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“Sunday’s sting operation targeting bike theft syndicates is another reminder of the selfless commitment of many to fighting the crime scourge. It also offers a glimpse of the extraordinary skillset – including in the private sector – available to law enforcement. As we welcome a new Cabinet to the Union Buildings, let’s hope those in the Security Cluster lean on an impressive human resource not yet fully tapped.” -John Webb, Executive Producer

Broken Barriers

In Molepolole, the largest village in Botswana, 44 identical graves lie side-by-side in the community cemetery. The burial site stands as a memorial for the scores of people killed in a horrific bus crash across the border in South Africa. Just days before the start of the Easter celebrations, busloads of worshippers travelled from across Southern Africa to Moria in Limpopo for the annual ZCC pilgrimage. But these Batswana pilgrims and their bus driver never made it to the sacred place of worship. Instead, the speeding bus plunged over the bridge on the Mmamatlakala Pass. There was just one survivor – an eight-year-old girl who escaped with just minor injuries. But what really happened on the bridge? This dangerous hairpin bend on the R518 has become notorious for serious accidents and, while the authorities have suggested speeding as the primary cause of the crash, could something else have contributed to the tragic outcome? Now, Carte Blanche examines the state of the barriers before the accident on Maundy Thursday.

Producer: Kate Barry | Presenter: Lourensa Eckard

Bikes and Bandits

In Gauteng, high-end motorbikes are in demand. Gangs move through suburbs in the dead of night, scouting neighbourhoods for these valuable bikes. Homing in on their target, cracking locks, disabling alarms – they’re masters of their craft. And as quietly as they arrive, they vanish into the darkness with their hot property. The bikes are offloaded on the black market in neighbouring countries through a network of cross-border connections ensuring they disappear for good. Now, a team of private security investigators are on the gangs’ trail and Carte Blanche has exclusive access to this exhilarating takedown.

Producer: Nicky Troll | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli

The Floating Library

In early May, the Logos Hope – a large ship that has been travelling around the world – docked at Durban Harbour. Comprising a crew of mostly volunteers, the Logos Hope is no ordinary vessel. It’s a floating library. With over 5000 book titles covering subjects that range from science to medicine and even children’s literature, it’s a book lovers’ dream. Now, the Logos Hope has moved to Cape Town, where avid bookworms can also get a chance to get their heads stuck in.

Producer: Anina Peens | Presenter: Erin Bates


All Eyes on GNU… and Cattle

It’s official: the ANC, DA and IFP have formally signed an agreement to form a Government of National Unity. But what does it all mean? How the MK Party overplayed its hand… Then, the struggle for ministerial positions continues, and we can’t help but wonder whether politicians have forgotten about the people. Later, a race against time as cases of mpox are on the rise. We also look at why Transnet is crying foul of a World Bank report. And why should cattle farmers paint eyes on their animals’ backsides? We find out.

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Cyclist Collissions

On our roads, the tussle between motorists and cyclists can have devastating consequences. But when a drunk driver causes a serious accident in the Western Cape, one cyclist fights for justice.

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Child Soldiers

In March this year, a 14-year-old boy from the Cape Flats was shot and wounded by a rival gang. But in the months since the shooting, he’s been less concerned about ensuring his safety by staying away from the gangs than he has with plotting his revenge. From working as a spotter to drug peddling, ‘Ashley’ has been rising through the ranks of a notorious gang for much of his life. Now he’s eager to graduate into becoming a feared enforcer. In many parts of the country, Ashley’s story isn’t unique; he’s one of thousands of children forced to abandon their toys and enter a life beyond their years – of guns and drugs and bloodshed. Carte Blanche meets some of the country’s most dangerous children.

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Madswimmers Trek the Himalayas

It was an ambitious climb into uncharted territory. A treacherous 15-day ascent on the icy slopes of Mount Putha Hiunchuli in the Himalayas. But a determined group of South Africans, aptly nicknamed the Madswimmers, were undeterred in their mission to complete the highest altitude swim ever recorded. The team – made up of people with no experience climbing steep mountains – faced harsh icy conditions, battled wind and snow, and navigated dangerous crevasses that threatened to collapse beneath them. Their reward? A three-minute-long dip in chillingly cold water to set a new world record. Carte Blanche travelled to Kathmandu to meet up with the Madswimmers.

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