Music Video of Petronel Baard and Johan Liebenberg’s Duet “Mag Jy” Available Now

Since the release of the remarkable musicians Petronel Baard and Johan Liebenberg’s soulful duet, MAG JY, at the end of 2023, the music world has been buzzing with delight.

Not only is this alternative creation, written by Helena Marais, popular among Afrikaans music lovers, but it is also regularly played by major radio stations across the country, including Bok Radio and Pretoria FM.

It is clear that this rendition by Schalk Maas and David Cruickshank, described by Baard as a blessing and a reminder of love, has truly captivated the imagination of music enthusiasts and critics alike.

Such a special song, with such a powerful message, naturally deserves to be further celebrated, and therefore the couple has decided that the time is right to share the music video with fans.

This remarkable video, sure to resonate with both young and old, was filmed by Efpe Senekal at various selected locations in Klein Brak River in the Mossel Bay environment.

“Efpe is truly a great storyteller with films, especially music videos that need to visually convey a song’s message in a short time,” shares Petronel.

The theme of the song is inspired by the birth of Helena’s friend’s daughter and how special it was for her to witness a new life entering the world, with all the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. This concept is also used in the video.

“Two little boys, real buddies in real life, play in the mud and sea, camp, and help each other climb on a train bridge, roast marshmallows by the fire, and have fun like only children can. It is combined with Johan and me, singing in a beautiful studio setting,” she explains. “The message emphasizes that life, born from childhood memories of friendship, support, and companionship, never fades, and one continues to wish good wishes for those you care about.”

Petronel Baard, a passionate cabaret artist with a soothing storytelling voice, has made a significant impact on the music industry over the past twenty-five years and has been honoured with numerous awards. When not singing, this versatile woman also works as a mentor for ATKV-Crescendo and produces her own stage productions, performed at major arts festivals. Tweeluik, a delightful word art and music journey with writers Chanette Paul and Jan van Tonder, as well as singer Alzanley, will be performed at KKNK on 23 and 26 March.

Johan Liebenberg made his debut on the Barnyard stage as a guitarist in 2004, but his singing talent was quickly discovered, leading to him being approached in 2009 to perform Neil Diamond and Céline Dion tribute shows. Over the years, he has not only collaborated with various musicians on their and his albums but also shared the stage with many celebrities. This year, he will also be part of the entertainment on the popular Bokboot.

Due to public demand, Petronel and Johan will join forces on 16 April 2024, for their very first live performance together, titled Nana & Friends. During this exciting concert, their musical influences will be honoured in an intimate theatre setting, with guitar and piano. Music from Nana Mouskouri, Piaf, Keith Urban, Leonard Cohen, as well as several original works, including an acoustic version of MAG JY, will be performed. With Schalk Maas on the harmonica, it promises to be a very special evening.

Tickets are available on Die Boer’s website at

MAG JY is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Get it here:

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