, but it’s all part of Sharpay’s plan to keep him from Gabriella. How will it all end? All questions will be resolved in the club’s Talent Night.

Miraculous New York: United Heroez (Friday, 17th December at 17:00) Marinette’s class heads to New York, the city of superheroes, for French-American Friendship Week. The whole class is there except Adrien, whose father refuses to let him go!

In Christmas Again (Friday 24th December at 17:00), Rowena “Ro” is a high-spirited teenager who is experiencing a lacklustre Christmas. Ro isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well. She wants her life back the way it was—her parents back together, her dad’s new girlfriend and son out of the picture, and their family traditions to remain the same. After a disappointing celebration with her family, including her sister Gabriela “Gabby,” Abuela Sofia and Abuelo Hector, she makes a wish to a neighbourhood Santa for a “do-over” and unexpectedly finds herself reliving Christmas day over and over … and over again. Now, in order to break the strange magical loop, Ro must learn to appreciate her loving family as it is, as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

Cheetah Girls (Friday, 31st December at 17:00) Four New York teens facing the challenges of growing up as they dance and sing their way toward that elusive record deal. As the girls are gearing up to rehearse for the school talent competition, they’re discovered by famous record producer Jackal Johnson. But the feisty foursome soon learns that their big break is not what they expected. Jackal wants to remake them into something they’re not. Ultimately, the path to stardom challenges their friendship and the girls must find a way to come together in order to achieve their dreams. 

Look forward to great Disney viewing with movies for the whole family on Fridays throughout December at 17:00, repeated on the following Saturday at 10:40, and Sunday at 15:45, on Disney Channel.


Monday to Saturday, 20th to 25th December

Christmas week promises a festive feast of Disney programming kicking off with classic Disney movies and Christmas themed episodes of some favourite shows.

The week starts with classic Disney movies on weekdays at 11:05.

Cloud 9 (Monday, 20th December at 11:05) stars Dove Cameron as a snowboarder thrown out of her team and is forced to train with Will, a former snowboarding champion whose reputation went down the drain after a failed performance.

Full Court Miracle (Tuesday, 21st December at 11:05) is inspired by the true story of University of Virginia Cavaliers basketball star Lamont Carr, the film centers on a group of young Jewish basketball players who search for a coach to help them out of a slump.

Twas the Night (Wednesday, 22nd December at 11:05) Mischievous 14-year-old Danny and his irresponsible uncle Nick almost ruin Christmas when they decide to take Santa’s new high-tech sleigh for a joyride

The Ultimate Christmas Present (Thursday, 23rd December at 11:05)

Young Allie steals a weather machine from Santa Claus, to make a snow day. The machine breaks and causes an out-of-control snowstorm.

Good Luck Charlie: The Roadtrip Movie (Friday, 24th December at 11:05) The Duncan family’s Christmas trip goes awry when mom Amy and Teddy are separated from the rest of the family en route to stay with their grandparents for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Friday, 24th December there is a block of Christmas-themed episodes of various favourites from 13:40 to 17:00.

The frivolity starts with festive Bunk’d episodes at 13:40. In ‘Secret Santa’, Ravi’s advice to Emma and Lou on their CIT gift exchange doesn’t go as imagined. Meanwhile, Zuri, Xander, Jorge and Tiffany run into a disgruntled man they are convinced is Santa and must work together to save Christmas.

There are back-to-back episodes of Jessie from 15:45 to 16:35. In ‘Christmas Story, Morgan and Christina get stuck in a snowstorm and the family fears they won’t make it home in time for Christmas, while Jessie is left with shopping for the kid’s Christmas presents. When Jessie takes the kids to the mall to see Santa, they have a run-in with his mischievous elves.

By Andrew Germishuys

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