Neil Sandilands Releases New Album, “Land & Sand”

his album, “Land & Sand”, came to life as an effort to evaluate and optimize the normal course of things. There was a lot of uncertainty & confusion, haha. Bellville Studios is relocating to Cape Town; this would be the last album ever made at the renowned Bellville Studios. The timing was crucial and turned out to be poetic, since I could create “Land & Sand” with my longtime friend and producer, Theo Crous. The album was completed within three weeks, and it was “MAIN”.

Secondly, there’s the upcoming “Land & Sand” tour, which starts on 27 June 2024, and ends on 4 August 2024. Our goal with the “live performances” of my work, is to always keep it new and fresh. It made sense to get new creations into the studio as quickly as possible, so they could reach eager ears in tandem with the tour. Of course, we’ll also be performing some of the more well-known, older works, but this adds “crisp & fresh” to the set-list.

Here are handy links where you can get tickets, as well as the tour schedule:

The songs on this album were literally ALL I had in my back pocket at the time – which I could offer in a somewhat complete form – amidst other television & film commitments. It’s perhaps a more direct and personal glimpse into the immediacy of my existence, back in Overstrand, Onrus, South Africa. I’m very excited about how the tunes came out; possibly because there wasn’t really time for overthinking or embellishment. It’s more or less like this: “Here it is, this is what we managed to accomplish under pressure, hope you like it.” It really doesn’t require much more explanation.

The cover of the album captures a historic moment. It’s an old Polaroid photo I discovered in my storage facility in Sand Bay. It’s truly the first time I ever performed in front of a live audience. It was taken during a revue at Laerskool Randfontein in 1982, and I sang a solo, “Hak Hom Blokkies” by David Kramer with great enthusiasm. I was 6 years old. Origin. “Land & Sand”. There’s a connection between the cover and the track “Gooi Kole”. The word “determination” comes to mind. I expect this track to spread like a virus.

Shot on location in the Kaokoveld, Namibia whilst filming “Die Groot Niks”. June 2024. “The best thing about ‘Gooi Kole’s’ music video is we created it whilst filming “Die Groot Niks” in the Kaokoveld, Namibia. The jovial lads in the video are the crew members of “Die Groot Niks’. I managed to pursued them, after hours, around the campfire, to bust some moves. The tune does that; it wants one to jump out of one’s skin with lekkerness. The enjoyment shows! How could it not? By the way, the fella with the handlebar moustache who jives and dives with such vigor is Johan “Kole” Kruger. He really owned it!! I can’t wait for people to start sending me their own ‘Gooi Kole’ videos. Die rook gaan draai!”

My personal favourites on the album are “Hephzibah” and “Lei my na die Water”, but genuinely, how can one prefer this child over another? It happens, of course, but let me say this: I love every track on the album. Without a doubt.

Finally, I wanted to create the works in a way to involve “The Band” (Schalk Joubert, Frank Freeman, and Ronan Skillen). Given everyone has their own professions and Ronan has migrated to Ireland, this small window of opportunity was all we had to our disposal. It was a matter of “do it now or not at all”. They all played on the album and will, of course, be part of the live performances during our tour. Other musicians on the album include Melissa van der Spuy (keyboard), Inge Beckmann (backing vocals), Theo Crous (additional guitar), and David Jenkins (Zulu concertina).

I am thrilled with the outcome. Miles Davis said something like: “There is no inspiration such as a deadline”. The process taught me that there is much value in working more intuitively and instinctively, rather than cerebrally. With this album, I believe I am getting closer to primitive impulses.

The Land & Sand Album is now available for download on all digital platforms here:

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